So if you've been stalking my Blogging Life: The Sequel (extremely awesome… hint hint) you'd know I couldn't do a lot of Internet stuff last week. I cheated and uploaded the Blogging Life chapters, but that was it.

So when I wasn't allowed to watch videos/write/read, I did… other things.

This was how my week went:

Sunday: Drew a world map. Stupidly did the latitude/longitude lines in black pen. Tried, and finally succeeded, in making Australia look decent. Forgot to include the Maldives. I think I'll do it today.
Why: I really want to draw a world map off memory, and while I know where a lot of countries and places are I couldn't draw them.

Monday: Went over the countries in blue pen. A friend hit me over the head when I showed her. (Heheh.)
Why: Because black latitude/longitude and grey lead country outlines is a bit stupid.

Tuesday: Taught myself to go up to 31 on binary using my fingers. (On one hand, because 31's the highest you can go on one hand.) (1, 2, 4, 8, 16. Add them all and you get 31.) Also made a list of binary numbers up to 54 in math class (we weren't doing anything much and I finished my work) and found a pattern, so I didn't have to add to get the numbers I wanted and just had to follow the pattern. This meant, I figured, I could go up to 1023 because that's the highest you can go with ten fingers. Another friend told me that I would never need to know that unless I planned to work with some top-secret agency. New job option for me.
Why: I already knew binary and I saw a ViHart video where she did a binary dance routine with her fingers. I'm not awesome enough to make dance routines with my fingers so I settled for just putting them down to represent 1 and up to represent 0.

Wednesday: Went up to 1023 in binary. The first time I messed up at around 1000. Dangit. Also was cool enough to go up to five hundred and something without thinking much.
Why: I must've messed up the patterns. And I wanted to?

Thursday: Perfected the going up to 1023. I kept on moving my thumbs around because I was lifting them up so often for the pattern and my science teacher thought I was too addicted to video games. (Teehee. We don't have an Xbox or Play Station. We have a Wii, but it's been ages since I used it.) Also did some science work because it was declared I could use the computer for homework.
Why: I simply wanted to.

Friday: Mostly lazy day. My fingers were still twitching. I was drawing squiggle patterns in my graph paper book thing. I have a lot of math doodles there.

Saturday: Baked cupcakes and walked for an hour on a walky-thing which is not a treadmill while watching educational videos on the iPad. Nerd fitness at its finest.
Why: Around two years ago one of my aunts told my sister and I to promise her something, so we agreed, and she gave us this cupcake book and told us we had to make a batch of cupcakes each and send her a picture. So while my sister did it within half a year or something I put it off for two years and I think she forgot because when I sent her a picture her mind was blown. And she told me to put more batter in the cases, but her mind was blown. As for the walking, I usually walk while reading a book, but of course I walk slower when reading, and just exercising is boring, so I was allowed to watch educational videos while walking/jogging/running.

If you're interested ('course not), I watched CrashCourse, SciShow and ViHart videos. I finished Vi's videos this morning, so I'll be moving on to CGPGrey, MinutePhysics, Numberphile, Veritasium and stuff.

I've also been working on a new story that's been sitting in my head for a while. I'm writing it by hand first because WAHC is written on the computer and I'd rather work on that solely when I have computer access.

So… yeah.

To recap: Binary, world map, cupcakes and nerd fitness. Woot.

Also, this has been sitting in my head for a while and I want opinions.

I like knowing stuff, and I like rambling about the stuff I know. Should I start some kind of miniseries on here where I talk about that stuff? Like, awesome people like Tesla and Einstein, historic events like the World Wars, random stuff like the Fermi Paradox and who will win in the inevitable Zombie/Unicorn smackdown and stuff.


As for the cupcakes: No-one died, but I almost dropped a lot of stuff and got my sister's cookbook a little… buttery.

Now, I should work on WAHC. Goodbye.