Shinigami Twin Ch.24 "Explosion"

Now, is the time for action! Onward to Navix, brave heroes!

Day 21

The next day at the North Soul Tower in the Waiting Room…

Reida: Gentlemen. Today is a very important day. The enemy is threating to destroy a city. We already sent Leon Euler to talk to the people about this subject. The city is abandoned, so now we suspect Jack to be inpatient. Your mission is to capture and detain Jack Ira and prevent the bomb from activating. Do not kill him as we need to question him later. Do you understand your mission?

Arizo and Tyrin sleep, ironically while standing

Reida: You idiots! Wake up!

Arizo and Tyrin quickly wake up

Arizo: What's going on?

Tyrin: I heard Reida start talking and dosed off.

Reida: This is serious, you idiots! We cannot afford any screw-ups!

Arizo: I can tell what else we can afford, a good dental plan.

Tyrin: Yeah, what's up with that? I had an aching tooth and that dentist did just give me medicine. Barely check it.

Reida: Can you please pay attention for a least a second?

Arizo: Don't worry, we're totally focused!

Tyrin: This is our time to stop the Ira family!

Reida: So, do you understand the bar medium of the mission?

Arizo: Of course, just stop Jack and the bomb.

Tyrin: Yeah, it's not that hard to understand.

Reida: Alright, then. Don't mess up.

Reida leaves

Arizo: Rookie, this is your first serious mission. We can't afford to mess up.

Tyrin: I know that. My first serious mission was with that Conpire.

Arizo: Dude, you got bitten and barely did anything.

Tyrin: That's not true. I killed the Conpire and broke out of her control.

Arizo: And? That's nothing, I'm sure anyone can do that.

Tyrin: Really? Then why don't you try it?

Arizo: I would, but… you know… the mission.

Tyrin: What? You scared aren't you?

Arizo: Like hell, why would I let a Conpire bite me?

Tyrin: It actually doesn't hurt at all much.

Arizo: Do you know how wrong that sounds?

Arizo notices the bite mark on Tyrin's neck

Arizo: Hey, the bite is still there.

Tyrin: Really? It's so faint, I never noticed. Anyway, how long do we have?

Arizo: About ten minutes.

Tyrin: To be fair, I'm actually kind of nervous.

Arizo: Why's that?

Tyrin: Well, we have to fight Jake and he's planning on bombing a city. What if he decides to destroy the city the moment we enter? No one would be hurt, but still…

Arizo: That's understandable. Anything could happen. The moment we walk in, we could be dead. But that's what it's like every day. I met someone one day, and then the next day I'm at their funeral. That's the way we live. All we can do is fight, for whatever reason it may be.

Robin: He's right.

Tyrin: Robin…

Robin: I wanted to talk to you before you left. I want to wish you luck on your mission.

Tyrin: Robin, can you tell me what your connection to the Ira family now?

Robin: I figured we were going to have this conversation one day. To be truthful, I haven't spoken to my father ever since I left to become a Shinigami. That doesn't mean I haven't been to the Ira Family Manor.

Arizo: Is there anything you can tell us?

Robin: Not really, just my past. Growing up, my father would me and my brothers that we shouldn't trust the Sakis or the Shinigami. He hates them greatly for what happened to Devon.

Tyrin: Who's Devon?

Robin: My brother, he died from a disease.

Tyrin: Wait, I thought my grandfather killed him? I mean, that's what Johanna said.

Robin: We don't know that for sure. You see your grandfather didn't really kill him, but he could've possibly gave him a disease that later killed him.

Tyrin: How's that possible?

Robin: He gave him a serious injury. Once the injury was fixed, it was already too late. He was infected with a serious disease. However, it could've been from something else other than the injury your grandfather gave him, so we don't know if he really killed him or not. However, despite this everyone thinks otherwise.

Arizo: Because of the rivalry between the Iras and Sakis.

