"Where is the prophecy?"

"In New York."

Calcifer growled at the old man's useless answers. For thirty minutes, they have been going nowhere with his questions. It was too vague, too ambiguous. It was frustrating and confusing, but it was something. Calcifer couldn't torture the man as much as he wanted to. Arabella's loud thoughts of fear from Calcifer hurting her uncle pained him. He had to hold back from his intense desire of ripping Kobayashi's head off his body.

"Listen, old man, I'm tired of your games." Calcifer leaned forward, a snarl forming on his face. "I need the answers now."

"You weren't doing anything about the prophecy for a couple of months, Excalibur." A sly look to Arabella made Calcifer angry. "Or were you?"

It suddenly hit him: the quick looks, the hidden words, and the unhidden concern for his goddaughter.

Calcifer slowly turned to Arabella with a feeling of nervousness and anxiousness building in the pit of his stomach. He gripped the back of his chair with a painful grip, almost trying to convince himself that this was not true. That he was wrong.

"How old…are you?" He asked softly, quietly.

Arabella fiddled with the ends of her hair.


Arabella sighed harshly before signing more angrily.

I'm ten times two…

"In other words, she's twenty in human years, but ten since the day she was given birth. Or at least she'll be ten in fourteen hours."

His lungs were robbed of oxygen. Calcifer couldn't breathe, he couldn't think.

This…this was the prophecy.

The prophecy was right under his nose the entire time.

Had she known it?

The guilty look and self-anger flashing in her eyes proved it all. And it only made the betrayal and the pain of being lied to stronger in his chest. Calcifer turned away from her harshly, staring at the wooden table before him. He drilled holes into it, his mind fighting against his body, and his heart fighting against his mind.

This was the prophecy. His body told him to kill her and rid her of the desolation that was entitled to the world. His mind told him to lock her away and hide her, reject her from his life. His unbeating heart told him to stay with her and protect.


Who are you, Calcifer?

Up to this point Arabella had been lost with the discussion between Calcifer and her uncle. They had talked about the prophecy, the end of the world, and the location of it.

As a very odd child, Arabella was barred away from the world. She was sheltered from everybody including herself. Her parents had passed away during a housebreak, and she was given to her uncle to live with until she could grasp a better understanding of the world. And when she had, she moved out of her uncle's house and into her own small apartment.

Arabella had known that she was a very special child. A child that grew two times the rate of human children, a child that was robbed of her vocal chords, a child that simply knew too much and too little.

So, when Calcifer answered, everything seemed to make sense.

"Your executioner," he answered roughly.

Yusuke cut Calcifer a harsh glare. He received an even greater glare that was ignored as he turned to his goddaughter. "Arabella," he started.

I'm…the prophecy…?

His lips stretched to a thin line before nodding.

What does that mean?

"It means you're going to destroy the world, unless I kill you." The treachery roiling inside of him made Calcifer as vicious as a viper. At the moment, he was uncaring towards Arabella's feelings, even to his own as he continued on with his hurtful words. "You're an abomination, given birth to by an angel and the devil. By the time you're fully ten years of age, the world will become unbalance because of your presence, your existence. Evil will override good, because, well, it's easier to sin, especially when humans are innate to greed. Soon enough, even Mother Earth will turn against herself till the planet decimates itself."

With each word, he can see the horror growing in her eyes, and that brought him pleasure. Let the bitch know how he felt, just as equally.

Arabella turned to her godfather and signed desperately.

My parents…? …Is this true?

Yusuke turned away from her before nodding. "You were supposed to die at birth, but your mother cut herself open. Someone had snuck you out of the kingdom of God. Amanda and Peter Shellings were my good human friends, and your human adoptive parents. When they died, I took their place as parentage."

If I'm…part angel…and devil…why can't I talk?

"Your mother muted you. She placed a spell over you until you reach of age to protect yourself," Yusuke informed. The voice of an angel was just too obvious to those with supernatural powers. She'd be in constant danger if she dared to speak a word.

Yusuke hadn't noticed her moistening her lips or even opening her mouth. He didn't think she'd even try to speak until words formed at the end of her lips.

"I-I…can ta-tah-kuh."

Calcifer clenched his eyes shut and squeezed his fists to a tight, tight fist. Her voice was just as sweet as the soft voice of her mind.

It wasn't until a rather specific part of the restaurant had gone quiet.

Sensing an ominous sensation riding up his spine, Calcifer turned to see Lock, Shock and Barrel staring at them with wide eyes. They were staring at Arabella in specific.

"The Prophecy!" Lock whispered in astonishment.

"We're saved!" Shock squealed, clapping her hands as true emotional tears ran down her face in relief. "We're saved, we're saved, we're saved!" she continued to chant.

Barrel sobbed in pure happiness.

Panic filled the veins of Yusuke. He cursed when he realized there was a lot more supernatural beings overriding humans, and they all were facing the three of them. "We gotta get out of here," he whispered loudly. He should've never done that. Yusuke mentally berated himself for telling Arabella that she could really speak.

