Chapter 11: Princess Ellie

Sara had left about a half hour earlier, but a smaller crowd never stopped Alex from playing his heart out. He started another Parachute song, What I Know, and I joined in the chorus.

She said, I'm in love with someone else she said

I fell in love with someone else and I

I'm in love with someone and that's all that I know for sure

Alex was laughing, I was laughing, and life was good. Until my phone rang, that is.

"Oh my god! Who is calling me now?" I grabbed my phone from the table next to me and recognized my mother's name on the screen. "Oh god, it's Mom, what does she want now?" Alex shrugged and put down his guitar while he checked his own phone.

"Hi Mom, what's up?"

"When are you coming home, sweetie? You have been out for hours. Dad won't be back from work until late, he has a meeting. I need to go to PTO at Ellie's school and you need to be here to watch her when I leave."

"When are you leaving?"

"30 minutes"

"But Mom I haven't seen Alex in forever! Can't you take El with you?"

"No, Rose, she has the attention span of a fly. There is no way I'm taking her to the meeting. Alex can stay here with you if you want, but regardless of whether or not he can come home, you need to be here to watch your sister"

"Okay, mom. I'll ask Alex"

I sighed and hung up the phone. When I turned back around, Alex was gone. "Alex? Where are you?" I yelled out the door.

A reply came from downstairs. "In the kitchen!" I went down the stairs slowly, still not very stable on my crutches, and turned the corner to see Alex with two mugs.

"I made coffee!" he grinned and held one of the mugs out to me, "it was a little difficult with this thing on my wrist, though." He held out his arm that still had a cast on it.

"Thanks, Alex. My mom just told me she has to go to PTO in a half hour at the kindergarten and I have to watch Ellie. Can you come stay with me?" I sipped at the coffee. It had sweet cream in it, no sugar. Alex knew me way too well.

"Yeah of course I'll come. My parents are at a party for one of my dad's co-workers. You know how they get at parties. They won't be home till after midnight anyway."

I laughed and nodded, because his parents were definitely the ones to go crazy at a party. It was the one odd contrast to Mrs. James' paranoid personality. "Well drink your coffee quick then, we have to get to my house."

"Alright, we should get our stuff together then." He headed for the stairs then spun around on his foot and held out both hands. "You stay here, it's too much for you to be walking up and down stairs so much with your leg like that."

I sighed and blew some hair away from my face. "Fine," I said as I sat at the kitchen table, "but I hope you know that I am perfectly capable of going up stairs. The only reason I'm letting you get my stuff is because I'm lazy and I'm not going to refuse an offer to sit and do nothing."

"Whatever you say Rosie." Alex rolled his eyes and disappeared up the stairs. I picked up this morning's newspaper, which happened to be on the table. There was a small headline towards the bottom of the front page that announced a car crash just a few towns over from ours. I wondered how many people were affected. Were the people in the car hurt? Who was in the hospital? How many friends and family members had brought their hands to their gaping mouths when they heard about the crash? It was very apparent to me how much changes after an occurrence like that. Too many people are affected, and many conflicts arise depending on the damage done. I hoped everyone was okay. I put down the paper when I heard footsteps coming back down the stairs. Alex turned the corner with my bag and his sweatshirt over his right arm, his phone in his good hand, my guitar over his shoulder, and a couple pieces of paper between his teeth.

"I feel like a coat hanger." He laughed as he walked into the kitchen.

"You look like one!" I stood up and took the guitar and bag from him. He slipped on his sweatshirt and grabbed his keys.

"Let's go, Princess Ellie awaits." He opened the door and motioned for me to step through it. I picked up my crutches and slowly stepped down the stairs and out to Alex's car. I tried putting the crutches in the passenger seat by my feet but it didn't work out well so I just put them in the back with everything else.

"Remember, I never drove this car today, right?" He asked when we reached the stop sign at the end of his road. He looked at me, waiting for me to say what he wanted to hear.

"Well I don't know, I think it might be funny watching your mom have a freak attack about your recklessness."


"She will never find out."

"Good." Alex reached to turn on the radio. "It's kind of pointless because we won't even hear the full song before we get to your house, but at least it's not dead silence." He cringed as some poppy song sung by a girl with a high-pitched, extremely auto tuned voice came on. "Or maybe silence is better." He turned the radio off again. It didn't matter because seconds later he pulled into my driveway. He quickly got out of the car and ran around to the other side, getting my crutches and handed them to me.