Robin: Yes. Even Sengoku thinks he caused it. We don't have much time, so I'll leave your grandfather to explain the rest.

Tyrin: (So he possibly killed their brother? That's a bit far-fetched to place the entire blame on him. However I can see why they would regardless.)

Robin: Moving on, Jack and Jushiro were really hurt by Devon's death. They loved him so much. I didn't know Devon all that well since he died when I was child, but he's the oldest out of all of us.

Tyrin: Speaking of, Johanna isn't blood-related, right?

Robin: Right, we invited her into the family by my request. I wanted to help her.

Tyrin: Help her? Why's that?

Robin: I rather not talk about it, but Johanna hates me for what I've done.

Arizo: That's what she said in the interrogation. But, what's this thing about bringing you back?

Robin: I think they want me to join them. I don't know why, but father seems he wants me to stay at the Ira Family Manor, however I refused many times.

Tyrin thinks to himself. He wondered why Robin wouldn't want to meet with her father.

Arizo: What's up?

Tyrin: Nothing. By the way, anything you can tell us about Jack and Jushiro?

Robin: Jack was always harsh and rude too. He would sneak off sometimes and get into fights. He loves explosions, so he would always mess up the house. My father hates his that about him. He's so thoughtless about what he does, almost like he wants to destroy everything with a vengeance. Jushiro, there's only one word I can describe him… scary.

Tyrin: Scary?

Robin: I never really spent time with him, mainly because he gives me the creeps. Sure he acts all polite and classy, but once he gets angry. It's like he's some kind of…

Reida: Hey, are you two going to go or what?

Robin: Sorry, I'll tell you guys later.

Tyrin: Alright, thanks Robin.

Arizo and Tyrin leave

Robin: I wish you luck, Tyrin. Please survive.

Navix was normally a large city filled with citizens and tourists, but this time it was completely empty. Some of the buildings were protected by steel so the bomb wouldn't affect them. Arizo and Tyrin look around the empty city.

Arizo: Well, here we are.

Tyrin: Man, this place feels like a ghost town. Except this is a city so…

Arizo: Anyway, do you sense Jack anywhere?

Tyrin: Nope, not a hint. Let's walk around for a bit, he'll probably attack us.

A few minutes later

Arizo: So, how's it like having a stalker?

Tyrin: What?

Arizo: Just trying to start conversation.

Tyrin: First off, I am not enjoying the fact someone is watching me 24/7… or whatever time she decides to. I'm not even sure if I'm being watched.

Arizo: Ever got the feeling?

Tyrin: Not really, just one time a few days though. Come to think of it, I remember her energy pattern. That's right! She was the one who was watching me! Man, how did I get into these types of situations?

Arizo: Well, don't think about too much. I mean she's young, it's probably a phase.

Tyrin: Really? She has a wedding plan.

Arizo: Come on, I'm sure she's joking…

Tyrin: No, I'm not joking. I received a mail telling me I have to sign legal documentation rights about our financial status and some flowers and congratulation money.

Arizo: Wow, this is serious. How much did you get?

Tyrin: Forty bucks and coupon. I resend the money back, but I kept the flowers and the coupon and gave it to my grandmother. I sometimes don't know what to do about this.

Arizo: Sucks to be you. Wish I had a harem, you lucky bastard.

Tyrin: You think I'm enjoying this? I'm in love with Ai, I can't marry someone else. I'm not even sure it's legal in this country to marry at a young age.

Arizo: Wait a sec… do you sense that?

Tyrin: Yeah, it's small, but it's increasing as well… let's check it out!

Arizo and Tyrin enter an alleyway, expecting to find the energy source

Arizo: I don't see anyone, but at the end is an increasing energy source.

Tyrin notices a small paper bag

Tyrin: What is this?

Tyrin opens the bag revealing an energy bomb inside it. Arizo and Tyrin are shocked. The bomb begins to tick.

