Shinigami Twin Ch.28 "Tension"

Our hero has gained a new ally! Will the tides change with the Iras?

Day 23

The next day at Eda's Office, Tyrin confronts Eda and Reida on the subject of having Johanna as an ally for the Shinigami. Of course, this didn't please Reida…

Reida: You're… joking, right?

Tyrin nervously chuckles. He had trouble explaining why exactly he wanted Johanna to join.

Reida: Don't laugh, you idiot! This is a serious matter!

Tyrin: Sorry… I just don't know what to say.

Reida: Don't know what to say? You want us to join forces with Johanna Ira? How stupid can you be?

Tyrin chuckles again

Reida: Talking to you is like talking to your brother. So difficult…

Eda: Now hold on, Reida. This could be a good idea.

Reida: Sir, she's the enemy. She could be lying to us or spying.

Eda: True, this could be a trap. And I'm not one to trust someone out of the blue either. However, if Tyrin Saki is willingly enough to place his trust in her, then I'll allow it.

Reida: What?!

Tyrin: Seriously?! Thank you, sir!

Eda: But, in exchange, you are responsible for her actions. If she betrays us and something bad happens because of it, the fault will fall upon you. This also means you'll lose all rights that were given to you.

Tyrin: You mean…

Eda: That's right. I'll revoke your license and our contract will end, depending on the damage of course. This is a serious time that we are facing. We cannot allow to ourselves be fooled by the Iras. I just received word from Kakai as well. He says we should prepare for the worse.

Tyrin: Are you saying he's planning on attacking?

Eda: No, but we should stay alert for anything at this point. His second son has died by our hands.

Tyrin: Can I ask you a question?

Eda: Yes?

Tyrin: Did my grandfather cause the death of Devon Ira?

Eda: I'm pretty sure you're aware that Devon died from an illness cause by paralysis. It's not confirmed that it was either Sengoku or other being that caused the paralysis in the first place. However, Sengoku still took the fault.

Tyrin: What happened exactly?

Eda: I… cannot tell you. This is a personal matter between families. If you want to learn the truth, then ask Sengoku yourself. Now, I have something extremely important to do.

Eda stands up and plays with the tether ball in his office

Tyrin: Um…

Eda: Not now! I have to break my record!

Reida: Can't he be serious for at least five minutes? Anyway, you know what to do. Don't screw up.

Tyrin: Yes! *leaves*

Reida: Sir, when do you plan on telling the others about what you found?

Eda: Eventually, if I were to reveal that now, then the readers will be too shocked.

Reida: That's… not what I mean…

Eda misses a swing at the tether ball

Eda: No! I was two hits away from breaking my record! This is your fault, Reida! Meanie! *cries*

Reida: Quit acting like a child!

Back at Tyrin's Office, Tyrin walks in. Ai and Johanna notice him.

Ai: So how did it go?

Tyrin: Aside from being yelled at and my job being in danger, it went pretty well.

Johanna: So you're… really going through this?

Tyrin: Yeah, I already said that I did. Now we have the hard part to go through. We just have to tell everyone else about the arrangement. I'm sure it's not going to be pleasant.

A few minutes later, Outside of Tyrin's Office…

Lewis: I see… I'm not sure what to say about this…

Toshiko: Are you freaking stupid?

Tyrin: Well… I'm not sure…

Toshiko: Just forget it. I'm sure you have a prettily good explanation for this.

Tyrin: Instinct.

Toshiko: You are stupid. But, seeing as how you got Ai, Eda, and Reida convinced as well… I guess I too have to agree with this.

Lewis: Have you told anybody else about this?

Tyrin: Nope, I'm sure Toshiko will probably tell everyone else about it sooner or later.

Toshiko: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Tyrin: Anyway, we should do some proper introductions. You know, like a new member joining the unit.

Toshiko: Alright, even though I've already met her. *sweat drop*

Toshiko: Hello! It's nice to meet you, my name is Toshiko Kimura. Wow, you're a lot cuter than what Tyrin told me you'll be.

Tyrin: If I ever told you anything Toshiko, it's to get back to work.

Johanna: Oh, yes. I remember you. It's nice to see you again.

Lewis: (This is so odd.) So what do you plan on doing, Tyrin?

Tyrin: I've been thinking it over, but I haven't come up with a strategy yet.

Johanna: Well… I could act as a spy for you and report back all the activities. However, it's going to be difficult. In fact, the time I have now is very limited. Father, I mean, Kakai has been in his room for quite a while, as well as Jushiro.

Tyrin: That's weird. They must still be grieving for Jack's death.

Lewis: Kakai, probably… but, Jushiro… I'm sure he's over it by now.

Tyrin: Huh?

Lewis: I've only heard rumors… but, Jushiro isn't the kind of person who waits around for things to happen.

Johanna: I agree. He's… evil… in a way…

Tyrin: (He sounds weird.) Anyway, maybe we should this. How about you gather as much information as you can? And when you do you return here, we can protect you so they can't get to you.

Johanna: So I have to act like a double agent? That's sounds like fun.

Tyrin: Yeah… I guess.

Ai: What kind of information do we need from them?