"I must say, having a full time servant like this would be pretty awesome." He glared at me, but couldn't hold back his smile as he helped me get out of the car. He grabbed my guitar and handed me my bag.

"Why can't your dad stay home to watch Ellie anyway?" He asked as he opened the door to let us inside.

"He's working late for some reason today. That's all mom said, I don't know what for."

"Oh, well I'm happy to stay with you. We could—" He didn't finish before we saw a head of thin, dark hair appear from behind the corner.

"Rosie!" Ellie ran into my arms and hugged me really tight. My whole family except my dad was big on hugging. He was really awkward when it came to my grandparents especially. "Why is Alex here, Rosie?" She stepped away from me and smiled up at Alex.

"Because mommy has to go to a meeting and—"

"What meeting, Rosie?"

"A meeting at your school."

"But mommy is too big to go to school!" Ellie was genuinely confused.

"She isn't actually learning anything at school, your teacher is going to tell you how you're a nice little girl and that you always share toys with the other boys and girls."

"Ohhhhh! Okay!" She hugged Alex around his legs really quickly and ran into the kitchen. We followed her and found my mom scrambling to get her stuff together. "I'm hungry, mom!" Ellie jumped up and down in front of the counter.

"I know, sweetie. Rosie will make you dinner, don't worry."

"Now, Rosie?" Ellie brought out her puppy dog eyes.

"Alright, what are you hungry for?"

"Mac n cheese!" She kept bouncing, and pointed towards the cupboard where we kept the macaroni and cheese. I brought it down and got out a pan. Before we knew it, Ellie was as happy as a clam, eating her dinner and watching Dora.

When she finished, Alex went over and sat down next to her. "Do you want to play a game, El?"


"Okay, what do you want to play?" Alex didn't know he would regret that question.

"Let's play castle! I'm the princess and Rosie is the queen!"

"Can I be the king?"

"Well… my teddy bear usually plays king… but I guess you can be him… if you want."

"No, that's okay, El. Teddy can still be king. I can play a different part, how about that?"

"Okay!" Ellie's face lit up again, "you can be the horsey!"

"The horse?" This time it was Alex's smile that faded.

"Yup! You have to give me piggy back rides around the house!"

"Well, okay then. Let's go princess!" Alex got up and bent down, Ellie ran to jump on his back.

"Hey there, miss princess!" They both stopped and turned to look at me. "You need to bring your dinner plate over to the sink don't you?"

"But Rosie! I can't reach the sink!"

"Then bring it to me so I can put it in the sink." Princess Ellie reluctantly complied, then rode her horse off into the horizon, or should I say, the living room. For the rest of the night, our living room was Princess Ellie's castle. The rest of the house was her kingdom, which she enjoyed travelling around all day with her graceful stallion, Alex. I was ordered to sit in my throne and carry out my "queensy duties" as Ellie called them, which was basically sitting by myself and watching out the window so that I could "watch and make sure no one in the kingdom fights". Eventually, every Princess must sleep, so a couple hours later, Ellie asked to go to bed. Once she was tucked in, Alex played her some music on my guitar and it wasn't long before she fell right asleep.

"I wish I had a little sister." Alex whispered as we went back downstairs. His arm was around my shoulder since he was still paranoid that I would trip and fall down even the shortest flight of stairs. His mother's personality was showing through.

"She's adorable, but sometimes a pain." At that, I heard the front door open, and keys hit the counter. I turned into the kitchen to see my mom putting her purse away.

"Where's your sister?" she asked.

"She's already asleep."

"Really? It's only 8. That's even a little early for her."

"She got tired really fast today."

"Well I'm glad."

Alex put my guitar next to the stairs and put his coat on. "I better get going," he said as he walked towards the door. "I have to make sure there's extra blankets downstairs incase my mom falls asleep before she reaches her room tonight."

"Are they at a party again?" my mom laughed. She had been to many occasions with Mrs. James and had definitely witnessed her wild side.

"Yeah, and I'm driving home too. My mom doesn't know I'm driving with my broken wrist."

"Your secret is safe with me." My mom waved to Alex as he got in his car, and he waved back. As she closed the door she turned to me. "It's good to have him around, again."

"Yeah, I agree." I smiled and went upstairs. Playing castle had tired me out as well.

Personally, I thought this chapter was absolutely adorable, what do you think?

And also, I just wanted to say that it has been a little difficult writing this because the whole time i have to keep in mind of Alex and Rose's injuries. I wrote a few paragraphs that involved Rose running several times before I realized she had a broken leg. I'm trying to get back into this story as much as possible because I've been neglecting it for a while.

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