Chapter 1

The year Jade graduated from high school was the best year of her life. Four years in high school is just too much for a teenager's brain. Jade wished she could've had a better time in high school. But for some reason, some people didn't think so. She was always picked on by the cool students.

She had no idea what they had against her. But there were other students who still had enough decency to be nice to her. One was named Alex Madden.

Alex was a straight A student and the hottest guy in high school. He wasn't on any sports team or anything, the fact he was just hot, made him well known. He was Jade's crush with whom she never talked to. With Alex being as well-known as he was, and because of his good looks, he of course had a girlfriend.

Her name was Jessica Hills. Jade has known her since 1st grade. She was a spoiled brat and leader of student body…Or thought she was. She was your simple fashion victim and rich girl. Not exactly the smartest girl you'll ever meet, really. I mean, even pigeons were smarter than her, which, by the way is pathetic.

Alex and Jessica were the most well known couples in high school. I honestly didn't know what the hell Alex saw in Jessica; she may have been some kind of teen royalty…but she was the biggest bitch you'll ever meet.

Everyone loved Alex; he was a nice guy and got along with everyone…yes, including the teachers. Although, everyone was afraid of Jessica; it was never known if they hated her.

Jessica and Jade have hated each other since 1st grade. She spent 3 ½ years all alone, getting picked on and teased by Jessica and her friends. So yeah, in their eyes, Jade was your basic loser. By 6th grade, Jade made a friend with a girl named Rachael. She was a brand new student who moved around a lot.

When Rachael met Jessica for the first time…well, she instantly hated each other. Jessica had a bad habit of losing her temper over the smallest things. Rachael had problems with those who tried to tell her what to do. So of course, Rachael and Jade were the only ones who Jessica hated. Rachael and Jade never hid the fact that the feeling was mutual.

These three did not get along at all. So when Jade witnessed Jessica and Rachael's first meeting, Jade knew she and Rachael were going to get along just fine. As the years went by, they discovered they liked the same things, had the same favorite foods…they were like twins.

They didn't kiss up to Jessica, and that pissed Jessica off. Jessica tried everything she could to make their life in high school miserable. Freshman year was torture, sophomore year was a quick year, junior year was pranks and practical jokes and finally senior year was nothing but fun and slacking off.

And now 6 years later, Jade is 24 years old living the simple life. She's a successful writer living in Illinois with Rachael. So far she hasn't seen any old classmates…thank goodness.

It's the afternoon, and it's sunny and warm outside. Jade goes to her mailbox to check for mail. She goes back inside the house, closes the door and locks it. She's been invited to the 3 year high school reunion in San Francisco, California.

"Take a look at this, an invitation to our reunion." Jade said to Rachael, showing her the envelope.

"Oh boy…won't that be fun?! We'll be having fun like we used to in high school around a bunch of people who ignored us!" Rachael said with sarcasm.

"Yeah…maybe even we'll all become friends and sing around the camp fire! Oh and look, it's from Alex and Jessica!" Jade added with sarcasm, chuckling.

"Why in the hell did they invite us?! They never liked us, they thought we weren't worthy of going to they're parties! So why even bother?" Rachael asked sounding irritated.

"I don't know…Maybe we should go and check it out for laughs." Jade said.

"No! I'm not going to a party with a bunch of spineless, freeloading jerks!" Rachael said angrily.

"It'll be fun…I think. Who knows? They might have actually changed over the years, it has been a while." Jade replied.

"Listen, you can waste the rest of your vacation trying to make friends with Jessica…but I'm not!" Rachael said angrily.

"Whoever said I was trying to be friends with her? I just want to see how things turned out…maybe even see my old high school crush once again after so long." Jade said.

"I'm still not going!" Rachael said.

"I'll tell you what…if something goes wrong, I promise we'll go back home. Just please come with me…I don't want to do this alone." Jade said reassuringly.

Rachael glared at me and thought about it. Then she rolled her eyes putting and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Alright…I'll go! Just please never ever do that to me again." Rachael said.

"Do what?" Jade asked, playing innocent.

"That reassuring tone, you use that tone with me a lot when you know for sure you'll be flying solo." Rachael replied.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." She replied coyly.

"Just remember what you said. If you break your promise and something goes wrong…well, depends on what happens." Rachael said.