Arizo: Holy…

Tyrin places the bomb down and walks back to Arizo

Tyrin: We should run.

Arizo: Yeah.

Arizo and Tyrin quickly leave the alleyway. As they leave the bomb denotes destroying the alleyway. Arizo and Tyrin trip over from the force.

Arizo: Damn! What kind of bomb was that?

Tyrin: I don't know, but that could've killed us!

Cat: Meow.

Arizo: Huh?

Arizo notices Tyrin holding a black/white cat in his arms. The cat, if I didn't explain it already, had black/white fur across his whole body in a stripped formation. He had blue eyes and was small enough for Tyrin to hold his entire body in one arm.

Arizo: Where did that cat come from?

Tyrin: Oh, him? I found him when we were running for our lives. I couldn't just leave him.

Cat: Meow.

Arizo: Okay…

Tyrin: I think Jack placed that bomb there. I remember him having the kind of bombs back in Kira.

Arizo: So that's his weapon? Damn, makes it all more difficult finding him.

Unknown: No need to look too far.

Jack appears from behind them. Arizo and Tyrin quickly stand and step back.

Arizo: Jack! You got some nerve placing that bomb!

Jack: What? You didn't like my welcoming gift?

Tyrin: Cut the crap! What are you up to?

Cat: Meow.

Tyrin: You tell him, Levine!

Arizo: You named him?

Jack: What I'm here to do is destroy Navix, that's all. Killing you two is a bonus.

Tyrin: So why are you confronting us? It would've made more sense to hide out and wait for us.

Jack: True, but fun is it waiting? I hate wasting time doing nothing. So I figured I fight the both of you until my bomb is ready.

Arizo: Glad we don't have to deal with someone smart. Let's just burn his legs and return back.

Tyrin: Kind of cold, don't you think?

Arizo: Who cares?

Levine: Meow.

Arizo: Shut it, cat! Will you get rid of him already!

Tyrin: I would love to, but he won't retract his claws, it's tearing holes in my cloak.

Arizo: And why did you name him Levine anyway?

Tyrin: What? He doesn't look like a Levine?

Levine: Meow.

Jack: Boring, boring, shut up already!

Jack pulls out a small bomb and throws it at them. Arizo and Tyrin evade the bomb.

Jack: I can't stand worthless chatter! Quit wasting my time!

Arizo: Let's go, Rookie!

Tyrin: Right! Go home, Levine.

Tyrin places Levine down. Levine casually walks away.

Arizo pulls out his knives and releases his spirit. Arizo fires a Tenka at Jack. Jack evades the attack and throws multiple small bombs at Arizo and Tyrin. Arizo and Tyrin evade the bombs and circle around Jack.

Tyrin tosses his sword into the air and releases his spirit. Tyrin catches his swords and fires two white Shuuhas at Jack. Jack evades them and throws another small bomb. Tyrin uses the wing from his black Hauringu Shuuha to leap into the air to evade the bomb.

Tyrin notices another bomb in front of him and blocks it with his wing. Tyrin is pushed back into a building by the force it gives off.

Jack: Goodbye, Saki!

Jack prepares to throw another bomb, but his arm is caught by Arizo. Arizo turns around prepares to stab Jack in the chest. Jack quickly pulls out a bomb and places it in front of his chest to stop Arizo. Arizo pulls his attack back and kicks Jack from behind, knocking the bomb out of his hand.

Jack grabs the bomb mid-air and throws it to the ground. The bomb explodes, blowing Arizo and Jack back. Arizo stands his ground.

Arizo: Damn…

Jack throws a second bomb at Arizo. Arizo notices it and tosses one of his knives at it, destroying it.

Jack prepares to throw another bomb. Tyrin appears from behind Jack and prepares to strike at him. Jack notices him and slightly evades Tyrin's strike, receiving a cut on his left cheek. Jack steps back and throws small bombs at Tyrin. Tyrin flies backwards, evading the small bombs.

