i miss Chuckie Cheese,

and when my birthday truly was all day.

living down by the beach

honestly made some of my greatest memories,

of our sunburned faces and blackened feet.

playing shuffleboard and loving it,

when our hair turned green from living in the pool.

i was surrounded by the people that i loved,

for three days out of the week.

we never had much money.

living in one room and only a home phone,

one tv that played Spongebob and Marlins games,

counting out dimes and quarters

everday, to make sure it would be enough.

christmas, i got a Rocket Power skateboard,

and collected the most beautiful shells.

i remember getting a white and green jump rope,

making daddy drive alongside me as i jump roped

from the beach to the apartment.

i don't have a clue as to where those things are now,

but i know that i would give up so much,

phone. laptop. books. shoes.

to go back to where i was innocently happy.


A/N: This was something that just happened. I wrote it without much real thought as to what was going to be the result and I love it. Subconsciously, I guess I never really understood that I need to get this out. It may not be the best thing I've ever written, but its definitely one of my favorites.