"Trust me…nothing will go wrong." Jade said confidently.

They started packing. All morning they spent preparing for a long plane ride. They took a taxi to the airport and boarded the plane by the afternoon. They're boarding the plane and putting their bags in the storage compartment above the seats. Jade pushed the lid down, turned around and surprised to see another old rival from high school, Lucy White.

"Lucy White? Wow…it's been a while." Jade said unenthused. Lucy White was Jessica's best friend. As I said before junior year was pranks and practical jokes and Jessica suffered a broken leg from gymnastics. So Lucy took her place for a couple months till she got better. Well, let's just say Lucy didn't take kindly to us.

They were friends until Lucy let all the power go to her head and she tried to overthrow Jessica. They also fought over Alex. They hadn't talked since the junior book fair. Lucy then moved away to New York City to become an actress. Jade hadn't seen her since then.

"Jade? How long it's been? It's so good to see you!" she said sounding anything but sincere. She knew damn well she wasn't happy to see her! Lucy never liked Jade, in 1st grade she had this Barbie doll and Jade bit the head off. What? She had good reason!

"Oh it's been a while, you work here?" Jade asked noticing the stewardess uniform. She thought she was supposed to be an actress, moving around the world and everything. What was she doing being a stewardess? Jade could see her so-called dream sank to the bottom.

"Yeah I do. I'm traveling the world just like I said I would." Lucy said sadly. I'm sure with her being a stewardess; she never really leaves the plane in another city or country other than the city she lives in.

"Wow, that's…great. So you hear about Jessica's reunion party?" She asked. She knew she did; she was probably on the VIP list.

"Yes I did, sadly I won't be able to attend. I have a job to do." She said looking down.

"Well that's sorry to hear. Good luck with everything." Jade said sitting down in the aisle seat. Sweet, that's one less bitch for us to worry about, Jade thought to herself.

Ten minutes later the plane took off. For the past few hours Rachael and Jade were arguing about who was hotter; The Rock or John Cena? And who would win in a wrestling match; they never really finished that argument.

When they arrived at LAX, they took a taxi to the Holiday Inn where they had reservations. They checked in, went to their rooms and unpacked.

"This is an OK place, nothing like the last hotel we were at. It was classy, roomy and the service was very much flawless." Rachael said.

"Yeah, everyone here seems pissy, in the main lobby I might've saw a mouse run across the room; I don't know, maybe it was my imagination" Jade said.

"Well, we need to unpack and get ready. We're already an hour late and I wanna get this over with!" Rachael said with angst.

After we were finished unpacking, we got dressed and left the hotel. In the main lobby, we saw a limo driver standing by the front entrance. He was holding a sign in his hand with our names on it. We approached him quickly greeting him.

"Hello, we're Jade and Rachael" Jade said, smiling.

"Good evening, I'm Sheldon. Mrs. Madden has arranged for me to pick you ladies up and take you to the reunion." He said.

"Wow she sent us a limo driver…awesome." Rachael said nonchalantly.

"Follow me to the limo ladies." Sheldon said politely. One look at him made Rachael melt to the ground. Sheldon however had his eyes glued to Rachael. He acts like he's never seen a beautiful woman before. He was a handsome man with blonde, shiny short hair. He had blue eyes and a face that looked innocent and reassuring. All you could do is smile at him. Rachael got into the limo and I followed in behind her. Sheldon got into the driver's seat, started the limo and drove off.

"You know Sheldon is a pretty geeky name for someone who is as handsome as he is. Whose idea was it to give him that name?" Rachael whispered to me jokingly.

"My parents…they named me after my grandfather whom of which died a year ago." Sheldon said sadly.

"Oh, my god." Rachael said, looking down.

"Yup…" Sheldon replied.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean…"

"Kidding! Don't worry, my parents named me after some hippie." Sheldon interrupts, chuckling.

Rachael looked at me wide-eyed and in shock. Jade smiled and laughed at her; she looked so embarrassed she cupped her face with her hands. His joke wasn't really funny; he was just poking fun at Rachael. By the time they arrived at the mansion tons of cars were lined up in the parking lot and the party had started hours ago.

Sheldon parked the limo in the front yard and stopped the engine. He got out the car and opened the door for them. They got out the car looking around at whole yard. They walked up the steps and knocked on the door. The door opened and an elderly man stood in the doorway with a long paper in his hand.

