Shinigami Twin Ch.51 "Son of the Dragon"

Welcome back, Shinigami Twin fans and readers! If you are reading this now, that means Shinigami Twin is back in action! Beta, the second arc of the Shinigami Twin series, is still going strong, but I can't help myself for not writing what happens to the Shinigami! Now, without further delay, let's continue... Shinigami Twin!

Day 2

Twenty Nine days ago from the current time, in a dark empty room, multiple figures roared in conversation. The beings stopped when a single figure stood above them.

Unknown: My fellow Conpires, our mother demands food at once! We cannot let her starve longer!

Conpire: Yes, my queen! Mother shall be feed!

Conpire: All hail our queen!

The Conpires bowed before their queen. The queen was quite beautiful. She had long white hair and red eyes. She dressed in royal gown with red markings across it and wore a silver crown on her head. She carried a staff in her right hand.

Queen: My fellow Conpires, with of you shall go?

Conpire: I will my queen, let me find Shinigami worthy of being eaten by our mother!

Queen: Then go and don't return with failure on your shoulders.

Conpire: Yes, my queen. *leaves in a blur*

A few hours later, the same Conpire exited through a portal and entered the North Soul Tower.

Conpire: Ah, how easy it was to infiltrate the North Soul Tower. These Shinigami are so ever foolish.

The Conpire climbed a building nearby and sensed a Shinigami's presence. She looked down and noticed Tyrin Saki, the soon to be Commander of Unit 9 and younger brother of Ryu and Sona Saki, putting supplies in a warehouse.

Tyrin: (Finally done! Don't people know how hard it is to clean with this type of cleaning…? Damn it, I'm sounding like my Grandmother!)

Tyrin sensed something and quickly looked behind. Seeing nothing there, he returned to his thoughts.

Tyrin: (What was that? Was someone there?)

The Conpire smirked and slightly chuckled to herself.

Conpire: Looks like I found my target.

Nearly two years later, three Shinigami run away in fear. A figure stroke at one of the Shinigami's necks, instantly killing him.

Shinigami 1: Dammit! What the hell is going on?!

Shinigami 2: There's no time! We have to warn the Commander!

Unknown: My, my. Where do you think, you're going?

The figure appeared in front of the two Shinigami. The Shinigami unseated their weapons and prepared themselves, despite shaking in fear. The first Shinigami stroke at the figure with his club. The figure effortlessly evaded the strike and slashed the Shinigami's back.

Shinigami 2: No! Stay back, you...

The figure appeared behind the second Shinigami and stabbed him through his chest with its bare hand. The second Shinigami died and fell forward. The first Shinigami stared in fear. The figure slowly approached the first Shinigami and smirked.

Unknown: You pathetic beings are not worthy of my fangs, so I'll cut you down with my blade instead.

The moonlight shined on the figure. The figure had short, wavy white hair, red eyes, and carried a white katana.

Shinigami 1: Y... You... what are you...

Unknown: Me? You can call me...

The next day, multiple Shinigami cover the deceased the three Shinigami's bodies with cloth. Reida Yao, the Commander of Unit 2, sighed in exhaustion and rubbed her eyes.

Shinigami: Commander Yao, we discovered seven bodies across seven miles from here.

Reida: Dammit it all. After getting back, crap like this happens. This is the second incident in a week.

Shinigami: Madam, do you think this is the work of Conpires?

Reida: Probably, but we can't be sure. None of the bodies have bite marks on their necks and the wounds look like the killer has skill in swordplay.

Shinigami: A Shinigami?

Reida: No, I can't imagine a Shinigami being able to kill this many without any wounds. From the looks of things, it seemed these Shinigami were being hunted by something...

Ryu: Hey, Reida! Check this out!

Reida walked to Ryu Saki, the Commander of Unit 3 and the older brother of Sona and Tyrin Saki. Ryu opened the shirt of a deceased Shinigami. Reida stared in shock by what she saw (aside from the Shinigami's extremely hairy chest).

Reida: W... What is this?

Ryu: Our killer left a message. I think he wants to play a game with us.

Reida: This is just sick.

Ryu: Yeah...

