Shinigami Twin Ch.35 "What I'll do for you"

Life may move on, but they will never forget what they experienced that day. Will Unit 9 ever be the same?

The next day

Day 25

Ira Family Manor (Jushrio's Room)

Jushiro works on a device

A ninja walks in

Ninja: Master Jushiro, Lord Kakai wishes to see you.

Jushiro: So, father finally came out of his room? Alright then, I'll finish my adjustments later.


Kakai looks at Ryoka's body

Jushiro walks in

Jushiro: Hello, father. I just heard the news, poor Ryoka.

Kakai: Yes, he was my most trusted ninja. He still served me after all of these years. I wish him the best.

Jushiro: Have you decided on what to do next?

Kakai: I have. I plan on crushing the North Soul Tower to the very ground itself. We will discuss our plans later on.

Jushiro: Excellent, I can't wait.

Kakai: Those Shinigami have taken most of my family away from me and also the lives of my beloved ninjas. This rebellion has been long for.

Kakai looks at Joshua, who is standing on the other side of the courtyard

Kakai: Son, do you wish to join us in this great time?

Joshua: I will do as you please, my lord.

Kakai: Then so be it. I will assign you with an important task. I promise you, you will have that battle with the Shinigami you wish to kill.

Joshua: You are too kind, sir.

Kakai walks away

Jushiro: I'm glad you turned around, Joshua. We deeply appreciate your assistance.

Joshua: I'll tell you this, sir. I don't care about this rebellion. I only care about taking that Shinigami's life. He will go to salvation.

Jushiro smiles in delight and walks away

North Soul Tower (Waiting Room)

Silence rings throughout the waiting room

Mika: I can't believe… all this time…

Leon: We didn't even see it coming. He played us for years.

Shao: To think we treated him like one of us and he turns out to be a spy. Makes me wonder what kind of man he really was.

Maria: What more do we need to know? He's a lie and a crook. And we felled for his trap.

Gregory: What I can't believe is how much information he leaked. All the events that occurred so far were all because of him. I would like to believe it was fate, but a single man did all of that.

Eda and Reida walk in

Leon: Eda! What do you plan on doing about all of this?

Eda: Huh? Well, good morning to you too, Leon.

Leon: Sorry, sir. Good Morning. What do you plan to do on doing about all of this?

Eda: I don't know. I'm still baffled. We don't have any proof that Ryoka gave the Iras any information though, meaning we can't approach.

Reida: Even if that ninja took his body, he still killed himself in the end like a coward. Not like we were going to get anything out of anyway.

Mika: That is true. He was heartless enough.

Eda: Let's just prepare ourselves for what's to come.

Gregory: So, in other words, you have no idea what to do.

Eda: Precisely. And with that, I'm going to eat breakfast.

Eda leaves

Reida: He can be so useless sometimes. Anyway, just continue to work until then.

Tyrin's Office

Tyrin: Good Morning, everybody!

Ai, Johanna, Lewis, and Toshiko sit in depress


Tyrin: (What the hell? I thought by doing Ai's morning routine, things would be normal, but this is the exact opposite!)So, um… what a crazy day it was yesterday! Can't believe I missed the whole thing by lying in a hospital bed! So, how's everybody doing?


Tyrin: (Nobody is talking to me. They must be seriously depressed. I'm not good at these types of situations. I wonder what I can do.)

Tyrin sits down in his chair as the silence continues

Tyrin: (I'm so freaking bored! And the negative vibe isn't helping me at all! I should probably do something to get their attention.)

Tyrin stands on his desk and clears his throat, preparing to speak

Tyrin: Everybody! I know you're depressed right now, but listen to me! I am here to stay! I have already pledged to make Unit 9 a better unit by moving forward! I know the hardships you are going through are tough, but we must move forward for the sake of our unit and ourselves! So rise up, my comrades and fight on!

Toshiko: What are you doing?

Tyrin: Huh? I just gave a speech to cheer everybody up.

Johanna: You look like an idiot. Are you really that needy for attention?

Tyrin: Hey, come on, I'm trying my best. *gets down*

Ai: Sorry, Tyrin. A lot just occurred all of the sudden.

Lewis: Yeah, I'm still in denial. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better, but now I feel like crap.

