Shinigami Twin – Ch.0 "Prologue (3)"

You don't know what awaits you when you wake up do you? Well, for our hero, when he wakes up... he's going into a whole new world...

The first Shinigami was the Grim Reaper himself. He was the only one with the power of "Death". No one knows where he came, but some say he was assigned by God to bring salvation to those who died. So the Grim Reaper decided to create a second world, a world separate from the Human World. There in this new world ghosts could live a "second life" or pass unto Heaven if they chose to. One day, the Grim Reaper's powers began to fade and he could no longer "save" ghosts from the Human World, so he decided to share his power with those who wanted a "second life". This, however, broke the laws of "Death" and God banished him into an unknown prison. Thanks to this, ghost can no longer decide if they want to go to Death World or Heaven. No one knows what happened to the Grim Reaper after that.

The sound of her phone ringing interrupted the girl from continuing to read her book. She placed her skull marked bookmark in between the pages and answered her white flip phone engraved with a small black bat on the top.

Girl: Yes?

Unknown: Are you on the bus yet?

Girl: I'm at the bus station and the bus will be here shortly.

Unknown: Sorry, sorry. It's just that I'm a bit worried about you.

Girl: There's no need worry, Toshiko. I need to start doing missions on my own anyway.

Unknown: Look at you being all dependent, it's almost cute. Well, I'm going to head back to work now. Have a safe journey!

Girl: Yeah, bye, Toshiko.

The girl hanged up and placed the phone back in her cloak pocket. She thought about continuing to read her book, but noticed the yellow Soul Bus driving towards the pick up stop. As the bus stopped in front of the stop and opened its doors for the passengers to board, the girl took a moment to take the moment in.

Girl: Okay... time to go...

The bus was mostly crowded and a few passengers had to stand up. The girl wondered if there was an available seat as she stared into the crowd. Finally, she noticed an opened seat next to someone wearing a white shirt. Making way into the crowd of passengers, she approached the person.

Girl: Excuse me, may I...

She stopped as she stared at him. Seating in the lone two passenger seat was a sleeping boy about her age, which was eleven in case you wanted to know. He had black spiky hair, dark skin, wore a white shirt and blue pants, and oddly carried a black/white hilted katana with a blue scabbard on his side. She was quite mesmerized by his appearance.

Her voice awaken the sleeping boy. Slowly awakening from his sleep, he stared at the girl with his sapphire blue eyes.

Girl: I... I'm sorry, did I wake you? *blushes*

Boy: Nah… I was just about to wake up. If you want to sit, you can. *rubs eyes and yawns*

Girl: T... Thank you. *bows as she sits down next to him*

As his vision came into clear, the boy gazed at the girl sitting next to him. She was a beautiful, young girl. This girl had short brown hair that covered her left eye. From her seeable right eye, he identified that she had purple eyes. But, the thing about this particular girl, like the boy, she too was carrying a sword, a kodachi to be exact, with a purple hilt and she wore a black cloak over a white shirt and black/white checkered skirt.

Girl: Why did you lie?

Boy: Huh?

Girl: About waking up.

Boy: Um... it's nothing really. I don't know of what I always say when I wake up.

Girl: I see... sorry for asking.

She pulled out the book she was reading earlier and resumed reading where she left off.

Boy: (Crap, now she doesn't want to talk me. I'm I that uninteresting?) *skulks in seat*

Girl: Oh, that's right. *closes book and returns her attention to the boy* May I ask why you're carrying that sword?

Boy: This is my spirit weapon. I'm a newly graduated Shinigami. I take it you're an Associate? *points at the the Roman numeral nine on the sleeve of her cloak.

Girl: Yes, though I'm only just a beginner to be honest.

Boy: I think it's quite impressive you made such a rank at an early age. You're Commander must have really been impressed.

Girl: *slightly blushes* N... Not really. My Unit doesn't have a Commander. We hadn't for around six years, so I was also able to join by recommendation.

Boy: So I take it you're from the North Soul Tower?

Girl: Yes, how did you know?

Boy: Figures... it really has been six years...

Girl: I'm sorry?

Boy: I... It's nothing. I apologize for bringing it up.

