Dispatch, your daughter needs assistance
Suspect is on the run
Last seen wearing apathy, insolence, and every broken soul on this side of the desert
Attempted to subdue with guilt and love

What's your location?
I need backup

I muffled my heart
Pounding against my sleeve
I covered my ears
But I could still hear his voice

I dug my fingers through the wire mesh
The diamond pattern cut into my knuckles
Bled into my memory
The scars on my wrist sizzled

Acid rose in my throat
Tears burned the corners of my eyes
The lights flashed red, blue, red, blue,
And I couldn't see

My forehead rested against the metal cage
Ignore the scent of puke, piss, sweat, sex
Focus on breathing
Mom's here this time, nothing's going to happen

She can't look either
Ten years crashing back into one morning
Don't look to the left
Wait until we're home

I can't speak, I can't breathe
Because he's still sitting right there
Our "protector"
Clothed in green, hazed in red

Please, dispatch, get me out of this goddamn car
I need to feel normal again
This wasn't supposed to happen
He wasn't supposed to be driving again