Reida and Ryu stared at the message. Across the Shinigami's chest lied the words: "Son of the Dragon".

A few hours later, Hido Eda, the High Commander of the North Soul Tower, ate a bowl of popcorn as he span around in his chair.

Daichi: Um, sir...

Eda: Yeah?!

Daichi: Did you understand what I reported?

Eda: Sure did! Now leave me be! I want to eat my popcorn!

Daichi Daijiro, the Associate of Unit 1, halted the chair, forcing Eda to fall out.

Eda: Hey, what was that for?!

Daichi: Sir, this is very important! We have no time to play around!

Eda: All work and no play makes Daichi an old man. *blows a raspberry*

Daichi: (I seriously can't believe he's my superior. How does Reida deal with him?) Anyway, sir. Should we let her in?

Eda: Yeah, go for it. She's Saki's bride after all.

Unknown: For the last freaking time, we're not a couple!

Johanna Violent, the same Johanna Ira just with a different last name, kicked the door to Eda's office open. Following behind her was her longtime friend, Sapphire.

Eda: Good Morning!

Johanna: Be quiet, old man! I'm sick and tired of you trying to put me up with him!

Eda: Now, now. I was only joking... unless it's true that is...

Johanna: It is not! *blushes*

Sapphire: Please, Johanna, calm down. This isn't a good first impression.

Eda: That's right. I was testing your abilities.

Johanna: (What a load of crap.)

Eda: Anyway, I would like to congratulate you on working so hard to become an Associate.

Johanna: Of course, this Shinigami work is a lot easier than I imagined. I should just be allowed to graduate at this point.

Eda: But, you must follow the procedure like everyone else. That means you have to work along with a Commander for a month.

Johanna: Does working with that idiot count?

Eda: No.

Johanna: Whatever, as long as I can work with my sis.

Eda: Um... about that... we assumed that you wanted to work with him... so...

Johanna: I hate you.

A few minutes later, Johanna and Sapphire were walking on the streets of the North Soul Tower. Johanna, in particular, was extremely upset.

Johanna: Ah! I can't believe this crap! I sent hundreds of requests to work with Robin, but I ended up with that idiot?!

Sapphire: It isn't all bad, Johanna. At least Ai is there.

Johanna: Hmm... you're right. I guess I can't complain about that.

Sapphire: Besides, it could be a great time for you to hit it off.

Johanna: W... What do you mean?!

Sapphire: There's a saying... "the longer you're apart, the more they'll miss you".

Johanna: Like hell I miss that idiot! Not in a million years!

Sapphire: I see you've gotten Ruby's tsundereness. It's cute on you, Johanna.

Johanna: Oh, be quiet, Sapphire. Besides, I don't see what's to like about him. He's rude, impatient, annoying...

Johanna suddenly remembered the kiss she had with Tyrin. His soft lips, the tension, the feeling...

Johanna: S... Soft lips... *blushes*

Sapphire: Johanna, you're blushing again.

Johanna: S... Shut up! It's all his fault! Get out of my mind, you idiot!

Ryu: My, you seem energetic, Johanna.

Johanna and Sapphire noticed Ryu walking up to them.

Johanna: Oh, hey, Ryu. Sorry about that.

Ryu: Nah, it's alright. We need more energy around this place lately. With the murders and all. Anyway, it's good to see you are well as ever.

Johanna: Thank you, sir.

Ryu: You don't have to call me, sir. Just Ryu is fine. Any friend of my brother's is a friend of mine. *sighs*

Sapphire: What's wrong, you seem down?

Ryu: It's nothing. We recently had another murder just an hour ago. This time it's from Massos.

Johanna: Massos?

Ryu: Yeah, one of the three continents of the Inner World.

Johanna: The what?

Ryu: Oh, you don't know?

Sapphire: She's been more focused on making out. She's gotten around that age, you know.

Johanna: That's a lie, Sapphire! I just haven't studied it yet!

Ryu: Anyway, allow me to explain. When the Death World was first created, it had to connect with Human World so the dead can travel here. That was millions of years ago. Because of two's strong connectivity, another world was born in-between the two thousands of years later, thus creating what we call now the Inner World. The Inner World consists of three continents: Aquarius, Massos, and Plac. Aquas, who are Mermaids and Merman, live in Aquarius with their queen. Masso, who are rock creatures, live in Massos with their five generals. And finally, Pals, who greatly resemble humans, live in Plac with their king and queen.

