Shinigami Twin Ch.17 "Remembrance"

Our hero has lots to learn before he learns the truth. It's a hard life for him.

Day 15

Five days later at the North Soul Tower in the Waiting Room, Tyrin walks in preparing for another day of work. Surprisingly, something else happened…

Shao: Good Morning, Rookie!

Tyrin steps back in surprise

Shao: Once again? You don't have very good reactions, don't you?

Tyrin: Sorry, Shao. I'm not used to being surprised in the morning.

Shao: Nah, it's alright. How's everything been for you since our last conversation?

Tyrin: Well… it's been complicated. A lot has happened in the last few days.

Shao: Tell me about it. We just learned about the Ira family's revival. Things have been bad for Robin.

Tyrin: What do you mean?

Shao: She's one of them. Everybody is giving her looks because of it. They're afraid she might be a spy or something. But, I know Robin would never do something like that! She's too good of a person!

Tyrin: Yeah, I've heard some good things about her.

Shao: However, once she's in a game, it's an entirely different story.

Tyrin: And some bad ones…

Shao: Regardless, we should go check and see how she is doing.

Tyrin: Yeah… what?

Shao: Come on, you don't have anything to do right?

Tyrin: Well, not at the moment…

Shao: So, let's go! She needs as much help as she can get!

Tyrin: Fine… (How did it turn to this? Oh, well. It'll be the first time I've talk to her, so I guess it wouldn't hurt…)

Players run laps around the baseball field. Robin speaks (or yells to be more accurate) through a megaphone.

Robin: Move you wimps! You call that running! I'll send the dogs on you if you don't keep up the pace! Move it, move it! If all of you don't run the mile in the next few minutes, I will issue another lap on your pathetic behinds!

Players: Yes, ma'am!

Shao and Tyrin watch in shock

Tyrin: She seems… energized…

Shao: Maybe this is a bad time…

Robin notices Shao and Tyrin and walks over to them

Robin: Hey, Saki! Shao! What's up?

Shao: Oh, nothing. We were just checking up on the team.

Tyrin: Why are you making them run laps?

Robin: Well, it's because we are about to play another game soon and I want them to be in top shape! Most of my players have been slacking off lately and it's affecting their speed.

Tyrin: I see… (Man, the bad memories of training are coming back to me…)

Robin: Oh, that's right. This is our first conversation, isn't it? My name is Robin H. Ira, Commander of the Sixteenth Unit and Captain of the Shinigami Battlers!

Tyrin: It's nice to meet you, Robin. Did you say "Shinigami Battlers"?

Robin: That's the name of the team. I came up with it myself! Impressed?

Tyrin: Yeah, sure… (Not exactly bad… but something I wouldn't pick…)

Robin examines Tyrin

Tyrin: What's wrong?

Robin: How would like to join my team?

Tyrin: What? Why are you picking me all the sudden?

Robin: I've seen you fight before in Shinigami Bout with Arizo. If you have enough guts to fight him one-on-one, then you're a perfect candidate for my baseball team!

Shao: Congrats, Rookie! You already made the team!

Tyrin: Wait a sec… I didn't agree to…

A sudden pink blur kicks Robin from behind, it was Maria. Shao, Tyrin, and the players are shocked.

Players: Captain!

Maria: Not this time, Robin! You're not pulling a fast one on me!

Robin: You little… why are you here?

Maria: Why do you think? I'm the one recruiting Tyrin Saki, not you!

Robin: Like hell you are!

Tyrin: Shao, what's going on?

Shao: Maria and Robin are captains of their own teams, so they tend to fight a lot.

Robin: You already have enough players on your side, so stay out of mine!

Maria: There is always room for the track team! After that Shinigami Bout fight, how can resist letting him go?

Robin: That's the main reason I want him to join the baseball team! I've already established an interview with him, so you can't have him!

Maria: Not so fast, he hasn't decided to join your team yet! So I still have a chance! So what do you say, Rookie?

Tyrin: Ah…

Robin throws a baseball at Maria. Maria quickly evades it. The ball hits a passing Shinigami in the background.