Tyrin thinks to himself

Tyrin: Okay, then! Today I order everybody to take a day off with me!

Toshiko: Huh? Why?

Tyrin: Because today we are going to the market and buying things all day! I'll pay for everything!

Toshiko: Really, even some clothes?

Tyrin: Yeah, I'll buy you an outfit.

Toshiko: Yeah, thank you! You're the best Commander ever! *hugs Tyrin*

Tyrin: Hey, hey! My body is still sore! (She's only happy because I'm buying her things. Oh, well… whatever cheers them up, I guess?)


Toshiko: Alright, let's get to shopping, girls!

Tyrin: Hold it right there, Toshiko! I'm giving you a limit!

Toshiko: Why's that? I'm careful with money.

Tyrin: My ass, you probably spend money like it's nobody's business.

Toshiko: That is not true!

Lewis: Well, he's not far from the truth.

Toshiko: Quiet, Lewis. Okay, fine, how much is it?

Tyrin: Hundred.

Toshiko: What the hell? You can't buy anything with that unless you go to a cheap clothing store!

Tyrin: That's where I'm expecting you to go! You thought I was planning on letting you go wild in some fancy clothing store? I may be a "temporary" Commander, but I don't get paid like a real Commander! I'm just barely above your pay.

Toshiko: Aw…. *sits in depress*

Tyrin sighs

Tyrin: Fine, two hundred and that's it.

Toshiko: Yeah, thank you, Tyrin! *smiles*

Tyrin: (Why do I suffer like this?)

A few minutes later

Tyrin: Alright, now that Toshiko is satisfied. What do you want to buy, Lewis?

Lewis: Um… there was a set of golf clubs I've always wanted.

Tyrin: Golf clubs? You make Toshiko look good.

Lewis: I was joking. I'm going to just buy a painting for my living room.

Tyrin: Don't scare me like that, Lewis.

Ai: What are you going to do, Tyrin?

Tyrin: Me? I guess I'll just watch a movie to pass the time.

Johanna: Ai!

Ai: Yes?

Johanna: This is the perfect opportunity! You must go out with him! *whispers*

Ai: What do you mean? *whispers*

Johanna: No, duh! This is just like a date! *whispers*

Ai: You're right! I can't miss this! *whispers* Um… Tyrin!

Tyrin: Yes?

Ai: Johanna and I would like to go with you.

Johanna: What?

Tyrin: Awesome, my wallet deeply appreciates your decision.

Johanna: Why did you say I wanted to go? *whispers*

Ai: I'm sorry, I got nervous. *whispers*

Outside of Movie Theater

Tyrin: Hmm… I wonder what I should go see.

Johanna: Oh, how about a romantic-comedy?

Tyrin: I don't see any good ones here.

Ai: This Theater isn't very popular, so any new movies will probably be here weeks after others.

Tyrin: Really? Maybe there's not any…

Tyrin recognizes one of the movies and immediately looks at the poster

Tyrin: This is it! This is the movie I've always watched as a kid! My friend and I would always go see this!

Tyrin rushes to the cashier

Tyrin: Quick! Three tickets to that movie! *points to poster*

Cashier: Cool, man. I heard that movie was a classic. Did you know the actor…?

Tyrin: Shut up and take my money!

Art Store

Lewis looks at a few paintings

Lewis: None of these seem to have a perfect theme for my living room.

Lewis recognizes a certain painting and stares at it as he remembers something

Lewis: (This painting… I remember Ryoka recommend this painting a while back. I can't believe I found it. This must otherwise be fate or very strong coincidence.)

Lewis picks up the painting and prepares to leave

Lewis: (I won't forgive you for what you've did, Ryoka, but I will thank you for what you did do. Rest in peace, you old bastard.)

Clothing Store

Toshiko tries on multiple clothes

Male Clerk: Oh, Toshiko, darling. You look as fabulous as always.

Toshiko: Don't I?

Female Clerk: Yes, that's why you're our favorite customer. You could practically sell our clothes. Care to do some modeling?

Toshiko: I would, but I don't want "that guy" to seem them.

Male Clerk: Hush now, who cares about that stupid pervert? A real guy looks at your body with love, not lust.

Toshiko: That is so true. But, I can't help it if men want me.

Female Clerk: So, do you have any new juicy rumors for us?

