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Hiroshi/Hiro/older male/the King/father.

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The brunet sighed, his dark brown locks falling in his eyes as he looked away from the window. This was the 'peace time' between looking to find the young prince a wife.

He didn't want a wife though. He wasn't attracted to the female body, and he'd already found his soulmate.

He smiled, thinking about the person he was in love with. That man, his father, the King, was the only person he ever wanted to be with. He was the only person that the prince cared about.

He was the only one that mattered.

He was the only one that the prince couldn't have.

The brunet boy sighed again, passing by a mirror and looking into it.

He had the features of someone so young. The face and body of a child. But he was 17, and in only three years, he would take over as King.

But he would give it all up, if he could only be with his father, and no one else, for the rest of eternity.

Hiroshi was a good king. His kingdom loved him, and he was an optimistic man.

His son, the prince, however, was a pessimist. And he had plans, that as long as Hiroshi was King, he would keep his father happy.

But when he was King, he was going to change everything. And every pawn of the kingdom would know his name, and they would all fear it. They would never ridicule their king, the way they did to him now, while he was only the prince.

So he would get married to some girl he didn't love, as long as it made his father happy. Because, at this point in time, at this point in his plan, all he had to do was make Hiroshi happy.

He sighed again, stopping in front of the guards that stood by Hiroshi's bedroom door.

"Guards, I need to speak with my father alone. It's important business. Don't let anyone else in, and don't listen. In fact, use earplugs. I don't want you hearing what's going on."

"But, sir-"

"Just do it." The prince demanded, glaring slightly, before moving past them and slipping into his father's room, a smile quickly plastering itself onto his face as he saw the object of his thoughts.


He was sitting in the window, a thick book in his lap, and his glasses on. He looked over, grinning widely.

"Yuki!" He purred, closing the book and setting it aside.

Yukiko chuckled, purring as he walked over to his father, smiling at him.

"Mmm, father. Might I ask what you are reading?"

"A book a friend of mine insisted I read." Hiroshi laughed, leaning against the wall.

"It is not something you'd be interested in." He grinned, shaking his head, "I don't even think I am interested, in fact."

"We have entirely opposite taste in books, need I remind you," Yukiko responded, smiling slightly and tilting his head. "What is it about?"

"Just a number of stories about past rulers." Hiroshi wrinkled his nose. "They were so dated, back then..." he shook his head.

"What with all of the 'chop off his head!'s and the 'I am SPARTA's and such." He snorted, making a dismissive hand movement. "You may have it when I am through with it, if you wish."

The brunet boy smiled and nodded, "Of course. I don't suppose that is why you called me, though, is it?"

Hiroshi grinned, shaking his head.

"I just wished to be blessed with your presence, is all..."

Yukiko laughed quietly.

"Is that all, or was it..something more?"

Hiroshi smiled, shaking his head slightly.

"Come sit with me?"

Yukiko chuckled quietly, nodding and joining him with a slight hum.

Hiroshi smiled, leaning forward to gently pet him.

"How has your day been, Little One?"

The brunet boy purred at the touch, smiling back at him.

"It's been okay, I suppose...and yours, father?"

"Wonderful." He smiled.

"It was rather pleasing, actually...I love walking the streets of the town..." He smiled, purring softly.

The prince smirked slightly, nodding in response.

"I know, Hiroshi..."

The king smiled, blushing lightly.

"You should come with me next time...some of the shopkeepers were asking about you."

"Hm, really?"

"Yes." Hiroshi smiled.

"They were worried that you were not well, since you have not been to many public appearances lately..."

Yukiko frowned for a moment, "and what did you tell them?"

"You were very busy and did not have the time, but that you would come and visit once you could."

Yukiko nodded slightly.

"I suppose I'll be out tomorrow then, if nothing interferes..."

Hiroshi smiled.

"Of course."

"Mmm, and what do we have to do tonight?"

"Just a little time in the throne room, hearing our people's problems and trying to fix them, and then Council, and then we are free." He smiled.

"Mmm, and how long will that take?"

"Three hours at the most." He smiled.

"Mmm, wonderful..." Yukiko purred, nuzzling Hiroshi gently.

"And when do we have to deal with that?"

Hiroshi smiled, purring. "An hour or so."

Yukiko blinked, then smirked slightly, chuckling quietly.

"In the meantime..?"

The king smirked.

"Did you have something in mind?"

The prince purred, crawling closer to his father and cuddling to him. "Mmm, maybe."

He smiled, pulling him close.