Girl: No, it's quite alright. I was just making sure that you weren't any danger.

Boy: That is correct. The safety of civilians are of the utmost importance. That's one of the first rules of Shinigami law. To further my innocence, I will tell you that I'm currently on my way to the Shinigami Academy to take my Commander's Test.

Girl: *shocked* C... Commander's Test?! You?!

Boy: Yeah, I know it's early, but my brother got me an early reservation right after I graduated.

Girl: T... That's quite a goal indeed. To become a Commander that is.

Boy: It is my dream to become one. *idea pops into his head* Say, how about this. Why don't I become your Commander?

Girl: W... What?

Boy: There is an open spot at the North Soul Tower, right? Then, that's where I'm aiming for. A full proof plan I would say. *smiles*

Girl: W... Well, this is kinda sudden. I... I mean we barely know each other. *blushes as she nervously began to tap her index fingers together*

Boy: What do you mean?

Girl: I... It's nothing.

The two saw a man in a suit tugging a black collar on his neck seating in a adjacent seat next to theirs. The man had faint appearance, which you can see right through him, weary black eyes and hair.

Man: D... Dammit... why is this collar on my neck? Why am I here? What is this place? *angrily pulls on the collar* And why does this damn collar hurt?!

Bus driver: S... Sir! Please don't pull on your Time Lock for the safety of the other passengers.

Man: W... Where am I?! *becomes angry and stands up* Answer me!

Bus driver: W... Well...

The bus driver felt nervous, along with the passengers. The man noticed all of them expect for the boy, girl, and bus driver didn't have a collar around their necks.

Man: What is this place?!

Bus driver: T... This place, sir... is the bus that will take you to your next destination.

Man: What?!

Bus driver: Yes, sir. You are dead.

Though the driver's voice was plain, the man felt a surge of fear in his body.

Man: D... Dead?! I can't be dead! I have a wife and kid! How did I die?! Who killed me?!

Bus driver: S... Sir... please calm down...

Man: Calm down?! Don't give me that crap! Is somebody playing a prank on me?! Saya! Get out of here! I'm tired of playing your games!

The boy and girl noticed a red number "1" floating above the man's head. The collar around his neck began to crack.

Girl: Everybody! Get to the other side!

Boy: Hurry!

The passengers didn't need their warning. It was the men's screams alone that made them run to the other side of bus. Suddenly, the collar on his neck shattered into pieces. The same pieces pierce through the window and slowly gathered outside of the bus.

Bus driver: N... No... Dammit, a Mons is going to...

Boy: Drive!

The bus driver heavily stepped on the gas pedal, accelerating the bus faster. The pieces gathered into the form of a large blue monster. It had a lion-like appearance with red markings around its entire body. It's size was at least twice of that of the bus' and had red glowing eyes.

Man: *curls up into a ball* Saya... Saya... Saya...

Boy: Dammit! It turned into a Mons!

Woman: A Mons? Is that what that thing is?!

Girl: A Mons is a monster born from a person's regret in life. When a person dies they are marked with a Time Lock on their necks. It's meant to prevent the ghost from turning its regret into a monster like this one. *pulls out sword*

Bus driver: W... Wait! What do you think you're doing?! You can't handle that thing by yourself!

Girl: It's alright, sir. I'm Ai Kotokami, Associate of Unit Nine of the North Soul Tower. I swear I will protect your lives!

Boy: Wait... let me...

Ai: No, you can't. A unlicensed Shinigami is prohibited from drawing his weapon. Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Oh, that reminds me, I don't know your name...

Man: Saya!

Upon hearing the man's scream, the lion Mons roared and charged at the bus.

Bus driver: It's coming!

Ai: Keep it steady!

Noticing an open window, Ai leaped out of it and climbed to the roof of the bus. The lion Mons was just inches from the bus as it glared at Ai.

Ai: (Okay, Ai. Just keep calm and just keep it at bay until we reach the academy. I have to hold it off until then.)

The Mons struck at her. She duked down, evading the strike and struck at its passing claw, slightly cutting it. The Mons roared in slight pain and knocked into the bus. The bus toppled a bit, but the driver managed to keep it steady.

