It is the year 2082. I am eighty-six years old. The world has been democratic since 2025. Tom and I concocted a plan to ensure a smooth transition. We found a way to disappear. We were lucky that I'd never been seen as Heloise. I reappeared first, as Dr Nicole Flores, a scientist who'd been captured by, and forced to work for the Philosopher King. When he'd released her, due to the transition to democracy, she'd killed him out of anger. Thomas Hobbes resurfaced a couple months later. He'd been the first victim of the Philosopher King, imprisoned for fourteen years. To this day, nobody suspected a thing. After so many years of chaos, desperate, unhappy years, they wanted to believe it was over. That everyone involved with the Philosopher King was dead. They saw and believed what they wanted to. After this, they'll know the truth. It's time they knew.

Our greatest worry was that the world would fall back into its old ways. We worried that our Earth would die, killed by our greed and climate change. We worried that humanity would continue to tear itself to pieces.

But we were wrong, fortunately. It seems that common hatred of a dictator pulled different people together. It seems that it helped them to overcome their own, comparatively petty differences, and they emerged closer for it. Sure, there are always going to be conflicts, and there will be more in the future, but I still see signs of unity. It warms my heart when I see them. We are human, and humans are imperfect, but this is as close to perfection that we can get.

Our Earth still breathes, still lives. We made a difference in those few years. We bought our Earth some time. We implemented some changes, like emissions-free fuel, or an emissions-capturing system. These changes were kept. A new generation learnt the lessons that many before had failed to listen to. I leave our Earth in good hands.

It is the year 2082. I am eighty-six years old. I have perhaps only days left to live. I have been known by many names: Nic, Dr Flores, Nicole, Heloise, sweetheart. But when I die, I will be buried under the name Dr Nicole Hobbes.

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I have a little Socratic Dialogue related to this story. I am considering working with it to turn it into an 'interlude' for this story, perhaps a little more background. What do you think?

I have also realised how naive I was when I wrote this. If the world was ruled by philosophers, NOTHING would ever get done. I think philosophers must be the most indecisive people in the universe! (No offense to anyone who happens to be one...)