"And what might that be?"

The brunet purred, leaning up to kiss the king gently, batting his eyelashes innocently.

"Well, it sort of depends on what mood you're in," he blushed.

"Mmm, I am in what ever mood you want me to be in." he smiled.

Yukiko smirked, leaning up to whisper in his father's ear, in what was possibly his most seductive tone, "I want you to fuck me."

Hiroshi shivered.

"I could definitely do that..."

The prince purred, nuzzling Hiroshi as he moved to straddle him, looking up at him innocently. "Mmm, could you?"

"If you ask very, very nicely.' He purred, kissing his forehead.

"Define 'nicely'?"

Hiroshi smirked, leaning forward to whisper in his own seductive voice, "I want you to beg for me."

Yukiko shivered slightly, blushing slightly as he looked up at Hiroshi, pressing close to him.

"'Can definitely do that..." He purred, shivering again slightly as he thought about it, licking his lips slightly as he tried to decide on the perfect words.

"Mmm, while you're thinking, we should move to the bed..." Hiroshi smirked, nuzzling him.

He giggled, smiling slightly and nodding, humming quietly as he hopped up and nearly skipped over to the bed. Then he lied down, spreading himself out and looking at his father with a smirk.

Hiroshi stood, purring as he moved to join him, crawling over him and leaning down so that his lips were barely brushing against Yukiko's.

"Think of the words yet?"

"Mmm, not quite..."

"Well, while you're doing that..." Hiroshi trailed off, pressing his lips to his son's neck and kissing him down to his collarbone, purring softly.

Yukiko blushed, tilting his head submissively for his father.

"A-Ah, Daddy please, fuck me, please. I want you inside me so badly, mmm, please, Daddy."

Hiroshi shivered, purring loudly as he kissed his neck, nipping at him.

"God, you're so beautiful..." he whispered, one hand slipping down Yukiko's pants, tracing his thighs lightly.

The brunet gasped softly, whimpering as he begged and pleaded with his father.

Anything for Hiroshi. Anything to make him happy. Even if it meant begging.

Especially if it got him what he wanted.

What he craved.


"Mmm, that's right, Little One...I want to hear you..." his father whispered into his ear, licking it lightly, before going back to nipping at his neck, purring softly as he slowly removed his pants.

Yukiko whimpered, feeling like a total whore as he tried to rub his hips against Hiroshi's, desperate for some kind of friction.

Yukiko was dominant everywhere else, but when they were in the bedroom, he was weak and defenseless against his father.

He craved his approval, his lips, his gentle caress. He craved the feeling of the older man's skin against his own, the shallow breathing and sound of skin slapping against skin, the smell of sweat and ecstasy, then how gentle Hiroshi would be afterwards.

He wanted it; he needed it.

"Hiro, please, I want it now, please," he whimpered, cheeks flushed, eyes shining with lust, love, need...Trust, hope, want...a mix of emotions that were almost unreadable against each other, swirling together as he looked at the man above him.

Hiroshi smiled, leaning down to kiss him deeply, purring softly.

"Mmm, good...I'm taking your clothes off now, okay?"

The brunet whimpered and nodded, clinging slightly to Hiroshi as he tried to kiss him again.

Hiroshi smirked slightly, pulling away.

"Nuh-uh, my little one..." he smiled, sitting up and beginning to pull Yukiko's clothes off gently, chuckling.

Yukiko whined, pouting as he looked up at his father, whimpering softly.

Once the prince was naked, his father stood, pulling his own clothes off quickly, and smirking slightly. "Mmm, you're so pretty, Yuki..."

The prince blushed, squirming slightly as he tried to get some kind of friction, "th-thank you..."

He purred, chuckling as he smiled and crawled back onto the bed.

"Mmm, 'w-want you, now..." Yukiko whined, nuzzling Hiroshi desperately when the man was close enough.

"Mmm, I have to stretch you first, Yuki..." he whispered, nuzzling him, then moving to grab a small viel full of some clear gel of sorts, and pouring a heavy amount onto his hand, smiling at him.

"Can you spread your legs for me, Little One?"

Yukiko whined loudly in protest, but nodded slightly and spread his legs again for the king.

"Thank you, Yuki..."

Hiroshi kissed his neck gently, then trailed his slicked fingers down to the teen's thigh's, teasing him lightly.

"You are so lovely, my Little One..." He whispered softly, nuzzling him.

Said teenager whimpered, looking up at his father with loving but wanting eyes. "Th-Thank you..."

