Hi all! This is a notice to let you all know that I will no longer be posting any more updates on this site, due to a few concerns.

To those of you who are interested in the story: I have made a mailing list so that I could email the chapters to you. Please either post a 'review' on this 'chapter' with your email, or FP-message me with your email address (please ensure that you add spaces in your email address e.g. user gmail . com). The next chapter will be emailed to everyone who joins the mailing list. Subsequent chapters will be sent to those who email back reviews for each chapter- a few words will count as a review- no in-depth critique is expected!

I am definitely planning on finishing this story, so there is no deadline on when you are required to sign up. : )

Nov 18, 2013: Chapter 24 (of 27) has been sent to mailing list readers

Feb 3, 2015: Story is currently on hiatus (with final 2 chapters still being written), but those interested in reading up to chapter 25, please email me at ckhafre1 gmail . com (remove spaces) with subject line Killing Maine.

Till next time!