"Good evening, welcome to the 6 year class reunion." he said. He stepped out the way inviting them in. They walked in, and Jade was mesmerized. It looked small on the outside, but the inside was huge.

"My god, look at this place. It's so huge! Well, there are over 300 people here…it looks like this room could fit more than that." Jade said.

"Yeah…this place looks OK and I've seen bigger." Rachael said sounding unimpressed. Jade looked over by the table and saw Alex around a bunch of guys laughing and having a good time. She thought about going over there and saying hi, but thought against it.

No, leave him be, She thought to herself. And speak of the devil bitch. Jessica walked over with a glass of white wine in her hand, looking anything but happy or excited to see us.

"Jade, how nice to it is seeing you again. It's been so long! How have you both been?" She asked with a high pitched phony voice. Ugh, could she get anymore annoying?

"Oh we've been… good, just living our lives and… being happy." Jade said feeling awkward.

"And Rachael, look at you! You look so…so…nice dress!" Jessica said disdainfully.

"Wow, and still you can never find a nice thing to say about me, makes me feel all fuzzy inside." Rachael said sarcastically. Rachael walked away rolling her eyes. Jessica looked at Jade and she looked at her frowning.

"Well, I'd like to stay and chat…but not really." Jessica said walking away.

Wow, things will never change with her., Jade thought to herself raising her eyebrows in annoyance.

Alex was joking around with his friends, talking about Jessica. "Guys… I am aware I wasn't supposed to marry Jessica after high school. But I really love her and know she's the right one for me." he said. He honestly didn't really feel what he felt for Jessica anymore. It's been a pretty annoying, lifeless marriage. He often wonders to himself why in the hell did he even ask her to marry him. He couldn't remember that reason.

His friends didn't need to know that though. Jessica and Alex were only appearing to be in a happy marriage. When the party's over, things will go back to normal. And he wasn't looking forward to it.

"Aw dude, that is horseshit! You mean to tell me that you enjoy her bossing you around, barely being around the house, telling when you two should have sex, controlling your whole life?!" Danny said disbelievingly.

"Yeah man, Danny's right. You need to break up with the bitch before you become her bitch." Joe said. Too late.

"You guys can say what you want; I know she still loves me." Alex said, sounding unconvinced. When he turned his head, he saw Jade walk through the entrance, with Rachael of course. At that moment, he forgot all about Jessica and everyone else. Alex was so much in love with her; all he could see was Jade.

Since high school, he always liked Jade. She was a tough, spunky and beautiful girl, who could stand up to anyone. Sugar and spice that one.Every girl in the school either kissed up to her or was afraid of her.

She looked so beautiful, standing there in a gorgeous dark blue strapless dress. She had long black hair flowing on her shoulders. She looked like a goddess.

"Is that Jade?" Alex asked. Danny and Joe looked over by the entrance and recognized her.

"Holy shit, dude, that's Jade!" Danny whispered.

"She looks fucking hot tonight!" He said.

"Whoa, easy there lover boy, you're married remember?" Joe said. Give it to Joe to ruin the moment, when nothing else mattered except Jade.

"Yeah, I know. Jade's had a crush on me since high school." he said smiling smugly. He's always known she had a crush on him. She tried her very best not to show it, but he knew.

"No shit?" Danny asked.

"No shit." Alex replied.

"Come on man, didn't you just say you loved Jessica and she loved you? Don't jeopardize that." Joe said. Jeopardize what exactly? A marriage that's already fucked up? It's too late for that. He walked away ignoring what Joe had said to him.

Rachael and Jade looked around at everybody mingling and having a good time. Jade looked over by the refreshment table and spotted Alex walking in her direction. She took a deep breath and pretended as if she didn't see him. She went to go sit down on a couch by the stage. Rachael stood next to her, narrowing her eyes at Alex.

Finally, Alex approaches Jade. He stood there smiling at Jade.

"Hi Jade…Rachael." Alex said. Rachael rolled her eyes and walked away without even saying a word.

"Hi Alex, It's been a while." Jade said.

Alex stood there looking at her, not saying a word...Almost like he froze. He looked pretty stunned.

"Alex? You okay?" She asked sounding concerned.

