Dont follow me
On the road of hate
Dont follow me
Into the world of terror
Dont follow me
where even angels seem out to get you
Dont follow me

Arms outstreched towards you
dont fall for the trap
Its just a way
for them to get you into their lap
Once your there
Youll never leave
Youll be their prisonor
For forever

When they hand you a blade
Take it
Look to them and walk away
cause by the next day
Theyll be hanging by there throats
from a tree

Hide away
When they say
That you are perfect
Hide away
When they say
That your all they could ask for

When the rain falls
Go outside
With no jacket on
Freeze in the cold
to take the pain away
Run your finger
Over the blade they gave you
Think of the man you thought you could trust
but instead he walked away

Go home with all your anger
type stories of those so called friends
when they come after you
Go ahead and cry
Its just you
and your miserable life

dont even try to hide
The scars on your hands
from when you ran your hand down a blade
in honor of the child you used to know
that so called child you think of
that was you
but now
your nothing more than another girl
whos about to hurl

When you go home crying
no one will be there
to hold you close
you dont need them though
cause their outstreched arms
they are a trap
just waiting for their next snack
this world is cruel
Which is why
you have to block everything out

Go ahead
I dont blame you
when you lock yourself
In your room
Go ahead and write
crazy stories about hate
go ahead and write
poetry that will never rhyme
when you feel its the time
to draw out that balde
And cut your own rope
tell me

Ill wake the others
And tell them too
And because its you
Ill save an empty branch
For your body to dangle from
right next to mine.