You once said you loved me

And like a fool I believed you

You painted a wonderful future

And I believed it all to be true

Now that I'm older

I realize what a fool I've been

Tripping over my feet

I failed to look within

Just a naïve little girl

Trying out her wings in the world

A little scared, a little hopeful

Waiting for her life to unfurl

Then you come in and change my life

You turned my whole world upside down

You touched my heart and opened my eyes

You made my head spin round and round

With you I always felt so high

Nothing could bring me down

You always made me want to smile

Gone were the tears and frowns

You made me feel like I could do anything

You believed I could succeed

Others warned me not to fall too quickly

But their advice I didn't heed

So I fell for you anyway

My affections grew much too strong

You preyed on my innocence and naiveté

But I was too blind to see it was wrong

You opened up a whole world for me

One full of promises and hopeful possibilities

To all your faults and flaws I was blinded

In my eyes you shone, you sparkled and gleamed

Your life was something I wished to have

You charisma and passion inspired me

You drew me in like a moth to a flame

Only your light and beauty did I see

I loved you with a passion

I was intoxicated by your love

You filled my life with laughter

You were my angel sent from above

But then time passed and we both changed

A lot happened in those months we spent apart

Like waking up from a dream I wanted to last forever

I was sad to realize you no longer owned my heart

It pained me to leave you

But there was nothing else I could do

You no longer loved me and I no longer loved you

And to my heart I needed to be true

No longer floating in the clouds

I realize how gullible I've been

How stupid and foolish

I was to let you in

A part of me regrets it

For wasting all that time

But I'm happy I got through it

Because I experienced love for the first time

It wasn't the kind of love I wanted

God knows it wasn't the kind I need

But the experience taught me a lot of things

Mainly to listen and others' advice to heed