I can't hide from the moon
Wash out every star, cloud, tear
Glow, shines over every imperfection in the sky, earth, heart
Makes every sight almost beautiful

I can't hide from the wind
Takes my breath, life, skin
Chapping, howling, shifting all sound through my ears
Makes every sound almost melodious

I can't hide from the earth
Sands down, rolls under, crackles beneath the pads of my feat
Of mud-caked toes, fingers, eyelashes dried in place
Makes every touch almost gentle

I can't hide from the cold
Numbing the teeth, dried blood, spitting salt
Metallic and cut-up gums, hacking coughs burn my chest
Makes every taste almost satisfying

I can't hide from the reflection
Perfumed sweat, only I can tell, dander, grease, fluid, only I can tell
Waters the eyes, nose dripping blood to the back of the throat
Makes every smell almost intoxicating