(The next multiple shots are of Thompson loading the Thompson gun, grabbing his Katana and heading out the door. He gets in his car and quickly drives. He calls Captain zesty spicy.)

Mr. Thompson: Zesty spicy! Glenn Beck kidnapped my wife. I need to borrow your van.

Captain Zesty Spicy: Absolutely. Meet me at my place. I think I can help you.

(The next shot is of Thompson driving in the van with his Thompson gun and sword in the back seats. He calls Zesty Spicy.)

Captain Zesty Spicy: You should be seeing it up ahead.

Mr. Thompson: I see it.

(The car pulls up to a house. He quickly runs inside with his weapons. Glenn Beck is up on top of a stair case.)

Glenn Beck: Well well well. It seems that the tables have turned. I'm afraid you won't be able to see tomorrow.

(A bunch of men in white suits and black ties come in the room holding Katanas. They point them at Thompson. Thompson holds his up. He then begins to brutally fight and kill all of them. Each shot after the next is another one of Thompson slaying one of the henchmen. After a bit, Glenn Beck attacks and duels with Thompson. Beck runs, and Thompson fights more of the henchmen. Again, each shot is of him slaying down each one. Out of nowhere, and humorously, Thompson grabs his Thompson gun out of thin air and shoots down the rest. He puts the gun down somewhere he can remember where it is, and proceeds to the room where Glenn Beck is. He walks in and sees him.)

Mr. Thompson: You have offended me, you have offended my wife, and you have offended the entire news media.

(Glenn Beck holds up his hand which is wearing a clawed glove. Glenn Beck lunges towards him, but Thompson quickly kicks him in the face. Immidiently Beck swipes at Thompson. Thompson gets back into a fighting stance, and three more times does beck lunge at him and Thompson stops him by kicking him in the face. They then both jump at each other, and Glenn Beck slices Thompson the stomach. They lunge at each other again, and Thompson kicks him in the face. Beck falls to the ground, but quickly gets back up. Thompson blocks a kick from Beck, and then kicks him back in the face. Beck quickly recovers and now, facing backward to Thompson, tries to kick him, but it is blocked as well as his attempted slice. Thompson then chops him in the hip. Beck gets back up, but stumbles, to which Thompson grabs and then punches him in the face. Beck then grabs a spear, and Thompson dodges each of the swipes, and when Beck tries to stab Thompson, he misses, and drops the spear as Thompson punches him in the face. Beck tries to kick Thompson, but dodges it and severely punches beck in the face. Thompson goes to walk away, thinking Beck is dead but grabs his Thompson gun and shoots A lunging Beck to death. He walks out of the room, and sees Zesty Spicy.

Captain Zesty Spicy: Your wife's in the car.

Thomson and Zesty Spicy walk out. The next shot is of a criminologist standing by his desk.

Criminologist: And Crawling on the planet's face, insects called the human race, lost in time, lost in space, and meaning.

(The criminologist leaves, and turns out the light, causing the globe on his desk to glow. The credits then role.)