I don't love you for your beauty

Though I know most others do

I don't like you for your money

That's not why I care about you

You try to put up a serious exterior

You try not to crack even the smallest smile

You have such a tight hold on your emotions

I don't understand why you can't let them run wild

I know that inside you're really funny

You surely know how to make me laugh

But most of the time you hurt me

You knowingly tear my heart in half

Being around you is torture

I can barely control my heart

Even though you don't notice

From you I'll never part

At times I think I'm invisible

You don't even acknowledge I'm there

You always act like you don't see me

It's like you don't even care

I admit it hurts when you ignore me

Sometimes I can't handle the pain

But one smile from you changes everything

At times you drive me totally insane

You're giving me all these mixed signals

I can't help being terribly confused

I beg you to give me a straight answer

It's honestly not that hard to choose

I'm not asking you to love me

I know I can't force you to care

I know this isn't child's play

I know it's not like truth or dare

I know this isn't a game I can win

I'm way in over my head here

But that won't stop me from trying

I'm not giving up so easily, my dear