Saw you standing by the door

Leaning on the paint-streaked wall

Same goofy smile on your lips

That took my breath away

Heard you knocking on my door

Saw you peering through the fogged up window

Same childish twinkle in your eyes

That made my knees weak

Chased you to the school yard

Ran with you through the park

Still in those worn-out sneakers

Same infectious laugh

Walked with you to class

Talked with you at lunch

Laughed with you in the bus

I imagined it was just the two of us

Went swimming in the summer

Raced through the meadows in spring

Climbed trees in the fall

Skated at the ice rink in the winter

Ate ice cream in December

Dived in the leaves in October

Surfed in the middle of August

Camped out under the starts

All those times you didn't see

Everyday you never knew

Each waking moment…

Every single dream…

Everything I've ever done…

Every word I've ever said…

Every thought that crossed my mind…

Every beat my heart makes…

Every breath of air I took…

Every move I've ever made…

Every step I had to take…

Was to bring me closer to you