Hiroshi smiled, nuzzling him once again as he pressed the tip of his finger against Yukiko's entrance, slowly pressing inside.

Yukiko bit his lip, relaxing around the finger and closing his eyes.

"Mmm, good boy, Yuki..." Hiroshi whispered against his skin, pausing to let him adjust to the stretch.

"Father..." Yukiko breathed, looking up at him, "Do I make you happy?"

"You make me happier than anything in the whole world, Yuki..."

"Are you proud of me?"

"I'm so, so proud of you, Yukiko." Hiroshi smiled gently, leaning down to kiss him. "You're my sunshine, my angel, and my reason for being...I'm more proud of you than you will ever know."

Yukiko smiled, purring as he nuzzled his father gently, having successfully distracted himself.

Hiroshi smiled, leaning down to kiss him deeply.

Yukiko purred loudly, moaning softly into it as he returned the kiss happily.

"'mm, you're so beautiful, Little One..." Hiroshi whispered, kissing his son's neck gently. "So, so beautiful..."

Slowly, the second finger was added, stretching Yukiko gently.

The brunet didn't notice the finger, more distracted by his father's lips. "Mmm, Hiro..."

"You're so cute..." Hiroshi smiled, nuzzling him gently.

"God, I love you, my Little One..."

"I love you, too," he purred, again trying to kiss Hiroshi.

Hiroshi smiled, leaning down to kiss him deeply.

Yukiko purred loudly, kissing back desperately, wanting to keep the older man's mouth against his own for as long as he could manage.

Hiroshi smiled, purring and kissing back happily, purring loudly as he stretched him.

"Hiro," Yukiko whimpered, "hurry..."

"Mmm, I don't want to hurt you, Yuki.."

The teenager whined again, "please..."

Hiroshi hesitated, then nuzzled him.

"One more finger, my pretty..." He murmured, slowly adding the third finger.

Yukiko blushed, biting his lip as he whimpered and arched at the fingers.

His father sighed, leaning down to kiss him deeply, trying to distract him as he continued to stretch him.

The brunet blushed brighter, purring at the attention and kissing back gently, suddenly realizing he was acting like the women his father kept trying to get him to marry, but ignoring the thought. He would never give in to them the way he gave in to Hiroshi.

Hiroshi smiled, pulling away to trail kisses down his neck, slowly pulling his fingers out.

"I love you, Little One..."

He moaned quietly, whimpering at the loss and looking at Hiroshi again, his eyes shining.

"I-I love you, too, father..."

"Mmm, I know, Yuki..." he nuzzled him, smiling.

"Turn around and lift your hips up for me, okay?"

His eyes lit up and he nodded, purring loudly as he nuzzled Hiroshi, before turning around as his lover instructed, wanting to do whatever he could to make the older man happy.

Hiroshi chuckled softly, smiling as he moved to press against his son, his knees going between Yukiko's and nudging them wider, kissing his neck gently as the head of his cock pressed against the boy's entrance.

"Ready, pretty?"

"Yessss," said boy moaned, pressing back against his father's cock gently.

Hiroshi smiled, nuzzling his neck gently, before slowly pressing inside of him, purring.

Yukiko's face burned red in a bright blush as he tried to keep from moaning at the familiar feeling that he'd been longing for. "Oh, father..."

"Li-Little One...God, you feel so amazing..." his father whispered breathlessly, nuzzling his shoulder gently.

"I'd missed this feeling..." The teenage boy murmured, purring loudly.

"My apologizes for making you go so long without it..." Hiroshi licked his neck teasingly, nuzzling him.

"I missed being inside of you as well, my dearest love..." He whispered again, his lips moving against Yukiko's skin.

Yukiko chuckled softly, gently pressing his lips to his father's.

"I don't know how you can be considered such an excellent ruler if you can't even get your priorities organized," he whispered back, teasing, smirking slightly.

Hiroshi shivered, nuzzling his neck again.

"Mmm, I have no idea..." he chuckled softly, one hand going to gently trail down Yukiko's stomach. "I will be sure to keep them straight from now on." He licked the back of the teen's neck gently with a small smirk of his own.

To which the young prince replied with a moan and a gentle buck of his hips to get Hiroshi to move.

The King smirked again, nuzzling him, before slowly beginning to move, licking his shoulder again slowly as he pulled almost completely out of his body, before pushing back in gently.

Yukiko shivered, hiding his face in a pillow to muffle his cry.

