Dear Self,

Why do you act like a freaking bitch? Why do you have to lie to yourself every time? Why do you lie to people you love? Why do you always crave the attention, and then once you get it, you hate it? I hate you. Er...myself. Im not even sre how to write this letter. Do you feel better now that youve practically made a fool ofyourself? Go on, you can try to shake it off. You wont be able to though. So it doesnt matter what you do. How can you sleep at night, knowing that your friends must hate you now? That your life could be ompletly over. news will spread, just to let you know, it will spread so fast you wont know whats hit you. You alredy dont know. Blame yourself. or...whatever. I dotn know. Im a fucking bitch. I get it. maybye its good that way, that im a fucking bitch. Maybye ill jsut die alone. Thats a good thing, cause then I wont have to care about anybody. So here I am, completley mad at myself. Typing a letter to myself, ranting abotu how much of a bitch I am. Thats all I know how to do now. Im sitting in the freezing cold, feelign as if my toes are about to fall off. I want the pain to go away, but it will keep following. What ive done has prooved that. Does anyboyd know your deepest secrete? They learned about everything else. its just a matter of days before they figure the rest of you out. So good luck me...(does that even make sense?) cause yoru life is abou to end. Figurativly of course. Hoepfully.

Mother knows theres something up. Shell figure it out ya know, she figures everything out. So go ahead, starve yourself. it doesnt matter. maybye if you die, the world will celebrate. Ill go to hell. I know I will. Who cares though? Evryone should hate you now. And if they dont? Theyr out of their mind. Maybye they were right. Maybye I am worthless. A waste of breath. Waste of air. Waste of human life. I dont know. Why do you fall now? How come you couldnt even cry when your mother was dragged off? How can you not cry when your suppost to, but now that its about you, you can finnaly cry? Is that how you are me? Areyou just so self centered? yea. I geuss I am. Cause im typing this to me. Not anyone else. My fingers are numb, my mind is blank, im not even sure if half of this makes sense. So go ahead. Keep typing. just make yourself feel even more down. People will be scared, you know. Atleast, the ones who dont hate you will be scared. But you dont care, do I? its all about me...Its all about you. Atleast, I dont want it to be that way. there I go again. hating the attention I wanted in the first place. make up your mind. Make up my mind. Id otn know what else to write...cause im too busy crying my fuckign ass off. Cause im that much of a wimp.