I've been thinking about you more,

Stuff I didn't think about before.

It wasn't that you told her she was good.

No, that part I understood.

It was when you continued to talk,

When I knew you'd be the one she'd stalk.

I poured my heart out to her,

Because I thought you'd never be what we were.

She doesn't even know you.

So why does she have to like you too?

I said I'm sorry,

You said don't worry.

I don't know why,

But I said I'll stop.

I was trying not to cry,

Because you two email nonstop.

I wrote you poems,

Ones with only her knowin.

I trusted her the most,

And now it's hard not to hear her boast.

My smile towards her was once so warm

Now it's hard just to be informed,

You lied.

Now where went your pride?

She doesn't even know,

That I'm the one that's seen you grow.

I'm the one that you really know.

I'd say I'm in love,

But then I'd be lying, my beloved.

But to you that never really mattered

Because to you it doesn't matter that my hearts all scattered.

You try to give me comfort,

But it's not even worth the effort.

You said it yourself, I'm one of your closest friends,

So just to be sure, unlike her, I'll hold on to the end.

I want to hate her,

I want to hate what we were,

And I really want to hate everything you say to her.

She says she's sorry.

You tell her not to worry,

You're both only friends.

If that's so why won't this nightmare just end?

I wish I could push delete

I wish I could take back the day I made you meet.

I want to erase her and you,

Because I don't want to always feel this blue.

I wish I could write you and me,

Because it would be so much easier than knowing we'll never be.

I wish I didn't feel this way,

But still I wish I could hear the word "Stay."

You're being really nice,

But here, let me give you some advice:

Stop playing with me,

Stop and just let me be free.

Don't tell me about her,

Just pretend that we never were

Because, I won't be your messenger.

I won't be another mistake major.

I'm not your toy,

And now I'm convinced that you're just a silly little boy!

I won't even mention her

I'll pretend she does not exist

I'll pretend this wasn't some big crisis.

But still, I know that no matter how hard I try….

You'll still be on my mind,

Until I hear you whine:

"I'm so sorry.

You've not reason to worry,

You're my best friend,

And you can bet we'll never end."