Tyrin: How about those special weapons they have? Also, we need more information on Jushiro. I have a feeling he has a big role in all of this somehow, more than Kakai.

Johanna: Got it! I'll get started right away!

Tyrin: Hold on a second. Johanna, are you doing anything else for the day?

Johanna: No, why?

Tyrin: Well, as a trust exercise, I want you to go on a mission with us today.

Lewis: A mission? What's this about? This is the first time I've heard about it.

Tyrin: Oh, I didn't tell anybody? I must have forgotten about it. Anyway, today we have a joint mission with Unit 11 and Unit 17. It's a Mons sweep in a forest nearby. Each Commander is supposed to bring their Associates along as well since it's going to take a long time to complete.

Johanna: I see, alright, I'll go.

Johanna realizes something; Unit 17 is the same unit Robin commands.

Johanna: Um… did you say Unit 17?

Tyrin: Yes.

Johanna: I don't think I should go.

Tyrin: Huh? Why not? You were fine with it just a second ago.

Johanna: I don't want to see "her".

Tyrin: "Her"? You mean… Robin?

Johanna: I refuse to see her. I'm not going.

Tyrin: Ok, then. How am I supposed to trust you? I mean I'm sacrificing my title for our partnership, so do you think you can sacrifice something of equal value?

Johanna: What? You… fine… I'll do it.

Lewis: I'm surprised you pulled something like that. That doesn't seem like something you would do. *whisper*

Tyrin: I didn't want to, but I had to. I usually don't want someone to do something for me in exchange for my service, but like everyone has been saying this is a serious time. *whisper*

Within the forest, Arizo learned of Johanna's partnership…

Arizo: Saki, I have to tell you something.

Tyrin: What is it?

Arizo: You have got to be one of the stupidest people I have ever met.

Tyrin: You're not the first to say that. (And I'm sure you're not the last.)

Arizo: Reida told us about this deal you made, so I won't bother with details. But, are you sure it's a good idea to bring her out on this mission?

Tyrin: It's a trust exercise. This mission requires teamwork, which is what I am testing her on with this mission.

Arizo: One smart idea, one stupid idea. You never cease to amaze me. Anyway, Robin and her Associates should be here any minute.

Ai: Speaking of Associates, Arizo did you used to be an Associate of Unit 9?

Arizo: Huh? Yeah, I was.

Tyrin: So you knew my father well?

Arizo: Supposedly.

Toshiko: Come now, Arizo. We're all friends here, no need to act independent.

Arizo: Hey, be quiet. I'm no longer of a part of Unit 9, so don't treat me like I still am.

Lewis: Don't worry, he's just acting like he doesn't care. I remember he used to have trouble dealing with normal Mons and Jones had to save him once.

Arizo: Old man.

Lewis sits down on a stump in depress

Johanna: You sure do have some weird friends, Ai.

Ai: Yeah, but you'll get used to them.

Robin and Perkins approach them

Tyrin: Oh, hey, Robin… *notices Perkins* Perkins?! What are you doing here?

Perkins: Huh? I'm always here for my baby, Toshiko. *winks at Toshiko*

Toshiko: Quit bull craping us and tell us why you're here.

Robin: Sorry, I asked him to help out. My Associates couldn't come today, so I had to settle for him.

Perkins: Why do you make it sound like a bad thing?

Robin and Johanna stare at each other. Robin was actually glad to see her again, but she knew Johanna wasn't.

Robin: Johanna…

Johanna: Let's just get started already, the Mons are starting to spread. *turns away*

Arizo: Alright, there are three sections in this forest. From a calculated analyst, there are exactly 30 Mons within each section. Since it's going to take a while, we'll split up into two groups of three and one group of two. Each group will handle a different section.

Tyrin: How are we going to decide the groups?

Arizo: We're going to draw straws. *pulls out three straws, each one a different length*

Tyrin: You just happen to have straws in your pocket? Just like that time when you… - Read Shinigami Bits! To understand the joke

Arizo: Moving on, after everyone has pulled a straw, we'll get started with the mission.

Section 1: Ai, Robin, and Johanna

Johanna: Out of all the people I had to group up with, it had to be this one. No offense, Ai.

Ai: None taken… I mean…

Robin: Let's just get started. I have another mission after this.

Johanna: Agreed.

Robin and Johanna walk ahead. Ai already knew that something was going just seeing them together.

Ai: This… isn't going to end well…

Section 2: Tyrin, Arizo, and Perkins

Perkins: So we're teamed up again, I see… Man, this sucks! I wanted to team up with Toshiko! This is no fair!

Arizo: Will you shut up already and hurry up?

Tyrin: This… isn't going to end well…

Section 3: Lewis and Toshiko

Toshiko: Lewis, do you have a bad feeling something is going to happen?

Lewis: Yes, with the pairings we have, there's going to be some tension.

Toshiko: But, we're alright, right?

Lewis: Of course, for Tyrin's group, it was already known there were going to be some arguments between the three of them, but they should be fine, though I can't say the same for Ai's group.

Toshiko: Let's just hope that there isn't going to some bad blood between Johanna and Robin.

Lewis: Nah, I'm pretty sure there is. There always is. I hate to repeat this, but… this… isn't going to end well…

End of chapter