L'Arc en Ciel


This dimension was completely of a different plane. It, itself, held no existence unless conjured by those with definitive power and standing. And there were only a few who, and what, that could bring up such a place.

In the darkness of this realm, there was nothing. Not even light was produced in such emptiness.

Except for the two flames that were flickering as if invisible air streamed around the vastness of the dimension.

The white flame flickered, flaring just a bit. "You know what I require, Lucifer."

"And pray tell what that is?" A crimson flame smoothly wavered from side to side, mocking the great power before it.

"Cease your games and attain some maturity before I do will it for you."

The blood-red flame sent mini-sparks flying into the air in laughter. "You, out of all, should know that in this place you hold no supremacy to force anything, old man."

"My patience grows thin." The ancient, father-like voice became steel and harsh, impatient with the runt he was to deal with. "If you cannot come into terms with me, I will be forced to go into extreme measures to deal-"

"Then go to the Greek Gods and stop bothering me."

"Their pantheon has nothing to do with this! This must be dealt within our hands. And cease your rude behavior else I'll…" Said white flame stilled as if time itself had frozen over. "If you do not have any wishes to this dire situation, which your," Heavy emphasis on the your. "demon caused, then it will be the end of the world. Including us."

"We are gods. We are immortal," scoffed the red flame. "And your whorish angel," Heavy emphasis on 'your'. "was the cause of this, too. Not just my horny demon."

The white flame flared greatly as if it were a mistake to remind him of it. "Everything has its downfall," he replied, ignoring the last comment.

Crimson ribbons flickered, contemplating at the thought of the end of the world. Surely there was more to the future, no? It couldn't come to a complete all because of a devil who couldn't keep his dick in his pants and an angel who couldn't keep her skirt down. It was all for that reason a prophecy had spindled its tales out of nowhere.

It was a prophecy that'll doom the world.

It was all told by the three ladies of fate from the Greek pantheon who was ordered by Zeus (not out of consideration; what immortal god wanted to die?) to deliver their inevitable anecdote of the world due to two likely figures that should've never come together in the first place.

Of course, they took it with ridicule and a shake of the head. For what love can be formed with an angelic woman and demonic man?

Jokes and laughs it was, until they had found the woman, and her protruding stomach.

She couldn't be killed off immediately. The babe had to be wrenched out of her whorish body and fed to the three crows that were present at Jesus' crucifixion. If the instructions were not followed carefully and the procedure not done as suppose to, the apocalypse shall descend upon mankind.

The woman was monitored carefully. She was forced into solitary confinement, fed enough for her and the baby (with well nourishments).

When the ninth month had come, those in charge had come to her cell to find her dead naked body. Her stomach was ferociously slashed open, blood slathered on her skin and still dripping on the floor. The traitor of God was of no concern. It wasn't until they found out the baby was missing that both Heaven and Hell became a riot.

Only a mother's love could sacrifice her own life for her child.

Now both sides were forced to a temporary reconcile in order to take charge of the situation and bring it to an end.

"I want Calcifer."

The red fire hummed and grew to equal height of the conflicting flame. "Calcifer, hmm? This…this is quite calamitous if we ought to utilize him, ain't it?"

An impatient groan was heard. "I have told you more than once. The baby is the end of the world."

"It's a child."

"A child whom, at the age of ten, will have both powers and mind of good and evil."

Not even the three fates knew what the end meant. All they saw was total darkness and every single breathing organism falling to it.

Each pantheon, religion God and Goddess, including mythological creatures and demons, stressed the fact that they have no wishes to die off the face of the earth, and that it was their responsibility to put an end to it. There was nothing more terrifying to a god/goddess than being diminished into the nothingness and was helpless to even fight for their own existence.

The child had to die.

"You're not doing a good job of convincing me to release Calcifer. Frankly, I do not fear death."

"Calcifer is my warrior!" A booming voice shook with might.

"A warrior that trespassed into my lands."

"I will not commit myself to lowly imploring. You will unleash Calcifer to a duty which has benefits equally for both sides." Quietness filled the void, leaving harsh breathing and an arrogant chuckle. "Lucifer," The Godly voice started with a tone that can only be defined as commanding. "Release him. He is our only hope to prevent the destruction of not only civilization, but us as well."