Tyrin: So he uses small bombs to deflect our attacks and drive us away and regular bombs to attack us.

Arizo: This is going to be tough. We need to pay attention to which type of bomb he's going to use. Those small ones don't take much time to charge, but the regular ones are about four to five seconds.

Jack: This is starting to get interesting. Now I'm sure to get tons of entrainment. I haven't had this much fun in years.

At the Ira Family Manor, Joshua chats with a group of fellow ninjas. Joshua wore a purple ninja outfit like the rest, but he didn't wear his mask. He had short white hair and black eyes.

Ninja: Hey, did you guys hear about Jack?

Ninja: Nah, man. What about Jack?

Ninja: I heard he gone to Navix on an assignment for Lord Kakai. Weird thing is… he didn't take any ninjas with him.

Ninja: That is strange.

Joshua: It's probably just a solo mission. Don't think too much about it.

Ninja: Yeah, you're probably right. But, he always takes some of us with him.

Joshua: (They shouldn't doubt the young master's decisions. If he wants to go by himself, then he'll do so.)

Joshua notices Johanna's ninjas walking by. Seeing the female ninjas, one of the ninjas remembers something.

Ninja: I remember hearing Johanna was locked inside her room for disobeying orders.

Ninja: Yeah, poor girl been there ever since. I wonder how she's doing…

Joshua didn't want to hear the rest of the conversation and left

Ninja: Hey, Joshua! Where you going?

Ninja: Was it something we said?

Joshua wondered inside the garden and stared at the scenery. Despite wanting to forget about the conversation, he still had it on his mind.

Joshua: (I shouldn't let thoughts like that affect me. I shouldn't matter to me whatever happens to Johanna. Even though she used to be one of us, she has her life to live now.)

Jushiro: Joshua.

Joshua: Master Jushiro, is there any I can do for you, sir? *bows*

Jushiro: Nothing really. I was just wondering why you were in the garden.

Joshua: Huh? Oh, I was just walking around, sir. Sorry for interrupting.

Jushiro: It's alright. Now, I remember there is something I need you to do for me.

Joshua: Yes, sir.

Jushiro: Do you mind killing Jack for me?

Joshua: Yes, sir. I'll…

Joshua stopped for a second and thought about what Jushiro said

Joshua: I'm sorry, what do you say, sir?

Jushiro: I said… I want you to kill Jack.

Joshua is deeply shocked

Joshua: Oh, I see. So this is joke. Ha, ha! Very funny, sir! You almost had me there!

Jushiro: I wasn't joking. I'm being serious.

Joshua: But… but, sir. He's your brother. Why would you…

Jushiro: Don't get the wrong idea, Joshua. I love him very much, but he has gone to Navix to kill himself.

Joshua: What?

Jushiro: Jake lied. Father never told him to leave anywhere. I overheard him once. He was contacting the North Soul Tower about his plan to destroy Navix.

Joshua: Why would he…

Jushiro: I know what I am asking you must be very difficult, but it is for the best. It would be disgraceful for an Ira to be killed by Saki or by suicide. I would do it myself, but I haven't gotten the courage to do so. However, I know you do, Joshua.

Joshua: Why me?

Jushiro: Come on, don't be modest. They call you the "Silent Reaper", right? You've done the most precise killings in the entire Ninja force.

Joshua: That was… a long time ago…

Jushiro: Oh, I know what you are capable of, Joshua. I trust in your abilities than any other ninja. This is why I am asking you to do this task.

Joshua is silent

Jushiro: You don't have to worry about anything. I'll tell father I assign you to do so. The entire fault will fall before me, not you. You are the reaper… you must bring Jack to salvation.

Joshua: Yes, sir… I will do as you command.

Jushiro: Thank you, Joshua. Now hurry, it is almost time.

Joshua leaves

Jushiro: Poor… poor… fool you must be Jack. If you wish for death, then death shall come to you.

End of chapter