"Huh? Oh yeah Of course I'm fine...Um, how ya been?" Alex asked with little tremble in his voice.

"I'm fine…so far." She said. This is awkward.

"So… what have you been up to lately?" Alex asked.

"Oh…just writing stories and everything. Right now I'm on vacation." She said.

"How much longer is your vacation?" Alex asked.

"Another 3 weeks. I decided to come out here for the remainder of my vacation." Jade replied. Alex sat next to her on the couch, putting little distance between them. Alex scooted closer to her and placed his hand on her thigh. She suddenly started to feel nervous and smiled back at Alex.

She wanted to move his hand, but didn't. Part of her was still crushing on him. She stared into his crystal blue eyes and almost fainted. She knew then, he liked her. She felt someone else was watching them and searched the room. She could see from across the room Jessica was watching them both. Jade knew then she was becoming suspicious.

"So, why haven't you moved my hand from your thigh yet?" He asked chuckling.

Jade looked at him and wanted to say move your hand, but instead she just smiled at him.

"I have an idea, why don't you and Rachael meet me back here tomorrow afternoon? That way we can catch up." Alex said scooting closer to her. He was just inches away from her, close enough he could kiss her. She pretty much figured Alex wanted to do more than catching up.

She thought about it and laughed nervously. "Yes of course, why not? But I'll have to go and ask Rachael." Jade said.

"No problem…You go deal with Rachael and I'll go talk with my wife." He said getting up and walking away. Jade got up and looked around for Rachael. She saw her standing by the stereo talking with Sheldon. She rushed through the crowd of people feeling anxious. She turned her head and saw Alex and Jessica by the stage talking. Jade approached Rachael, grabbing her arm and pulled her towards a corner.

"What's the matter?" Rachael asked concerned.

"Alex just invited us here…for catching up tomorrow afternoon." She replied. Rachael looked at me. 3…2…1…

"Uh no, I'm not going to stay here…and especially with THEM! Isn't it bad enough I had to be here for a few hours? Why do I have to stay here longer?!" Rachael said sounding frustrated.

"Well, I kind of want to rekindle our friendly relationship." Jade said humoring herself.

"Oh really? Are you sure you want to stay here because you still have a crush on him?" Rachael asked suspiciously.

"Listen we can stand here all night and argue, but I really want to come back here." She said, sighing.

Jessica and Alex are talking by the stage. "Babe, can I to talk to you in the kitchen?" he asked. Alex grabbed her hand and led her into the kitchen.

"What were you two talking about earlier?" Jessica asked coolly. Even though Alex knew she was furious.

"What are you talking about?" Alex asked pretending like he didn't know what she was talking about.

"You know exactly what I mean. I saw you put your hand on that whore's thigh!" She yelled out.

"Jess, don't be ridiculous. I didn't even know I had my hand on her thigh… I was too into the conversation we were having." Alex added.

"What were you two talking about?" She asked sounding impatient, crossing her arms over her chest.

"We were only talking about her new book … that's all…and I invited both of them here for lunch tomorrow." Alex said. Everything went silent for a moment. Alex could tell by the look on her face she was going to blow.

"WHAT?! You invited those bitches into my HOUSE?! What the hell is the matter with you?! Why didn't you come to me and talk about it before you decided that?! This is my HOUSE and I pay the bills and everything around here! What gives you the right to invite anyone you want?!" Jessica screamed out angrily.

"OK, first of all, it's my money that pays the bills around here; secondly I'm a grown man and can invite anyone I want to. I need to talk to someone other than Sheldon and the other servants! And if you don't like it then you can get the FUCK out!" Alex said in a low voice angrily.

"You know what; fine do whatever you want to do! I'm outta here! We'll talk tomorrow evening." Jessica said storming out the kitchen.

The crowd started to disperse and leave out the mansion. Alex and Jessica's heated argument basically ruined the party. Everyone could hear them from inside the kitchen. The party was pretty much over and everyone was rushing out the door with their coats.

"We should leave while we have the chance." Rachael whispered.

"Just wait a minute!" Jade said. She felt worried and paced around the room. Finally Jessica rushes out the kitchen towards the front door with Alex right behind her trying to catch her. Jessica rushes out the kitchen towards the front door. As she grabs her coat, Alex grabs her wrist.

They both stared at each other in silent fury. Let the games begin.