When the clock strikes twelve

This magical moment will fade

The masks will fall from their places

And it will be the end of this charade

I don't think I could take it

I couldn't handle the pain

You know that I'm strong

But I can't feel that again

I didn't think it was possible

That you'd ever spare me a glance

After all I was just a simple pauper

I didn't deserve this whirlwind romance

You know no one would have ever believed it

That to me a prince would speak even a word

Certainly nobody, not even I, ever expected

That you would show me your world

I got to know you better

You let me inside your mind

You shared with me your secrets

Hidden things no one would ever find

Slowly I returned the favor

In you I learned to confide

Each passing day felt like forever

A glorious eternity with you by my side

I never ever want this to end

This fairytale that I'm living

But I know it won't last forever

This great love story is ending

For so long I've dreamed of the moment

When I'd find a love so honest and true

For so long I've sat wishing and hoping

Now at last I've finally found you

I didn't want anything from you

Not the crown not diamonds from your heirloom

Just yourself and the silly things you do

A simple wish that I hoped would come true

But I guess it wasn't meant to last

Though I hold on it's slipping away fast

Wishes on a shooting star don't come true

Maybe I'm just not meant to be with you