A Note to Readers:

First of all, I want to try giving this piece a second wind, in case it happens to catch on this time. I would greatly appreciate feedback on this one, as I am trying to edit it and would like to know where the errors or gaps are.

Second, I'm going to put off that extended Beta Version until much later – probably until after school finishes for the year; certainly until after AP testing is over and done with. In the mean time, I'm working on editing this Alpha Version, fixing the grammatical errors and cleaning up the language and such. Minor things.

I thought I'd provide a taste of what the extended version would be like, though. It will certainly expand on the story of his mother abandoning them, his father's suicide, and the absentee brother. The subject will be given a name, too, and a life beyond his unrequited love for Christopher Raine. It'll also delve more into Christopher's bizarre story as well.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the non-love scandal between the two of them yet, whether I'll indulge them each other or violently rend them apart.

If you have read everything up to this point, then I thank you dearly for your time.

-E. Kirkland