On and on they drone

But I don't hear them

I stopped listening long ago

There are fragments

That do reach my ears

They are harsh, cold words

With complex, exact meanings.

Respirations, mutations,

Equations, reactions.

On and on,

Over and over.

As if life can be broken down

Into such simple workings.

No imagination.

Just logic.

Let them have it! I say,

Leave me be.

I shall wander the depths

Of the mind instead

For that's all we need.

There is where epic battles

Are won and lost.

In any time or dimension.

There time is written,

And rewritten again

And ghosts walk freely

Among the living.

Everything is abstract

Yet all is real.

Even if only to us

Pity, they can't come too.

To unadulterated tropics

And unclaimed horizons,

To distant Egypt and

Paris in the rain.

Yet, there it all exists


And on and on they may go.

But no more shall I listen

For I have all the universe

Sitting atop my shoulders.