Boy: Knock into it!

Bus driver: Yeah!

The driver directed the bus at the Mons' side, knocking into it slightly. Once close, Ai stabbed the Mons. The Mons roared again as it struck at Ai with its tail. She rolled sideways, evading it and kept her balance.

Ai: (It can't kill it like this... I'm hoping it doesn't decided to attack the bus itself...)

Much to her and the passengers' eyes, the academy was only a mile ahead of them.

Boy: The academy!

Bus driver: We're going to make it!

Suddenly, the lion Mons slashed at the bus, knocking it straight off the ground. It rolled and slid on the ground before it came to a halt at a tree. Luckily for the passengers, none of them were hurt severely.

Boy: D... Damn... that Mons is a trickery one... *remembers Ai* Ai!

The boy leaped out of the window of the bus and looked outside. He noticed Ai laying on the ground, though she wasn't hurt as badly as he thought. Her head was only slightly bleeding. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't stay relieved as he noticed the Mons slowly walking towards her.

Boy: Damn...

Suddenly, a man wearing a black cloak leaped out of the bus and struck at him with a small knife. He jumped back, evading the attack.

Boy: Who are you?

Man: I miscalculated your agility. My master would be very displeased by this.

Boy: I asked you a question!

The man threw a smoke bomb down at the ground, covering him with smoke. As the smoke fades, the boy noticed he was gone.

Boy: Who was he? Nevermind... I don't have time to think.

Without a second's thought, he dashed towards her lifted her onto his back as the Mons struck at him with its tail. He managed to avoid it and backed to the wall behind him. Hearing the noise, Ai instantly regain consciousness.

Ai: Ow... W... What happened?

Boy: It's alright, Ai. I'll take care of him.

Ai: B... But, you can't!

Boy: I... I know, but...

Shinigami: Yeah! You kids!

A few feet from them, a group of Shinigami ran towards them wielding spirit weapons in hand. They immediately fire energy bullets at the Mons with the spirit guns. The bullets hit the Mons, but weren't strong enough to deal any major damage. In response to the Shinigami, the Mons wildly slashed its tail about the area, hitting the a few of the attacking Shinigami.

Shinigami: Damn! This is one large regret! You kids gotta get out of here!

Ai: Wait a second, sir! I am Ai Kotokami from the North Soul Tower, I'll handle it!

Shinigami: Yes, ma'am! * salutes*

Boy: W... Wait a second! You're injured!

Ai: I'm fine...

Ai attempted to walk, but her wound stopped her.

Boy: You can't keep fighting like this! Let me take care of this!

Ai: I can't. If you fight, then you won't be able to go after your dream.

Boy: Forget about my dream! I rather take a hundred tests than you let die for nothing! That's not who I am! I know you don't want me to lose my chance, but it's not worth your life to do something like this! I'll just take the test next year!

She was deeply moved by his speech. She never had someone, especially a boy, care about her safety so much before.

Ai: I... I...

Suddenly, two Shinigami appeared in front of them. Their cloaks were different from the other Shinigami. The young man had bright yellow hair, eyes, and carried a yellow hilted sword on his side. His cloak the number "3" imprinted on the back. The young woman had long, brown hair and brown eyes. She also carried a pink bow on her back, but only slightly so the number "6" on her cloak can be seen.

Ai: C... Commander Ryu... Sona!

Ryu: Yeah, Ai! Thought you two were causing trouble, so we jumped right in.

Sona: Are you two alright?

Ai: Yes, mostly.

The Mons roared loudly, causing the Shinigami to cover their ears from the noise it gave. Ryu examined the Mons and smirked.

Ryu: This thing is huge. I hope I don't…

Boy: Ryu, let me take care of it.

Ryu: Sure, go ahead.

Ai: What? Are you serious? You can't fight it by yourself!

Boy: I'll be fine. This isn't for me, this is for you.

The boy drew his sword and slowly walked towards the Mons. The Mons took its attention off the other Shinigami and focused on him. It roared, but the boy wasn't the slightest bit stunned.

Sona: He says the most cliché of things. *sighs*

Ryu: Doesn't he always?

Ai: Aren't you going to help him?

