Chapter 1: Abracavre

"Quick! Grab the Necronomicon!" she yelled. The tomb started to quake and crumble around us, the roof beginning to ominously sag, criss-crossed with cracks. Shadows began to swirl from the cracks in the ground, their smoky pall nearly giving way to furious, screaming faces, vengeance in thier black, dead eyes. I stood utterly frozen in terror, my heart rate practically stopping and my legs sagging under what now seemed like the weight of the world. "Come on you fucking idiot! You wanna get us both killed?" she bellowed, yanking my arm, nearly tearing it from its socket with the amount of panicked and frenzied force she put behind it. The Necronomicon was still firmy in my hand,its grasp akin to an immovable metal clamp. Though to this day I still deny I ever actually heard it, I was dead certain I heard a booming, bass voice in my head declare - "You know not what you steal, mortal". It reverberated throught my mind, it's touch and sound keen as a scalpel and freezing cold. I nearly trembled and shivered to its unspoken sound, such was its command and majesty. Emilia and I were by now sprinting for the exit of the mausoleum, the roof finally giving way to whatever supernatural force was heaving down on it. Debris fell like brutal, concrete rain down the way we came, and Emilia and I barely managed to survive by the width of our hair.

No sooner were we slowly but steadily regaining our breath, I gradually noticed something very unusual indeed. The Necronomicon started - breathing. It felt eerily warm, and it no longer felt like a musty old tome of myth and legend, but a newly bought manuscript. "Aldrik? You alright?What's - What the hell's happening to the Necronomicon?" she inquired, her face betraying blatant puzzlement. The Necronomicon was by now glistening in the cold night air, illuminated by the moons piercing light. Emilia's voice trembled slightly-"Did we grab a fake?A reproduction,not the actual copy?" "No, it's the real one alright. It's pulse tells me so" "What? You're telling me an inanimate object such as book, be it shrouded in dark myth or not, is - alive?" Emilia, I suspected, was bordering on hysteria. Should I be mad, I don't think either of us would've known what to do - to check into a legitimate asylum would require the other to take care of the tome alone. A risk neither of us was willing to take, I may add. Whatsmore, our names would be documented and put on record - undesirables could very easily interrogate us or torture us for whatever information they desired.

Before we could contemplate this disturbing conundrum further, the Necronomicon did possibly the most reason-defying thing it could - it leapt from my cradling arms. Startling Emilia as much as myself, the book continued to flaunt the laws of reality as we know it. Fog or mist of some form or another swirled around it, coalescing into a indistinct figure of male appearence. I could barely contain my bilous vomit as his presence was like some sort of sick rejection from the bowels of Hell. His voice was twice as hideous on the ears, and equally condescending. "I suppose I must thank you two witless monkeys for setting me free - actually, I shan't, as it would be praise well wasted. Your kind could never fully appreciate my gratitude and hence shut my essence in this compilation of rituals I was fond of executing. Do not speak; I neither bode, nor will I tolerate the stench of your breath as you use such primitive means of speech in front of a superior being".

By God, the only thing that stopped me smacking my fist into his nose was the fact that he was ethereal. Emilia was scowling furiously, and all the being did was sneer, smearing his superiority all over our faces. "My my, I do believe I actually find you monkey's adorable. Your spite is welcome - I haven't had something to entertain me for an eternity" the indistinct form started to float towards the exit of the cemetary we tracked the Necronomicon down to. "Come, primate's - I have need of entertainment" he vaguely gestured us to accompany him. If it weren't for the fact that the infernal thing was the Necronomicon, we would've laid a dozen curses on his misty head and be done with it. But I knew better - we knew better. We had gone through far too much for such an object of power to slip through our damn fingers. Thankfully, however, Emilia showed more cunning and coolness than I. With a little courtesy, she replied, as if she were addressing her King, "As you wish, m'lord". She winked at me and gestured me follow her. The being did not approve of our schemes - "Give up the ruse, you patheitc waste of atoms. I can see everything in this realm of perception and every other. Your boring schemes cannot touch me". We were taken aback, to say the least.

