When the truth is unbelievable, even an honest person will be labelled a liar. Through my ordeal I have learned that wolves in sheep's clothing are among the most dangerous creatures in this world. I do not tell this story for profit or fame. They have managed to deceive everyone: their friends, the people they work with, the police, and even you. They flash their beautiful, lying smiles on television and everyone revels in them, mistaking darkness for light. I'm sure they will never tell their story, and that's just as well, because the word of one ordinary person is poor competition against the words of two charming people. If you knew what they are capable of, you would very afraid. You would wish you never even set eyes on them. The purpose of what I'm about to recount is not only to clear my name, but to warn others about the dangers of allowing yourself to fall in love with Sheldon Briar and entertain the idea that Malcolm Briar is your friend.