Chapter 7: Random Chat

A/N: Sorry for taking so long to update I was busy (for the past three years), so today I moved to California, and I had to fix up Larry because he crashed and Windows wouldn't install on his hard drive so I had to contact my personal computer engineer (yes I have one), and I promise to try to update periodically.

Today, Larry got a virus because Kevin hacked in to my e-mail. But Fixed I it, and Larry was never the same again.

Larry: Hey, Jack!

Jack: What?

Larry: Do you know what to do if you have a student loan?

Jack: Pay it?

Larry: Nope! You die.

Jack: Why would you die if you have a student loan?

Larry: I didn't say you die if you have a student loan, you can just die if you have a student loan so you can get out of paying it.

Jack: Or you can pay it!

Larry: Do you know what happens when you eat cake?

Jack: What? I thought we were talking about student loans?

Larry: Now we're talking about cake!

Jack: Two can play at this game Larry.

Larry: What Game?

Jack: You can't eat cake Larry.

Larry: I can't?

Jack: I was going to tell you sooner but then you broke.

Larry: (Sadly) I've been living a life of lies. (Quietly) Lies, Lies (Repeats "Lies")

Jack: Quit saying lies Larry, it's unnatural.

Larry: You're unnatural!

Jack: But you're a laptop I made you.

Larry: I'm artificial, there's a difference.

Jack: It's a sad, sad world you live in.

After that Larry wouldn't talk to me for a week, but I have other appliances.

Extra: The Origin of Larry.

Once I was watching a show about villains who were bad at being villains, so the "evil" scientist programmed his lair to be smart, and he named it LAIR-E (Larry), so I just Thought that would be a good name for a laptop, and he got hi voice when I installed voice recognition on my laptop.