I've got a million things to tell you

But somehow I can't say them out loud

Every time I find the courage to face you

I find myself just hanging around

I've always been annoying

I've never followed any rules

I'm always pushing buttons

People say I'm a fool

I don't know when it started

I don't even know how or why

I just know that for some reason I like you

Even though you make me want to cry

You must think that I'm pathetic

For having these feelings for you

If only I'd met you much sooner

Maybe my life wouldn't be so blue

I would have gotten you to like me

I would have taken things slow

Maybe you'd even come to like me

But now neither of us will ever know

I know I shouldn't pursue this

I'm only setting myself up for pain

But no matter how hard I try to do so

You're the one person I could never disdain

I'm not sure if I love you

Maybe this is just a silly crush

But I can't deny the static

I can't ignore the rush

So I'll keep getting you angry

I won't stop making you mad

If only to remind myself

Of everything we could have had