March 24, 2012

Pain. Complete and utter agony racked her body as she drifted from the warm comforting blackness into the blinding white consciousness. Every cell of her body felt like it was being scalded by the very sun itself and then stabbed with hundreds of white hot needles. A soft whimper escaped her overly parched throat as she hesitantly cracked her hazy eyes open. She was confronted by the overwhelming sight of bleak, white walls, and what looked like a doctor standing in the corner talking with her parents. Through the thick buzzing in her ears, she only managed to make out part of the conversation going on in the room.

"-the nuclear explosion caused a mutation…not sure why she was the only one, but we are looking…" The doctor tried to explain what had happened to her.

"-hat happened to my baby? Mutation?" Her mother's voice screeched.

"-caused a mutation in her cells that don't allow them to die…haven't found a cure…" Her consciousness faded in and out as he droned on.

Mutation? What? Was all she could think before she sunk back into the bliss of unconsciousness.