Toshiko: Do I ever! Did you know that Tyrin likes legs and is interested in schoolgirls?

Male Clerk: Oh my!

A few minutes later

Movie Theater (Snack Bar)

Tyrin thinks to himself

Johanna: Hey, what's keeping you? You're missing the movie.

Tyrin: It's nothing, I was just thinking to myself. Besides right now is my least favorite part.

Johanna: Ok.

Tyrin: Johanna, can I ask you question?

Johanna: What's up?

Tyrin: Why are so depressed? I understand why Ai, Lewis, and Toshiko are, but not you. Did you know Ryoka?

Johanna: No, I just learned that Kakai knows of our deal.

Tyrin: He does?

Johanna: Yeah, Ryoka told him before he died, now… I'm useless.

Tyrin: What do you mean?

Johanna: Isn't it obvious? I can't help you guys out anymore. The moment I return to the Ira Family Manor is the day I die. It shouldn't matter though. It was bound to happen anyway. I just… don't know what to do anymore. If I stay, then Kakai will send a ninja after me to kill me. If I leave, I still die. My fate has been sealed.

Tyrin: Don't be like that, Johanna. We'll protect you.

Johanna: Why are you even bothering with me? I'm completely useless to you now.

Tyrin: That's not the point! You're our friend and this is my fault of all this happen! You shouldn't die because of something I did! I'll protect you no matter what!

Johanna: Why? Why are you doing all of this? I figured you wouldn't like me if I acted like a crazy girl clenching into you like a fan.

Tyrin: That could've work, but in the end I still ended up liking you.

Johanna: W…What? *blushes*

Tyrin: No! I didn't mean it like that! I meant as a friend!

Johanna: Don't scare me like that, you idiot.

Tyrin: You're the idiot. Anyway, even if it wasn't my fault I would still protect you, because you're my friend and I protect my friends. So don't worry about any ninjas or going back to the Ira Family Manor, stay here with us.

Johanna: You think they would allow it?

Ai: Of course!

Johanna: Ai?

Ai: Sorry, I was getting lonesome. Anyway, like Tyrin said, you don't have to worry about them. You can stay with me until this is all over.

Johanna: Really?

Ai: Sure, my mom loves company.

Johanna: Thank you, guys… I don't know what to say…

Tyrin: Just laugh.

Johanna: Huh?

Tyrin: My favorite part is coming up. Let's head back.

Johanna: Sure.

An hour later

Outside of the theater

Ai: You know that movie was actually pretty good.

Tyrin: Yep, it's still one of my favorites.

Johanna: It's still evening. You think Toshiko is done by now?

Ai: Probably not, but we should check.

Tyrin: Alright, let's…

Unknown: Excuse me, boy.

A scruffy man wearing a red trench coat approaches them

Man: I've noticed that 9 on your back, plus that "temporary" tag. Are you a Commander?

Tyrin: No, I'm a "temporary" Commander.

Man: I see…

Tyrin: But, I do plan on becoming a real one.

Man: I didn't ask you for your life story.

Tyrin: Ok…

Man: Would you happen to know where the Unit 1 Station is? I have a meeting with High Commander Hido Eda.

Tyrin: Um… sure… who are you by the way?

Man: Who am I? You don't know who I am? This is just like that the time when I was first beginning my career. I was a young lad… young and naïve…

Tyrin: I didn't ask for your life story. Who are you? Are you a Shinigami?

Man: I… am Talien Van Helsing! Professional Vampire Hunter!


Ai, Johanna, and Tyrin walk away

Helsing: Hey, where you going? I thought you were going to help me?

Tyrin: Yeah, whatever "Mr. Vampire Hunter". Go play cosplay somewhere else dude.

Helsing: Come on, I'm being serious here! Please! You don't want to see a grown man cry, do you? *whelps up*

Tyrin: (Actually I think that would be pretty funny, but seeing him whelp like this is pathetic.)

Tyrin draws a map on a sheet of paper and hands it to Helsing

Tyrin: Here, once you get to the Waiting Room, you'll meet someone name Reida. She'll take you to Eda.

Helsing: Thank you, boy! I hope this will not be our last meeting!

Helsing joyfully walks away

Tyrin: (I hope this is our last meeting.)

End of chapter