I thought that I could trust you

I told myself that you cared

I put my life on hold for you

My entire soul for you I bared

I let you in my life

I let you in my heart

I thought we'd last forever

I thought we'd never part

I believed in you completely

I listened to everything you said

I put all my trust in you totally

But you were only messing with my head

I thought I could rely on you

I thought you'd never let me down

But when I needed you the most

You were nowhere to be found

You told me you were busy

That you had something important to do

That got me thinking, pondering, brooding

If I wasn't more important to you

I put up with your excuses

I foolishly believed your lies

I wouldn't see what was happening

I blinded myself to all the signs

You said you'd always be there

That you'd never leave my side

And that you'd wipe the tears away

Every time that I cried

Well I've cried myself a river

And not a single tear you wiped away

You think you can make it up to me

Well go ahead and make my day

You said you'd always catch me

You'd help me up if ever I fall

Well I've fallen a thousand times now

And you weren't there, not even once, not at all

You said that I was special

That there's nothing about me you'd change

You once called me beautiful

That there's not a thing you'd rearrange

Now I see behind your pretty smile

I see beyond your glassy eyes

Don't talk to me anymore

I'm sick and tired of your lies

I've finally woken up

From this nightmare world you made

Now watch as all your broken promises

Slowly crumble to dust and fade

I'm done with your excuses

No more alibis and clich├ęs

I'm done walking in your shadow

I'm gonna find my own way