A response wasn't needed.

Between the two fires a black tiled marble floor was suddenly created. In it's moment of creation, bubbles sizzled on its plate. A form was produced from the bubbles, slowly inching upwards everyprecious second until it looked like a man hunched over as if he were a slave.

Oil-like substances dripped from the ends of his hair, sliding down his naked skin like a slithering snake. It stained his skin with not only its color, but it's scent as well, marking him in the only definition of Hell that can be given. Small beads of it rolled down the hills of his perfectly formed, and scarred, body, sliding down each crevice and strolling down rounded parts of his skin.

Chains and shackles surrounding the dangerous being dimly glinted in light of both fires.

"Calcifer." The white flame called out.

Eyes opened, revealing mistmatched orbs of brown and blue.

The chains crackled and hissed until it disintegrated. The silver liquid from the diminished chains slid painfully down his crouched form, leaving red streaks of opened wounds as if it were reminding him of the Hell he was to return to once whatever was commanded of him to do was complete.

Calcifer tilted his head up, giving the entity his opened attention.

"We have an honorable duty for you to accomplish. You have a year to do it. If not completed by then, you will have another. If not, another, and so on and so forth. You must kill the child of an angel and devil for that child is the end of all."

"And bring me the child's body." Glee was heard within the red flame's voice.

But the white flame would have none of it. "Burn the body. It's better for it that way. Kill the child and burn it. The oracles have deemed the baby dangerous and malicious. We can only do the right thing and finish it off mercifully."

Kill the child. Burn the body. Save the world.

It would be easy to find the child. Not only was a nonhuman being easily spotted, but the voice of an angel and the seduction of a devil were something not easily ignored.

It was quite an easy mission for something so ill-omened.

But Calcifer didn't question those who held a very high ranking in the afterlife. He was merely a pawn created to take care of deeds outside of the pearly gates of Heaven. Deeds that were taken care of on the battlefield between Heaven and Hell: Earth.

When anything concerning both sides got out of hand, they released The Excalibur.

The Excalibur was a weapon created to maintain the balance of good and evil. It destroyed anything that threatened humankind, threatened tranquility, and threatened existence. The Excalibur was created in the purest meaning of mercy and justice. But it had been corrupted by the touch of darkness once captured during a dead end chase into a place where foot shouldn't have been stepped into: Hell.

Unable to get obtain The Excalibur due to territorial issues, The Excalibur was forced to imprisonment with no promise or hope of freedom. Of course his captor was glee at the catch. There was nothing more powerful than his nemesis's greatest creation.

And it was in his unholy hands.

Therefore, he was renamed Calcifer; bearing or producing or containing calcium or calcium carbonate or calcite.

"This task won't be fulfilled promptly. With the child missing, and with no information, despite the fact of what the child is, there is nothing you can follow. Trust yourself when it come to decisions and avoid hurting any humans. And remember, I stress this because some human always manages to find out, remember to keep the 'unnatural' matters from human eyes. If someone sees 'anything', you have permission to do a memory wipe."

More than once there had been circumstances where humans have seen different species on their planet that couldn't be explained in words. The smart nonhumans without delay washed their memories, but the cowards turned tail, leaving myths and legends weaved in historical stories.

The Excalibur quickly extinguished the cowards for their negligence, when he was pure and untainted.

Now, Calicfer served under the Darkness, feeding from it and listening to it.

Supposedly, there was still enough light in him to fight the dark. But only time could tell.

"Once your deed is done you come back to me and report," the seductive voice started. "Go to Earth and look for the brat now."

Calcifer's head dipped a few centimeters down between the two flames, acknowledging both of their spoken wants. He closed his eyes and remained silent.

"If you cannot find the child soon, you will be required to live in the human world." The white flame flickered without a warning, sending small sparks onto the floor. The fallen sparks gathered together to produce a small light, which grew brighter and larger before Calcifer. "The human world is vast and large, it will take quite some time for you to travel through in order to achieve your task."

The light shimmered. It turned into images, showing the kneeling man the pictures of life he was deprived of for many centuries. His eyes turned dark, hungry to gaze at anything besides the darkness surrounding him.

Images passed by quickly: people laughing, couples kissing, guns firing, cars speeding, bottles pouring, nature fighting, buildings starting, babies smiling…everything was endless as it just was as overwhelming.

