AN: This makes absolutely no sense, even less if you read the song's lyrics.

Good Things Don't Always Come To You ~ Skunk Anansie

A court of fireflies and statues set to the tune of moonlit waves. It was a sight to see: the quiet grinding as the angel raised her fist in anger then smashed it down upon the rail of the gazebo. The offending nude warrior merely crossed his arms and shook his head. Though their mouths may move, there was no speech, and to a casual onlooker that made it all the more eerie.

Clattering on the cobblestones drew their attention to the massive charger with a dead king atop him. The dark bronze steed, streaked with age, reared and refused to be still as the king brought his message.

The angel raised a pale marble hand to her mouth and shook her head, the warrior stepped nearer to comfort her. Slowly, they positioned themselves in two lines on the beach, creating a row as a dark light began to grow closer to the water's surface.

A centaur shuffled nervously as a girl began to rise up. Sparks of midnight purple surrounded her ragged black hair and corpse pale skin as she collapsed on the beach and began to cough.

None of the statues moved to help her, for they were afraid.