"Mmm, don't do that, Yuki...I want to hear you..." Hiroshi whined softly, nuzzling him again.

"Oh, Hiro," Yukiko moaned, blushing brightly as he lifted his head for his father to hear him. "It feels so good, daddy."

Hiroshi shivered, whimpering softly and hiding his face in Yukiko's shoulder, moaning.

"Gods, i-if you keep saying things like that, I-I'll come from you-your voice, alone..."

"Hiro," Yukiko purred, blushing and looking back at him happily.

His father smiled, nuzzling him again with a smile.

"You're so beautiful..." he whispered, slowly beginning to go faster.

Yukiko blushed, moaning slightly louder, his hands tangling in the bedding.

Hiroshi smiled, purring louder as he slowly switched positions, so that he was laying on his back, Yukiko on his lap and moving.

"Mmm, Fuck, you feel so good, Yuki..."

Again, the teenager blushed, his head tilting back as he moaned in pleasure, lost in the feeling of the joining of the king and the prince.

His father moaned loudly, still thrusting into him.

"Oh, Gods, father," Yukiko groaned, closing his eyes.

"Yukiko..." Hiroshi moaned softly, leaning up so that his son's back was pressed tightly to his chest, his arm going around his waist, his hand wrapping around Yukiko's member, his free hand tilting the boy's head back to kiss him deeply.

The prince blushed, arching at the hand and moaning loudly into the kiss as his tongue played with Hiroshi's gently.

His father purred, his hand tightening around his cock as he began to move faster and deeper, brushing against Yukiko's sweet spot lightly.

Yukiko's eyes widened slightly as he cried out louder than before at the pleasure sent through him at the touch. "Hiroshi!"

"Scream my name, Yuki..." his father whispered into his ear, purring as he nuzzled him, moving faster, rubbing against his prostate with each movement.

And that he did.

The pleasure made him scream, the rush made him want more. The cravings made him beg, and the begging made him blush.

Yukiko gasped for air between screaming, loving every second of the intimacy between he and Hiroshi, he knew that Hiroshi loved it just as much as he did.

The King licked his heir's neck, purring as he gently trailed a hand to his lover's nipples, beginning to play and tease them mercilessly, nuzzling him again as he moaned softly and gently into his neck.

Said heir moaned loudly, tears of pleasure appearing in his eyes.

He tensed his body around Hiroshi, wanting the king to feel as much pleasure as he did, knowing his lover wouldn't let him do anything else to try to please him.

He felt the man gasp into his skin and moan louder, his hand tightening around the teen's member.

"O-oh, Gods, Yukiko...'m g-gonna come...Fuck..." he hissed softly, slamming into his sweet spot once again.

Yukiko gasped softly, finally registering the tension that had built up and shivering. "Hiro!"

"Yu-Yuki!" His father and King shivered, his whole body tensing as he moved, beginning to lose rhythm.

"Ah-Fuck!-I-I'm-Ohhh-gonna-" the younger of the two tried, though not able to speak clearly between moaning.

"Le-Let go-o for-r me-e, Lit-Little On-One..." Hiroshi whispered huskily into his ear, eyes clenching shut as he slammed into his sweet spot again.

"Fuck! Hiroshi!" Yukiko screamed, his body spasming as he orgasmed, his semen covering his thighs, lower stomach, and his father's hand.

Hiroshi cried out, biting into his shoulder as he let go as well, filling his lover with his release, gasping softly as he pressed his forehead to Yukiko's neck.

"Y-Yukiko..." He purred out, nuzzling him lovingly.

Yukiko blushed, purring loudly as he looked at Hiroshi.

"God...th-that wa-as ama-mazin-ing..."

The King smiled, purring as he kissed him deeply, then nuzzled the bite-mark on his shoulder.

"Yes, it was..." he shivered again, still basking in the afterglow.

Yukiko giggled softly, slowly moving so that his father slipped out of him and turning around, kissing Hiroshi's forehead.

"Mmm, can we just cuddle now, before we have to do anything else?"

"Of course..." Hiroshi smiled, nuzzling him, slowly lying down, pulling the boy down with him.

The brunet smiled, cuddling close to him happily, purring softly as he laid his head against his father's chest. Yes, he would play this game for now. He would do whatever it took to make Hiroshi happy. When he was king, things would be different. But for now, this was all he needed. This was all he would ever really need.

He smiled, looking up at his father innocently.

"I love you, father..."

"Mmm, I love you, too, my Little One..." his father whispered back, holding him tightly.