Johanna: Wow, I never knew there were that many different races.

Ryu: Just recently, a young Masso girl was killed. Someone drown her until she died. The Massos suspect the Aquas since there is a secret tunnel that is close to the two continents. Because of that...

Sapphire: A civil war might break out.

Ryu: Exactly. We need to prevent war between the three continents. There hasn't been a war in a thousand years and we plan to keep it that way. When someone from the Inner World dies, they don't go to Heaven, Hell, or the Death World. They just... vanish... it's awful really.

Johanna: But, that doesn't make any sense. They're souls have to go somewhere.

Ryu: Yeah, they believe whoever dies gets reborn into another life or something like that. I'm not a religious man so I won't comment on their beliefs. However, what I do know is that we can't allow them to ignite a war. Things are as crazy as they are now.

Johanna: I see... that's a lot to take in.

Ryu: You're telling me. This... "Son of the Dragon" is killing Shinigami left and right and a war is just going to add to the body count.

Johanna: "Son of the Dragon"? That's an odd name for a killer.

Ryu: How so?

Johanna: Well... it's just odd. How can someone be a son of a dragon?

Ryu and Sapphire stared at her

Johanna: Hey, don't look at me like that! I was just questioning a play on words!

Sapphire: Anyway, have you guys found any clues?

Ryu: Nope. The name is all we got. No identification, no witnesses, no survivors. Whoever this guy is a natural. Kills his target quickly and swiftly. We assume a Conpire might be behind this. That would match with how the victims were killed.

Sapphire: Doesn't a Conpire usually eat their victims or control them?

Ryu: That's the odd part. What kind of Conpire just kills? This is frustrating. I haven't been this clueless about a murder in a long time. Anyway, I got a meeting to attend. Good luck. *leaves*

Johanna: This is a weird time to come back. Guess Shinigami work is more complicated than ninja work.

Sapphire: Yeah, you can say that. Anyway, we should go ahead and meet up with them.

Johanna: Yeah... Guess I better prepare myself to meet him again. *sigh*

Johanna: H... He's what?

Johanna and Sapphire stared at a note on the door to Tyrin's Office. The note stated: "Currently not here."

Sapphire: Hmm... maybe we came at a bad time?

Johanna: That idiot, he could have at least explained where he's at.

Sapphire: No need to dread on the past, Johanna.

Johanna: How can you just stay calm, Sapphire? Does nothing bother you?

Sapphire: No, I actually like Tyrin. He's pretty funny and good-looking.

Johanna: I see, that... W... What?!

Sapphire: *laughs* Don't worry, Johanna. It was just a simple compliment. No need to get worked up.

Johanna: I... I wasn't worried. I was just asking.

Sapphire: Nah, you already have enough competition with Ai alone.

Johanna: Can we drop this?

Sapphire: But, it's fun teasing you. You're reactions are so cute. Your body has gotten more womanly over the past year. That should give you some good points, though you have to work on your temper.

Johanna: We're do you think we should go next?

Sapphire: Well, we might just have to go home. Without Tyrin here, we can't start working.

Johanna: Fine, let's go look around the place. That should past the time until...

Suddenly, Johanna and Sapphire sense a Mons presence. It was only just a mile off from where they were.

Johanna: A Mons!

Sapphire: It's quite strong too. Johanna, you should...

Sapphire noticed Johanna running towards the source.

Sapphire: W... Wait, Johanna! It's too dangerous to go alone! *runs after her*

On the streets of the Soul Tower close to the Unit 9 Station, a Mons sluggishly strolled, knocking into walls and struggling to keep its balance. The Mons had a humanoid figure, dark blue skin, had two red marks across its cheeks, and wielded a sword in its right hand. The Mons knocked into a wall again.

Mons: *hiccup* D... Damn... I drunk too much... *hiccup* My wife told me not to drink so much or I'll die... looks like she was right...