Maria: You want to try that again!

Robin: I'm not letting you take him without a fight!

Robin releases her spirit. The wooden baseball bat, ironically her spirit weapon, turns into a golden bat with the word "Victory" written on it.

Robin: If you want Tyrin Saki, you're going to have to pass through me first!

Player: Yeah! Go, Captain!

Player: Show her whose boss!

Maria smirks in delight and pulls out her spirit weapon, a battle axe. Maria releases her spirit. The battle axe drastically increases in size

Maria: Alright, then! It's on!

Maria and Robin clash weapons. Shao and Tyrin hide behind a nearby bench as the two Commanders battle each other.

Tyrin: Holy crap! Is this the power of Commanders clashing?

Shao: No… this is the power of two rivals clashing! This is… so epic… *cries in amazement*

Tyrin: Are you serious?

Maria and Robin continue to clash

Tyrin: I… think I should leave…

Tyrin begins to sneakily walk away. Maria and Robin notice him and give chase. Tyrin runs away.

Shao: Um… good luck…

Beon yawns in exhaustion

Beon: Man, am I beat. There's nothing to do. Maybe I should go do my missions, nah, too boring. Guess I'll just shoot some stuff…

Tyrin knocks into Beon, nearly knocking him down

Beon: Hey, watch where you going, Rookie!

Tyrin runs away. Beon grits his teeth in anger.

Beon: You think… that you could just get away with that? You got another thing coming!

Beon releases his spirit and chases after Tyrin. Beon shoots at Tyrin. Tyrin continues to run while evading the bullets.

Tyrin: Why are you chasing me?

Beon: You can't run away from my bullets, Rookie!

Maria strikes at Beon. Beon evades Maria's strike and steps back.

Beon: What's up with you, little girl?

Maria: I'm not letting you hurt my recruit, Beon! He has to stay in shape for the basketball team!

Tyrin: I thought it was the track team!

Beon: Don't get in my way!

Robin: "Multi Strike!"

An energy made baseball appears from the butt of Robin's bat. Robin hits the baseball, exploding it into a volley of baseballs. Beon and Maria evade the attack.

Robin: The same goes for me!

Beon: I guess today isn't going to be boring after all! I'll take all three of you on!

Tyrin runs away. Beon, Robin, and Maria give chase while fighting each other.

Elsewhere, a group of Shinigami bikers drink outside

Shinigami biker: Did you hear the news? I heard the Iras are coming back.

Shinigami biker: No way. I see no point in coming back to this dump. Hell, I don't even care if they destroy the whole place. As long as I can ride my beautiful motorcycle, I don't care what they do!

Tyrin knocks into the Shinigami biker's motorcycle causing all of them to fall to the ground. The Shinigami bikers are deeply shocked.

Tyrin: Oh, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!

Tyrin runs away

Shinigami biker: He thinks he could just walk away after that?

Shinigami biker: Let's kill that little bastard! I'll rip him to sheds!

The Shinigami bikers give chase

Tyrin: What the hell? Why are they chasing me?

Shinigami biker: I don't care if he's a Commander or not! He'll pay for hurting my beauty!

Beon, Robin, and Maria attack the bikers sending them into the air

Beon, Robin, and Maria: Stay out of our way!

The chase continues

Outside of a convenient store in the Market, Olivia sweeps dust while humming. Tyrin quickly stops in front of the store.

Olivia: Oh, hello, Tyrin.

Tyrin: Olivia, hi! Do you mind if I hide in here for a while?

Olivia: Sure thing.

Tyrin quickly hides inside of the store. Beon, Robin, and Maria stop in front of the store.

Beon: You! Have you seen Saki around here?

Olivia: I think he run over there. *points right*

Robin: Thank you!

Beon, Maria, and Robin leave. Tyrin peaks his head out.

Tyrin: Are they gone?

Olivia: Yes, you can come out now.

Tyrin: Whew, thank you. I thought it would never end.

Olivia: Why were they chasing you?

Tyrin: I was talking to Robin and then Maria showed up and then Beon showed up and… well, things got out of hand.

