Emma blinked her eyes in frustration and shut her book before throwing it on the floor. She couldn't do this. She massaged her temples while staring angrily at her lap then shifted her gaze to look at that damn of a book with its pages folded in random while laying on the floor in an awkward position with the others.

Tomorrow is the school's Science and Math Week quiz bee, where this contest aims to help the students learn and at the same time enjoy our everyday algebra and chemistry and geometry and physics and biology and trigonometry lessons we all had great fun learning. Oh joy.

Emma would be joining the said activity along with Leila Simmons and she is probably out there hanging out with her friends or chilling out with her boyfriend by the breeze while she is doing this...this...studying and all.

I can't do this!, the girl thought. I mean, memorizing and calculating at the same time in less that 24 hours doesn't work great for me! I'm Emma Knightly for crying our loud! Scratching her head and furrowing her eyes, she stood up from her cross-legged position and decided to pick up her phone and earphones and listen to music to calm her down. Emma walked to her table and picked up her gadget from the other opened and scattered notebooks and the mess she made earlier. She plugged the earphones and picked up her pillow from the bed so she could lay on the floor and to give herself a short nap while listening to songs, like she usually does when she needs some peace of mind.

Basic Space by The XX started playing.

Neck, chest, waist to floor / Easy to take, you could take me in fours.

For some unknown reason she liked slow songs. No, Emma liked unknown songs, well not technically unknown but in a way where most of the people she knew doesn't listen to these sort of songs. It would be either catchy or loud but all the same; unique. Make me a deal, a day a piece / Take it all, just stay a week. All she just wanted was some break from all this drama and utter pressure going on right now. She doesn't like to be pressured. Emma doesn't like people to boss the hell out of her around like, who- the- hell-do-they-think-they-are-to-boss-the-shit-of-me-around-kind of way. Emma needs rest and it's now. She closed her eyes and hummed the slow tune-

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" The girl stood up and straightened her blouse while staring angrily at that stupid, pathetic being in front of her. Oh why the fuck is he here?

The boy in front of her grinned like a seven-year-old getting what he wanted. "Oh Mr. Lopez just asked me to check on you if you're studying for that quiz-"


Nathan smirked. "Really because I think I just saw you lying down around with your legs exposed and all-"

Emma could feel her cheeks getting warm. "YOU WERE STARING AT MY LEGS?"

He lifted an eyebrow. "No I was just telling some facts about you laying around and not actually studying-"


"Emma, please calm down" he said while smiling cockily at her that she loathed about him the most. "Please just chill, you know? You're, like, overreacting and I am just here doing Mr. Lopez's favor and then I just you know…" the guy said while looking teasingly at her legs trying hard to make her mad. "…doing his favor because, you know, we're in a different group and all-"

Emma took a step closer while pointing a finger near his disgusting face. "Oh I know we're in a different group, dickhead-"

"It's Nathan to you, Ms.-"

"Oh shut up" she spat. "And with all this going on I'm fairly glad we're in separate groups-"

He nodded. "I agree"

"And I'm going to crush you"

The brunette-haired blinked his eyes in astonishment. "Excuse me?"

"I'm going to crush your petty soul tomorrow and make sure you're group never wins. I'll be smarter than your pathetic ass-"

Nathan guffawed. "Seriously? You beating me? Is this some dream?"

"Aw how sad. Wittle Naythy doesn't know thwis is weal. Aw, poor Nathy-"

Emma found him tighten his jaw. "Yeah funny…"

"Aw it is Naythy, it is" She smiled mimicking his annoying cocky face. "And our group will be holding that trophy before you know it"

Nathan stepped closer. "Oh it's on, Knightly. It's on"

"It has been, you idiot."

Nathan gave his signature smile and blew her a kiss. "See you tomorrow"

"Oh I will be seeing you tomorrow. Now, get OUT!"

The brunette winked at her that made the furious girl throw her pillow towards his direction but instead hit the closed door.

It is definite competition, Nathan.