The drunk Mons turned around and noticed Johanna running up to him. Johanna equipped her spinners and pointed at the Mons.

Johanna: Hold it right there, Mons!

Drunk Mons: Huh? What you say? *hiccup*

Johanna: I wouldn't let you hurt a single person. I'll end your existence as quickly and painless as possible.

Drunk Mons: What? What's a little girl doing here at a bar? Hey, kid. Go back home... or ya ma is gonna be mad at ya... *hiccup*

Johanna: Um... are you drunk?

Drunk Mons: Drunk?! Brat, I ain't drunk! *hiccup*

Sapphire: Johanna! Wait!

Drunk Mons: Ya see? Now here comes ya mama... *hiccup* Let me teach ya a lesson on not to interfere with adult's business!

The drunken Mons stroke at Johanna with surprisingly great speed. Johanna evaded the Mons' strike and stroke at the Mons. The Mons sluggishly evaded Johanna's strike and stumbled backwards. Johanna fired an energy ring at the Mons. The Mons slightly fell backwards, evading the attack and sluggishly stabbed forward. Johanna stepped back, evading the strike.

Johanna: Damn, he's drunk, but his reflexes work fine.

Drunk Mons: I freaking told ya... *hiccup* I ain't drunk!

The drunken Mons wildly stroke at Johanna. Johanna evaded the Mons' strikes. The Mons stumbled forward and attempted to catch himself. Johanna saw her chance to strike at the Mons, but he pivots his body backwards, evading her strike. The Mons turns around and stroke at Johanna. Johanna blocked the Mons' strike and knees him in his stomach. The Mons pushed Johanna back with great strength. Johanna caught herself and slid across the ground.

Drunk Mons: Listen, girly! *hiccups* I ain't paying my bill! That guy owes me a lot of money and I... and I told him I ain't paying! Ya got it!

Johanna: Do you ever shut up, you drunk fool?

Drunk Mons: I ain't drunk! My bastard wife broke up with me! She took my kids and my money! *hiccups* Now I'm gonna... kill her and get my kids back! I don't care if I drunk too many... *hiccups* Drinking is the best way to relieve ya pain!

Johanna: So you died from drinking too much and thought your wife was reasonable for causing your death? Idiot, that was your own damn fault. Take responsibility for your troubles.

Drunk Mons: Shut up, shut up! I got a... *hiccups* massive hangover... and I don't need a brat telling me what to do! Die!

The drunken Mons charged at Johanna with great speed, though sluggishly. Johanna swiftly evaded the Mons' strikes as he continued to strike at her. Johanna kicked at the Mons. The Mons tripped forward, knocking Johanna to the ground. The Mons grabbed Johanna by her throat with his left hand and stabbed at her head.

Sapphire: Johanna!

Johanna sliced the drunken Mons' left hand off with her spinners. Johanna kicked at the Mons' stomach, stabbing him deeply with the spinner on her leg. Despite the intense pain, the Mons continued to stab at her. Johanna pulled her spinner out of the Mons' body and rolled forward, evading the strike. Johanna slashed at the Mons' chest, cutting him deeply. The Mons spat up blood and slowly disappeared from existence.

Johanna: What a persistent regret that Mons was. I hate to see the Senmu it belonged to.

Sapphire: J... Johanna, you handled that Mons by yourself... amazing...

Johanna: What? Did you think I was going to get killed from a fool like that? I didn't just spend my days studying you know. I trained myself to become a strong fighter. That way, I don't have to stay on the sidelines anymore. From now, I'm going to fight with the rest of you. That I promise. *smiles*

Sapphire: You really have gotten stronger, Johanna. I'm so proud of you. *smiles*

Johanna: Come on, let's go. I'm getting bored waiting for that idiot. Where the hell is he anyway?

From a building nearby, a figure watched Johanna and smiled to himself. The figure looked at his white katana and then back at her.

End of chapter

Author's Note: This is just the start of the second year of Tyrin's service for the North Soul Tower and the third arc (aka the second arc of Tyrin's story). This arc is called... well, that will be revealed eventually. Who is this mysterious figure with the white blade? Will a civil war start in the Inner World? And most of all, where is Tyrin Saki?!