Again, perceiving no other choice, we followed. The moon's beams swept through the incorporeal being, serving to emphasise his other-worldly presence all the more. "I must have slept far longer than I could ever have imagined. You primates really are fascinating. Perhaps I shall have to make some entertainment of my own" he mused. I noted how he packed a particularly disturbing edge to the last statement. It was spoken in such a way that I knew we were in way too deep already. I decided to - "Ask me to give you the secrets of the Necronomicon, my journal of rituals most vile and visceral? In exchange for what? You may amuse me yet" "What the hell is your name?" Emilia interjected. I swear to this day, I will never forget that freaking smile. That hideous, twisted, horrible smile. "As you asked, you will address me as `Lord Y'g'druusar`" both Emilia and I looked at each other for a split second - it was all the time the being needed to assess our thoughts. He sneered at us in what seemed to be a trademark condescending way. "Of course. Mortals - monkey's in particular - find it quite difficult to pronounce. I guess I'll just have to do with you calling me your God" Emilia couldn't help herself and sniggered louder than she ever would in Irish class. She instantly regretted it. Y'g'druusar slowly levitated to a halt. "Do that again. I dare you" Emilia was instantly silent - ticking off what seemed to be an almighty and all-seeing deity was a little ill-advised to say the least.

"That's what I thought" "Get stuffed" Emilia muttered under her breath. Furious, Lord Y'g'druusar instantly appeared in front of Emilia, his spirit eyes boring craters through her own. I'll be damned yet if I ever see Emilia back down from a fight, be it a minor qurral with myself, or like now, when confronted by an irritated God. A God who had come tantalisingly close to violating reality itself, with an eternity's worth of knowledge. What probably disturbed me most was that he was no longer his condescending self, but giving Emilia his undivided, serious attention. I still think to this day those damn eyes were perversly caressing her very soul, testing her; tasting her. "You are so very peculiar" he finally observed. "And you are so very stuck-up and arrogant. Now get back into that damn book" Emilia replied, evidently obstinate that he would obey her.

I still miss that misplaced overconfidance of hers. That unshakeable belief that she could stare down any foe, pound any adversary into submission. That she was near-indestructible. My dire quest to see that again is probably the only thing keeping me going. Driving me on, despite the horror and the madness. To see and hear her again.

But getting back on topic:

With cruel, granite and soulless laughter, Lord Y'g'druusar studied her with his gaseous eyes. "Yes. Yes, you will do splendidly" "Splendidly for what?" I interjected briskly. Emilia's answer was equally brisk, and just as rash - "Stay out of this Aldrik. This is not your fight" again, that maddenning laughter. I wish I had an exorcism relic with me then. "You will be absolutely perfect for getting your associate primate here to do most of my work for me" Emilia opened her mouth to counter, but the poor soul never got the chance. With but a casual, lazy wave of his hand, her being dissolved into steam, again coalescing into a small, reflective ball of what appeared to be water. It rent my heart apart that I could still see her inside that damn ball - and his laughter so sadistic and sickening. I layed down a fusiliade of curses and enough oh-so-elegant titles upon him to make a clergyman weep, then faint in shock. That damn thing just split his face open with manic laughter, gutteral and resonating in its malice. "I will see you to Hell, you bastard!". I was boiling over, his arrogance and overbearing snobbishness drowning my logical side in seething, molten iron. It incensed me further his reply was so freakin' calm and calcuated. "A lot coming from you, monkey-boy. Now, you shall do as I bid, and failing that, I shall crush the essence of the one you know as `Emilia` to oblivion, beyond all chances of recovery.

What can I say? I had no choice. She yelled 'till her throat was hoarse, demanding I didn't do a thing for him and just banish him back to the hellhole that spawned him. But I coudn't help it. She was my sister - one could hardly expect someone such as myself to concede my own felsh and blood to oblivion! I was not going to seal her fate and give that infernal creature pleasure...

No - I have a plan. A plan I hope still he is unaware of - if it works, Emilia and I will finally have the power to bring back our family. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa - our younger sister Julia and our older brother Alessio. It would all be back to normal - it would all be so perfect again. But first, I must humour that thing however he pleases - after all, my sister's eternal souls on the line. And possibly try to prevent whatever that spiritual daemon may have in store for the local town, the country - even the world.


No pressure then...