Alright so today is Renaia and Gerald's birthday so this is to celebrate. I own everything of it so please enjoy and review

Dancing in the Wind

For Renaia and Gerald's Biological Birthday-February 12th

The morning dawn shone above Faith Cove lovingly, the continent shaped like a heart with angel wings. It was the day of February twelfth, Gerald and Renaia's birthday as Gerald woke to the sunshine in his eyes. The beautiful couple was now seventeen and overjoyed with one another's company; him as her limiter to protect her from her Breaking Mage limitations. He arose and changed into his jeans and red shirt before carrying himself into the hallway and over to the living room, off of the split level. There, in the kitchen, Gerald found Renaia bright as ever as she made chocolate chip pancakes in a heart shape using a large cookie cutter. She wore a silky pink dress with tank sleeves and a silver ribbon woven along the hemline. He watched her as her pink eyes shined and her snowy white skin glistened in the soft kitchen light. Her delicate white barefeet glided across the pink and black linolium as she worked, finally looking up just briefly to meet Gerald's eyes.

"Morning and happy birthday!"

"Morning and happy birthday to you angel."

Renaia giggled happily as Gerald walked in and embraced her, joyfully kissing her cheek. Smiling, she took up the pancakes, a total of four and handed him a plate of two before serving herself. She twirled merrily, following Gerald to curl up with him on the couch and eat their breakfast.

"What do you feel like doing today Gerald?"

"I have no idea."

Renaia laughs, her eyes shining with love, "Maybe we can just dance in the wind."

"That sounds like fun."

"It does, it really does."

"I should teach you how to dance Gerald."

"Okay, good luck with that though," Gerald laughs.

"Oh don't worry, I can do it," Renaia replies.

"Alright then."

"We can sing together too."

"Sounds good."

After eating, the two arose and walked back to the hallway to exchange their gifts first, Gerald handing Renaia a new dress Hikari helped him pick out and Renaia passing Gerald a few things for his guitar; a new pick, a customised sticker with her special quote on it; 'My prayer, my wish for you…is that every bit of your heart finds something good in this life. This life we live, it isn't always bright and it isn't always right. But I'm here to help when it becomes a fight,' and a book to write songs in. She went into her room real quick to change into her dress, a white silk dress with several thin layers to form a pattern of fabric hearts around the hem, each heart colored either pink, light purple, or silver to separate one from another. It fell below her knees and the neck swept lightly over her shoulder, showing a little but not much to be considered non-conservative. A small heart shaped button was sewn where the two sides of the neck met. It flowed wide and long, but didn't reach her ankle. With it she wore her white sandals before exiting her room and taking Gerald's hand, walking out into the front yard with him.

"The key to dancing to not worry at all about what anyone thinks...and simply follow both your partner and your heart. Literally do whatever you so wish, follow your internal melody. Here," she began, holding out her hand, "-let me show you."

He gently clasped her hand and let her guide him in a circle, like when they transform.

"Do our transform move with me and then as I fling my arm, fly right out of transformation, turn, and catch my hand. Don't worry, I won't let you fall!" Renaia calls.

He nods firmly, gripping her hand, "Alright, I'm right with you!"

Gerald took over the circle, prepared to do this with her...

Meanwhile, Hikari, Chris, and Angela were headed home from the large community area; headed to visit Renaia and Gerald for their birthday.

"What do you think those two are up to anyway?" Hikari asked.

"Probably being adorable!" laughed Angela happily.

"Who knows? Angela's probably right," Chris replied.

"Yeah," Hikari giggled.

"Hey guys!" called a voice

Tokoro Tomlinson, Gerald's brother was headed down the road from Rosette as he intersected the three friends.

"What's up Tokoro?" they called in unsion.

"Just headed to see my brother and Renaia on their big day."

"Same here!"

"Lets go together then."

Across the flowery green plains the four friends walked, soon approaching Renaia's large pink house. However the sight a long gentle wind whispered throughout Cherished Valley...was truly a sight to behold and cherish.

"Oh my gosh..." gasped Tokoro.

"Wow..." Hikari managed.

"They look...amazing," gaped Chris.

"I was right for once...awesome..." Angela whispered excitedly.

Renaia's maroon hair flew behind her as her white skin caught the light from the sun perfectly, sending a lovely glow across her skin and hair. Her eyes caught the light, the pink in them showing so much love and care. Her right arm flew towards the sky as she lept into the air, Gerald's silver limiter form reflecting the light.

"Together with you
I know we can be something better
There's no limits in the sky
Where the wind never breaks apart
Ah-whoa, together with you!" Renaia sang cheerfully.

In a flash of soft blue light, Gerald's limiter form reverted to his human form, sending him flying from Renaia's arm and diagonally upwards, further up towards the sky. His tan skin, orange hair, and blue eyes shined in the natural light as he turned his semi-muscular form around to face Renaia's skinny but far from underweight form. She reached her hand up to him and he took it, swirling with her as she whirled in a circle with the graceful wind.

"I'd lie awake in the evening light

Just to be able to watch you breathe

To remind me that you're still right there

Right there, by my side, to hold me where it all goes wrong.

Oh-oh, heaven isn't far away; I still have you," Gerald sang out to her.

The hearts on the hem of her dress, created by several separate layers fluttered beautifully through the wind, luminous as they captured the sunlight above. The winds swirled the flowers delicately, carrying Cherished Valley and Rosette's natural scent of floral, peppermint, and cherry blossoms. Softly, Renaia's feet touched ground first and she brought Gerald down into her arms, embracing him tightly and letting him wrap his arms around her too.

"Love you."

"Love you."

"Shall we continue?

"You better believe it."

"Then on we go."

She pulled back, her hand wrapped around his wrist as she led him into a half circle before letting go and leaping into the air backwards, her face still toward Gerald as he turned and ran slightly in her direction before leaping up, taking her wrist, and transforming. With Gerald as a limiter, Renaia twirled before forcing herself to fall backwards in midair, tossing her arm up at the sky and letting him turn back. With this, she caught herself, landing on one foot swiftly and softly before leaping back up, taking his hand, and swirling down like a feather as she grasped his hand lightly. This time, he landed before her and swirled her in one more circle before she landed and her pulled her a quick hug before letting her run forward, pulling them apart before she twirled to face him as he turned. He smiled at her, running to her to embrace his dearest Breaking Mage. She laughed happily, embracing him as the wind whispered through the trees; singing of peace and cherished love.

"Wow..." Angela gaped.

"Never thought Angela would be lost for words...holy crap that was so..." Hikari couldn't even find a word.

"That was beautiful..." Tokoro whispered.

"I feel so...uplifted..." Chris gasped.

Renaia and Gerald just stood, side by side; hugging one another to their sides and cherishing the beauty surrounding.