Death. The one thing that everyone feared; it would whisk away our loved ones into the afterlife where there are many questions as to what really happens when we die. Scientists have been baffled, why do we die? Why does death loom over us, threatening that every breath could be our last? Why are born if we die eventually? What is the purpose in life itself? The many questions that are asked are unanswered, and the answered ask even more.

Does this mean we are not to know the answers? Does God, if he truly exists, not want us to unravel his secrets? Was the punishment for Adam and Eve defying God all those years ago death? No one knows, and yet we keep trying. Except me, I am not trying to understand death at all.

Because death is chasing me as right now.

The monster, a seemingly harmless child was out in the middle of the night. I had just finished work at eleven and caught a train near my house; when I departed the train while walking passed a darkened alley to my house I heard the quiet sobbing. I peered into the alley, and although my vision could not see through all the darkness that had lain itself over the alley I could faintly make out the silhouette of a small child- a girl, the long flowing brown hair fell around her sobbing face nicely.

I would have gone to help her at once without hesitation, except the air felt different. Instead of the normal earthly feeling of safety in the air, a hint of danger filled my senses as the world seemed to stand still around the young girl. My gut lurched as it told me "get out of here! Forget about her, you're in danger!" while my brain replied with logic "she's just a little kid, and she's crying. Would kind of a person would you be if you leave her out here all alone where muggers and murderers prowl around? She's all alone and you're just going to walk away from her? Just like that? What could she do to you? The only danger you're in would be if a mugger came in the alley right after you." but my gut wouldn't hear the end of it "something bad is going to happen so run! Get out of here!"

With that feeling still inside of me I ignored my instincts and walked up to the girl. She looked so fragile sitting up against the wall; as if the slightest touch would crumble her like sand. I crouched onto my legs, making me level height with her head. She stopped sobbing to look at me, around her eyes didn't look as red as I first imagined them to be.

"Are you alright?" I asked with concern.

"N-no." she replied weakly.

"Are you hurt? Where are you're parents?"

"M-my back, I….fell." she ignored my latter question.

"Where does it hurt exactly?" I knew from basic medical knowledge that picking up someone whose back has sustained injury may further inflict injury to the person.

"It-it's feeling a bit better now…I-I think I can walk…would you help me up?" she avoided another one of my questions.

"Sure…" I sceptically looked at her and shrugged. Extending my hand out for her she lightly grasped my hand; I stood up and then helped her up as well. She looked like a little angel; she brushed her hair back in tendrils revealing her full face. She had electric blue eyes and an oval face, she was very pale and for the first time since I saw her I noticed she had no shoes on.

"Aren't you cold?" I asked pointing to her bare feet.

"It's not that cold out tonight…" she replied. I was about to tell her that is quit cold today when she cut me off.


"Please, call me John." This wasn't work, no need to be formal.

"John…"she started.


"I need to tell you a secret…"

"Okay, what?"

"Come closer…" I crouched down again so I was level height with her again. I smelled the air; it had a…weird smell near her; as if she hadn't showed in a long time.

"So, what's this secret?" I asked her playfully.

"I killed my parents." she ominously whispered to me while smirking, I could she her eyes changing color as they turned a glowing yellow and her teeth sharpened into fangs; she was no longer a perfect angel, she was a demon in disguise.

I jumped back, the sobbing girl that had looked around eleven was no longer, what stood in her place was a razor sharp toothed demon whose yellow glowing eyes followed your every move just waiting to tear out your throat to get the precious blood that lay rushing about in your veins.

The shock wore off quickly; it was replaced with terror, fear, and an adrenalin rush. I sprinted out of the alley not daring to look back; my gut told me that she would catch up, and fast. My mind raced as I blew passed people on the street, not many were out at this time of night so I wouldn't be safe out in the open. To get my mind off of the pain of printing so hard my mind tried to decipher what she was.


Yellow glowing eyes…

Pale skin…

Resistance to the cold…

She's a vampire!

A vampire? Could it be true? I hardly believed it, but the facts were right there in front of me conga-line dancing in my face. I didn't believe it, I didn't want to believe, but I had to. I made a right turn into another alley hoping that it would be the shortcut to my house that I rarely used, but I was mistaken.

In my rush, I hadn't noticed that I passed it a block ago.

Wheezing from all the running I had just done, I knew I was finished. It was a dead end literally; I looked up to the sky to see a silhouette flying down. When she landed, her black leathery fine cut wings retracted into her back and I clearly saw her smirking as she walked up to me. I was sweating by now, terrified but I stood still; running was futile now along with any other escape plan, might as well just end it all now.

When she was in close enough range, she crouched down and snarled, then pounced. I closed my eyes as she latched onto me and plunged her fangs into my jugular. She didn't rip or tear at my throat; no she just stayed still slurping the blood from my very veins. I had fallen backwards due to her pouncing on me; I had hit my head on the pavement when I made impact. She didn't even falter when I fell, just clung onto me like a daughter would to her father when she is scared.

As my vision began to blur I thought about the things I had never done in my life…

I was twenty five and never married.

I never said good-bye to my parents the last time I saw them.

Hell, I never traveled the world with my friends like I had always wanted to. Now it didn't matter, this little girl was sucking the very life force from my veins like I was her very own personal meal for the night.

Her sucking was becoming less now, I knew I was almost out of blood and that she would take the last of me with her. But then she stopped. I could faintly hear the flapping of wings as another person decended from the sky that I couldn't see. She was talking to whoever had just arrived; they were having a conversation… a discussion, about me.

"Full?" The new voice asked.

"Yes, just…finishing up." the girl…thing…replied.

"Well hurry up, the sun will come up soon." the new voice said, clearly annoyed at the little girl.

The girl…thing came back over to me and smiled. It wasn't one of those "gotcha" smiles, no; it was a genuine smile. Her eyes had reverted back into electric blue and her teeth shrank back down; her soft brown hair had several blood stains in it along with her face. She sat there for a moment just looking at me, her smile faltered and was replaced with a sadden expression.

I nodded grimly knowing that I had only minutes left. She placed both of her hands on the side of my head and whispered something to me before violently twisting my neck. My spine broke and I fell into darkness as I died. I died not knowing what the last words she said to me were; but in-fact there was only two words and each carried the sadness of forever in them.

"I'm sorry"