Momma told there was nothing to be scared about. She said there was no such thing as monsters or ghosts or any type of mystical beings. She said it was all in my little year old head. She's wrong; I had seen them. Nobody listened to me. Thoughts are crammed in my head; I couldn't think straight. I could see them everywhere. They're hurt people and I couldn't do anything but watch. They cause the strokes, heart attacks, the murders, the suicides, and the cancers. They killed everyone that I loved. Voices, so many voices. Screams, shouts, moans, screech; those horrible screeches took over my youth. They took over my parents. To every family or couple that was given to me, they took over. They suffocate them with anger and hate. Why can't I be normal like the other kids in the world? Why momma, why did you have to leave me in that dark hole that was the once home? Why did you run away from me? Why did you call me insane? Momma, momma, momma! Momma?