Chemically induced sleep
Chemically induced dreams
Fantasies I don't want
But at the same time
Can't live without
My pain calls to me
My fears announce themselves
I wish for the light
But I wake in darkness
Ah, Darkness
My double-edged solace
The black presses in on me
Its silence deafening
Its warmth numbing
Shielding the unknown
I fear it
Yet I crave it
I love it
Yet I hate it
My Night is an abusive lover
He gives me bruises of my past
Love bites of my sins
Scratches of my desires
I try to stay away
But all he has to do
Is caress my eyes
Whisper that sweet, sweet promise of oblivion
And I'm lost
Lulled to sleep
By his smooth voice
And twinkling, starry eyes