First off thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it, inane ramblings and all. If not on the latter point, well, doubly thank you for persevering then. The question that is probably running through your mind is whether or not the character in the story is supposed to be me. Well, in a word: yes... and no. You might be wishing to point out now that that was two words, three if you count the structural 'and'. Well, sorry about that then. Anyhow, consider him a fictionalized version of me. I am a programmer, I am a farmer, I am political (I did vote in the PC leadership race), I am a writer (well, no $#!^ Sherlock...) and I am a lifelong Internet user. I am home-schooled, and yes, I am alone.

The dreams seen here do exist, though not quite in the form I portrayed. They are not commonly the results of complete unconsciousness, as usually I summon them myself at night. If I think of something overwhelming like an infatuation or a lover I can dull my mind and get my consciousness to release its iron grip. That is not to say that the pain does not exist, but it is not felt during sleep but more often when I can not get to sleep - sort of a backlash against my use of the fantasies. Call it 'Conscious Desperation'. The story of my search for someone to express myself with is also true, and everything about it right down to my rant against social networking reflects reality. And yes, the thought of trying to find someone here was motivational towards my getting a FictionPress account.

So then, what do I ask of you then dear reader? Well, nothing at all, not directly. You have already read my story, or at least zipped forward to read the afterword on its own for some strange reason I can not quite fathom, and for that I am very thankful. Still, if you feel like you have more to give, I am open to any one of these things: you can post a review, I do not care whether it is glowing or somewhat critical as long as it is honest and constructive (I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on which girl was your favourite), or you can favourite it or me; you can even read my other work as well. The options here are endless.

A special consideration comes up however, if you too are young and lonely. If you are male, well, sorry I am not the one for you, but I am perfectly open to you expressing your frustrations to me and my providing a friendly ear. If you are female, well I think you can guess what I would want. Even if you are not lonely but just curious, please feel free to get in touch. I am not asking for a lover, I am asking for a friend. A feminine voice. That is all. If you are anyone else, I again hope you have enjoyed my story and that you enjoyed your Valentine's Day - with a lover (or lovers, its not my bag) beside you or not. If you are asexual, without any thoughts on the matter at all, than cheers to you too. I am open to anyway you seek to enjoy yourselves. Have a good day, and yes thank you again for reading!

Oh, one last thing. The drawing of my little interior Valentines does exist, as I did doctor one up. Anyone who gets in touch will get it. Salute!

January 31 - February 14, 2012

Revised version completed on February 23, 2012

Note: the image on this is a sample of the illustration that I mention in here. If you want the full version, just ask me.