Ryu: Nah, it's alright. He's can defeat that Mons in about… two minutes.

Ai: T... two minutes? Why are you so sure? Do you know him?

Ryu: Huh? You don't him? I thought I told you about him from before.

Ai: Before?

Sona: He's our your brother.

Ai: W... What?! Seriously?! I had no idea!

Ryu: *laughs* What a coincidence that you two met! This is something grandpa will get a kick out of!

Sona: Ryu! *slightly jabs him*

Ryu: Hey, that was a bit uncalled for. Anyway, I think you remember the three things I said. He's impatient.

The Mons slashed at the boy with its right claw. He pulled his sword back, preparing to strike.

Sona: Reckless…

The boy sliced the Mons' right paw off clean off. Everyone, expect for Ryu and Sona, were shocked by this.

Ryu: And crazy strong. *smiles*

With incredible speed, the boy charged at the Mons. The Mons drilled its claws to the ground, sending spikes up from the ground below. He swiftly evaded them and continued to charge forward. The Mons slashed its tail at him. The boy jolted sideways, evaded it, and then suddenly disappeared from sight.

Shinigami: What the… where did he…

The Mons' tail was cut off. The boy appeared behind the Mons in the air and prepared to strike downward. Quickly, the Mons kicked at they with its hind legs. He evaded it and ran down the Mons' back. As soon as he reached its neck, he leaped again into the air and readied to strike downward.

Boy: This is for Ai, you overgrown fur ball!

The Mons prepared to bite at him with its sharp fangs. He slashed downward and landed safely on the ground. The Mons cried in pain as its body was torn straight down the middle. The Mons' body slowly faded away from existence. Everybody stared in amazement.

Shinigami: Incredible… that boy… he...

The boy sheathed his sword and walked back to Ai and his older siblings.

Boy: How long did it take me? I know you were timing me.

Ryu: Two minutes... and one second. You failed.

Boy: Come on, bro! At least give me some credit!

Ryu: I said two minutes and you failed me. Not very impressive, you need to train more, little brother.

Boy: Bull crap! You think you're better just because you couldn't have handled it in about a minute!

Ryu: *pats him on the head* Good job, little brother.

Boy: *smirks* Thanks!

Ai looked at him and smiled to herself. She was glad he was okay.

Ai: (He really is amazing. I shouldn't have ever doubted him.)

The boy reached his hand out to Ai, much to her surprise.

Boy: Are you alright? Let me carry you to the infirmary.

Ai: Ah, I'm alright. I can walk.

Ai attempted to stand, but is unable to due to her head wound. Suddenly, the boy lifted her off the ground and carried her in his arms.

Ai: W…What are you doing? *blushes*

Boy: Carrying you to the infirmary.

Ai: But, this is em... embarrassing. *looks away so Tyrin can't see her red face*

Boy: Nothing wrong carrying an injured person to the infirmary.

Sona: (He totally didn't get that?)

Ryu: (Poor brother… people are going to talk.)

The boy left to the infirmary. He looked at the bus and was glad to see the people safely exit from it. As they walked, the people cheered for them. Ai looked at the boy's face, but looked back down at the ground to hide her embarrassed face. To her, he was actually quite attractive, almost like a knight in shining armor.

Ai: T… thank you.

Boy: Why are thanking me? I was just getting rid of a Mons. No big deal.

Ai: I didn't get a chance to get your name.

Boy: That's right, I never introduced. My name is Tyrin Saki. It's nice to meet you, Ai. *smiles*

Ai: *smiles back* It's nice to meet you too. I hope you pass your test… and become my commander.

Despite the blood running her forehead, she looked incredibly cute with her smile.

Tyrin: Ah, sure... Why not? *blushes*

He was trying to stay calm, but with a cute girl replying with such a sweet tone, he couldn't help but smile. As he reached the infirmary he thought to himself.

Tyrin: (Man, this day can't get any better.)

Unfortunately for our hero, an hour later, this is where the good times end. Later on that day, he received word that because he violated a law he was unable to take the Commander's Test and will have to take it next year as punishment if no one passes the test this year. This was the only word that he was able to utter after he received the news.

Tyrin: Damn.

End of chapter

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