Olivia: Must be tough for you. But, you'll get used to it in a few months.

Tyrin: I'm not really sure about that.

Olivia: Everything else okay?

Tyrin: Yeah, pretty much. I'm just trying to piece everything together. Anyway, do you work here?

Olivia: It's a small part-time job. My family owns this place.

Tyrin: I see.

Olivia: Want a drink?

Tyrin: Are you sure it's alright for you to giveaway free drinks?

Olivia: Oh, I didn't say it was free. I don't know that well. *giggles*

Tyrin faintly laughs

A few minutes later

Olivia: So, you're twelve, right?

Tyrin: Yes.

Olivia: That means you entered the Shinigami Academy at eight, pretty impressive.

Tyrin: Actually, I entered when I was nine and attended for three years. My Commander's Test was delayed for a year after I finished.

Olivia: That's right. I heard about that before. You saved your girlfriend.

Tyrin nearly chokes in surprise

Tyrin: Who are you talking about?

Olivia: Ai, she's your girlfriend, right?

Tyrin: No! Who told you that?

Olivia: I heard around that you two are always together and that you were dating.

Tyrin: What? That's because we're Commander and Associate! There's nothing wrong with that! I hang out with Lewis and Toshiko too!

Olivia: Must have been a rumor. But, it is odd that you and your Associates are so close.

Tyrin: What do you mean?

Olivia: Most Commanders would just issue orders to their Associates and that's it. Basically that's as far as Associates and Commanders get along.

Tyrin: What? That's crazy. Associates aren't just normal co-workers. They're you're lifetime partners like spirits. Without them have you could possibly maintain or even call yourself a unit.

Olivia: Wow, you must really care for them.

Tyrin: Of course I do. After all we've been through together for the last few days, I can't think the other way.

Olivia thinks to herself

Olivia: An Associate… and a Commander…

Tyrin: What's wrong?

Olivia: Oh, nothing. I was just talking to myself.

Leon wakes by. Leon notices the two and stops to greet them.

Leon: Oh, good afternoon, Olivia.

Olivia: Good…Good Morning, Leon!

Leon: Morning? It's about 4.

Olivia: Oh, yes, that's what I meant! I must have forgotten the time! Silly me!

Leon: Hey, rookie. You're here too.

Tyrin: Um… you're Leon Euler, right?

Leon: You remember my name, that's good. Hope you're getting the hang of things here.

Tyrin: Sure…

Olivia: Yes he is! Quite well exactly! I mean, that's why he's here. We were just talking about his progress, nothing else, really.

Leon: Alright then. You see later.

Leon walks away. Olivia sighs in relief.

Tyrin: So you like him?

Olivia: No! Who told you that?

Tyrin: Then why is your face red?

Olivia: My face isn't red! It's just the sunset that's all! *blushes*

Tyrin: (Why am I getting the weird sense of déjà vu?) Anyway, you seem well equated.

Olivia: Well, I used to be… his Associate a few months ago. He was always so nice to me. I loved working with him every day. What you said… reminded me of the days I used to work with him. Now, we seem so far apart.

Tyrin: "As long as you still think of me, the bond we hold will never break."

Olivia: Huh?

Tyrin: That's what someone said to me before. A bond between two people will never break no matter how long or how far the other is.

Olivia: Thanks, Saki. You sure you don't have a girlfriend.

Tyrin: I'm sure! I should leave now. I still need to do a mission today.

Olivia: Alright, good luck.

Tyrin leaves

Olivia: Maybe next time I'll give a discount!

Tyrin: Yeah, whatever!

As he continued his walk, Tyrin thought about his life at the North Soul Tower

Tyrin: (Man, today sure was weird. I never knew there were so many different kinds of people. I sometimes wonder what the other Commanders are like.)

Tyrin remembers what his grandfather said

Tyrin: (I should rest sometimes, but I have to get stronger.)

Tyrin remembers what he said earlier

Tyrin: (No matter how far… even until death? My parents… I don't know what to do anymore. Grandpa was right, I do overthink things. Tomorrow… I'm going to rest. Tomorrow… will be my day off!)

End of Chapter