Tears, with no meaning whatsoever, rimmed his eyes.

This was the world? The human world he's been in repeatingly when he wasn't a captive?

Calcifer's reminiscence of the world is mediocre. Barely released for duties by his new owner, Calcifer had always been inside of a dark room: never seeing, never tasting, never breathing, and never living. It came to a point where even the light in him was dimming slowly to the darkness that covered his decaying body.

Duo-colored orbs were wide open to an impossible degree, drinking in the bright images of laughter, smiles and life. Life.

The overcoming darkness in him craved for the vitality the images were emitting. It seduced him, causing his insides to twist hideously and lash out at the walls of his mind, threatening to infest it with insanity.

Calcifer clenched his fists, controlling himself from throwing his body into the fake, iridescent glass.

He gritted his teeth and looked away from the rapidly changing images. The beast, the demon, within him snarled and hissed, wanting to defile the light, the goodness, the sickeningly illuminating positive-ness oozing from the human's smiling faces.

"What did you do to him?" Incredible anger simmered all three beings.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Teasing voice with a hint of laughter, smirked.

Iciness washed over all of them. The opposite cherry flame, almost like the dying end of a cigarette, shrank away from the growing colorless one. "You've corrupted him!"

"What do you expect?" The lesser hissed.

Calcifer knelt there in the same position he was summoned and closed his eyes. He breathed in slowly, meditating like he had always done when his demons had gotten out of control. At the pace of a snail, the screeching, bloodthirsty mongrels receded into the black pit just over his left pectoral. A small grunt sounded at the base of his throat when weariness enveloped his battered body.

Suddenly, the pictures of the world came to a complete stop. It vanished into something like a mirror, lengthening and humming with power.

It was the portal to the human realm.


Calcifer stayed kneeling before heeding the word. His bones creaked like old wooden boards in an abandoned house. Scars and burns marring his skin laughed mockingly before his original creator. His body, which had been artistically and magnificently carved like the war God, Ares, in Greek mythology, was now easily compared to a tree's branch in the autumn season. If anybody were to see him, they would unconsciously recall their learning of the holocaust, slavery and starvation.

His house of pain stood proudly between the two fires.

A tongue nervously licked his chapped, bleeding lips. Dark circles under his eyes and the shadowing of his gaunt face were similar to a homeless beggar beseeching for death.

For such a proud warrior to be demeaned to trash was painful to the creator.

"Within a second, you will be in the human realm, and you will do everything and anything to find information about the child and annihilate it. I wish for this mission to be dealt with soon, but knowing how disastrous the circumstances is, I am to assume, it will take much longer. Live in the human world, live as a human, and look for the child." The white flame swayed from side to side in an even tempo to a sad classical music.

"Go, Calcifer." His owner commanded.

The skeletal body limped over to the portal.

Just before he was completely engulfed by the warm, picturesque light, he heard soft words speaking to him.

"I'm sorry."

In a split second it was hot, smoldering hot, unbearably hot. The sun bore down on him harshly, sand sprayed over his naked body like the lashings he was given whenever it was felt like. Calcifer coughed, his throat the same texture as sandpaper.

He lifted his head from the dirt road he was on, tiny rocks dropping from his sweaty skin. His eyes took in the picture of a man dressed in a long teal fabric with a white scarf-like thing wrapped around his head.

The shepherd of goats drew close to him, using a long, sturdy wooden staff to help his old body travel through the rocky terrain. The man's voice was scratchy from the use of screaming at his numerous sons when they've angered him. His knobby knees cried from overuse, but he didn't care. All he needed to do was see to the obviously naked man who seems like he escaped from Al Queda.

Calcifer stood despite his body screaming at him for rest. He squinted at the blazing sun, turning around to face the old man and a herd of goats. Just behind the man were rocky buildings, a small tents built like a flea market.

The old man spoke and Calcifer noticed a few teeth missing.

He hobbled over to the man, wincing every so often when the stones pricked the softness of his feet. As he neared the man, the language he spoke became clear and suddenly, he understood it as if he was born and bred in this country.

"Where am I?" Calcifer asked in the shepherd's language.

"Kabul, Afghanistan."

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