Staple the warning on the board
A horrible creature has come to town
She sits next to you
thinking of how blood will feel over her fingers
get up, and walk away.
If she follows

Warn your friends, warn your family
A creature of the night is coming to town
She walks in the hallways
Dreaming of death
run away from the creature of night
unless you want to be cut

They say she keeps a blade in her bag
That she sits in the restroom and carves peoples name in her skin
If you see the blood on the floor
Step around it
And run away
from the creature of the night

She forgives those who sin
She tells stories of darkness
She sings of death and blood
she wishes for the end to come
So run away from this trapped soul
Shes used to it anyways
Thats why
next chance she has
shell carve your name in her skin