Dear Mister/Miss/To whom it may concern;

Days upon days, the less response I get from you and your company.

The task of applying job after job becomes excruciatingly tiresome and most times, hopeless.

What, you earned a Bachelor's degree?

Sorry, the rest of the world – along with the most experienced in schooling and work – is competing for the same exact position as you.

Please hold while we give each and every single candidate a "chance" to convince us they are the perfect fit for our institution.

What, may I ask, will make you pay more attention to me than the other countless job-seekers like myself?

Should I make my cover letter longer or shorter for you and also add pictures?

Do I need more experience, go back to school, and study my brain-cells off to find myself back in this long unemployment stage again?

Will it matter if I have a Master's degree and/or a licensed if the other candidates have the same achievements, too?

Apparently no one can give me the answer and help me break free from the perils of unemployment.

Yet, where there are dozens of resources to instruct you on how to make resumes and cover letters, I will rarely find useful advice for becoming a potential EMPLOYEE.

It would do me the very honor if you can contact me and let me know what exactly you're looking for besides the obvious credentials you need.

Thanks a lot for your "time" and "consideration."

Yours (very) truthfully,

Another Candidate in Your Database