For Tolkien

From far away walk soldiers home

O'er wretched hills, windswept and cold.

Rehearse they greetings for long awaited meetings,

Tomorrow awaits.

Housewives, oh so prim and proper,

Engage in debates there, by the potters'.

Prepared they've been, so long since they've seen

Regretful eyes, innocent faces.

Ignorance ignites incongruous actions.

Neglected children, but lonely Mrs.

Cannot comfort if she needs hugs and kisses


Sounds deafen. Ringing, roaring,

Singing explosions oft stop their moving.

Once they were great, but now they rate

Far below the last.

Today, two years ago, they left.

Hurray, hurrah, now they return!

"Essential gaps now separate

Us from they, and they from us.

Ne'er can they try to understand

Ignoble deeds, malignant needs."

Viscous lifeblood, vicious wounds

Entreat, encroach their guilty minds.

Rampart they run across great fields,

Sequestering souls to the ambiguous land,