They were going to kill him.

We both knew it-I could feel his sharp, frantic breaths hot against my neck. His harsh gasps were nearly snarls. I dug my hands into the material of his shirt and buried my face in his shoulder, inhaling his scent. The mixture of sweat, wood-smoke, and the sweet, sharp tang of magic.

I could not find the words to speak-the tears were tightening my throat, constricting my speech, and my voice would have been muffled against his shirt anyway. So I whispered my words right into his mind. I wish we had more time.

Ben crushed me to his chest, raking his hands through my hair, as if he could keep me there, and never let me go. "Don't say that," He growled, and I could feel energy tingling through his fingers as he cupped my cheeks. Despite his rough tone, his hands were gentle as they brushed the tears off my cheeks. "They've never caught me before. And I was afraid, then, Soph. I'm not afraid now."

"Idiot," I managed to say past the lump in my throat, and he laughed quietly.

"When I tell you to run, run." He said, his voice a fierce whisper, desperating tinging his words now as the flickering lights and raised voice grew closer and closer. "Do you promise?"

I bit my lip, hard, and struggled to regain my composure, for his sake more than mine. "I-"

But those words never came. Because suddenly hands were seizing me, magic burning, harsh and fierce against my skin. I screamed, and I could hear Ben shouting, hear the sharp sizzle of his own magic as he fought, screaming her name over and over. Sophie, Sophie, Sophie.

I wanted to see his face, even if only for a moment. But it was too loud, too violent. Too many screams, magic and fire flying everywhere, too much blood...

And then, quite suddenly, there was nothing.

I the hands that had restrained me were gone, and I stumbled, falling to my knees. The pain of the impact registered numbly, and I was aware that I was shaking, but it seemed to be happening to another person, as if I was the ghost of Sophie.

My hands were wet with blood, I didn't know if it was my own, and it really did not matter. Ben, the boy with magic, who could speak to my thoughts, who could see every secret I had in a single glance, who could calm me with the slightest touch, was gone. So were the one's who had attempted to kill him. I did not know if they succeeded. I didn't know if I would ever see him again. Some part of me knew that I never would. He was gone.

Hugging myself, I remembered his voice, shouting my name over and over. Sophie, Sophie Sophie.

And I had said nothing. No words of reassurance. No declaration of love. Nothing to reassure him that I was safe, that I had survived. Hugging myself, I buried my face in my hands and rocked back and forth. My wild sobs echoed in the abandoned street, the only sound besides the harsh pounding of the rain. I had said nothing, to that beautiful, magical boy who had fought to the death for me.

In the end, the only thing between us was silence.