The wonders of life are envisioned by those hoping to gain something. But for those who hope to gain nothing, they are the one who see the truths of life.

I was a dreamer, I am a dreamer, I will always be a dreamer. People say the future can't be predicted, it can be guessed, but not predicted. Some believe it's fate, some believe it can be changed. I don't know what I believe. I'd like to think that it can be changed, that it's not already written in some book in the clouds. But what I like isn't always what's right. There are times though, when part of me wants to believe that my actions have already been chosen, so that I can't be blamed for what I do. But I am blamed for what I do.

I'm a curious person by nature; I want to understand the world, to know the world. I hope that one day everything will be known by me, that every truth will be revealed. But hoping doesn't do much. I am yet to meet a wise man who will take me under his wing. One day though, maybe I shall, when I go to the Himalayas and meet a yeti. I shall befriend that yeti and he will lead me to this wise man who shall then take me under his wing. So it should help if yeti's existed I should think. But wise men still can nevertheless.

As before said, I am a dreamer. It allows me to explore the world, to dive through the sea and ski over the Arctic. I once traversed over the Sahara desert; it was hard going, but the opulent oasis and the desert king allowed me to finish by journey. Niagara Falls was a pretty sight. I've gone everywhere without having to leave my maths class. That may be why Atlases so intrigue me. By them I can learn about the world, the real world, not the fake world they print on travel brochures. The simple facts too allow me to enter a heavily guided daydream. The weather in Africa tells me what I need to wear as I yell for a cab in New York.

The world truly, is like a book. Each place is a new page, each day is the turning hand. I love the world, its trivialities hold a magical countenance as I stare at its glossy pages. It is beautiful.

Yet I long, I long to know more, I long to discover these pages with my maths class miles away.

I tell myself, that one day I will. One day I will find a yeti, and sit under a wise man's wing. One day the Sahara desert will be my path, the weather in Africa imprinted in my mind as I draw a cab in in New York. But for now the world is my atlas, my atlas, the world.

This is what I wish for, this is what I hope to gain. And one day, I will get there, I will urge beyond my dreaming and let my mind take me to reality. And then, I will truly see the wonders of life, and the truths will be far from my sight.