Now her newfound voice was only going to bring her to her death.

Arabella cried out in pain when Calcifer grasped her by the upper arm. He yanked her from her seat, bringing her up to his body and yanking her out of the store. When someone attempted to try and touch her, he pulled back his fist and punched the daylights out of the woman. The workers in the area tried to make him say in the area, but he would have none of that.

Calcifer was beyond frightening.

For a second, Arabella thanked the gods above that she was behind Arabella rather than those in front of him. The menacing growl from his lips made everybody freeze in their tracks.

Once they had exited the restaurant, it was chaos.

Those who were aware of the Prophecy inside of the restaurant, spewed out as if it were the deepest bowels of hell. They screamed, howled and ran like a zombie mob, ready to consume the girl and kill her in order for them to live longer. It made the public stop in their tracks, shoving themselves against the walls of buildings in order to avoid the mob.

"The prophecy!"

"Get it! Kill her!"

"Someone kill her and make the world live!"

Calcifer cursed under his breath. How in the world was he going to run away from this? He wasn't given any supernatural powers to protect himself. His superiors either didn't believe he needed it, he would survive without it, or those would shiver under his status in fear of what he was. In a situation like this, he was in dire need of it.

"Head for the subway station, go under and keep running! Once you reach the end, there's a door to the right. Enter it!" With those last words, Yusuke, who fooled everyone with his crippled human form, darted into an alley, turned into his dragon form and flew off in broad daylight.

Curse after curse escaped Calcifer's lips. He didn't have a choice, he was going to have to book it at a speed that would make Bolt proud. Ignoring Arabella's cry of surprise, Calcifer picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and started running. His shoulder brushed roughly against others, pushing and even making them fall to the ground, but it didn't matter. At the moment, he had to protect Arabella despite what his mind was screaming him to do.

When the stairs was in sight, Calcifer ran.

He jumped the whole stairway down to the ground. And when he landed, his knees creaked from the pain of the shock. Unsteadily, he ran forth, jumping over the cash machines and going for the subway tracks. People screamed at him as he ran down the tracks, panicking that he was attempting to suicide himself and his girlfriend, as one of the spectators claimed.

But as soon as he found the door Yusuke was talking about, he opened it, threw Arabella into it before sliding in after.

He shut the door after him. When his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he took in the world he had entered.

There were three doors in the small closet-like room. Calcifer narrowed his eyes at all of them, suspicious about where they all head. Just when he was about to open one door, the one opposite of that flew open.

Yusuke panted, consumed with relief when he found Arabella and Calcifer. "This way," he said, turning back and walking down another set of stairs.

Arabella breathed quietly, following her uncle as Calcifer stood guard behind her. The darkness was eating at her, making her nervous. When she whimpered, she felt Calcifer squeezing her shoulder in either comfort or warning, but it was all it took to make her silent.

It took forever for them to reach the bottom, and when they did, they had to climb up another set of stairs. It was grueling.

For someone who was not used exercising and walking, it was tiring Arabella. But she would not say anything. She refused to. When she had glanced back at Calcifer, his eyes were hard like steel.

"And here we are," Yusuke opened the final door and soon they were in a stuffy basement. Yusuke ushered the two of them in and closed the door in haste. Whispers of enchantments and charm were heard and the door glowed an eerie green for a few seconds before the light diminished into the darkness.

A heavy sigh wrung from his tired body. Yusuke turned to them, his dragon eyes adjusting to the darkness to see Calcifer watching all around him as his goddaughter was twisting her hands in nervousness.

"There's a set of the stairs to the right," Yusuke announced, his lip twitching when he heard Arabella groan. "After that we'll be in my home."

Without waiting for a response, the Japanese man headed towards the stairs, walking up the creaking boards and opened the door to his home. Light blinded him for a second or two.

Arabella's legs wanted to collapse from underneath her. She panted, forcefully pulling herself through the door and placing all her weight onto the wall. Sweat decorated her face, streaming down and matting her hair. She gulped, finding the nearest chair and fell into it.

What…what's going on?

Calcifer ignored her, his mismatched eyes scoping out the area. There was nothing more frustrating than his instincts tingling, screaming at him to destroy the weak woman. He shook his head viciously before stomping down the hallway in an attempt to calm the angry voices in his head.

The scent of cherry blossoms muddled the voices, teasing his olfactory glands with its sweetness and pureness.

The Excalibur turned many corners of the humble home of the mythological dragon, studying the area and the interior of the house. Calligraphy hung on the wall, as did the many drawings of ancient Japan. A picture of a woman and man embraced in a hug caught his attention. But what really drew his eyes to the picture was the small baby in between the couple.

The baby was swaddled in a pink blanket, wrapped up tight like a cocoon. A small pink blush endeared the child's face as did the sleepy blinking eyes.


His eyes continued to stare at the baby.

The prophecy.

A high-pitch sound stung his ear. Calcifer winced at it, bowing his head as his hand applied pressure to the side of his head. It didn't hurt as much as who he knew was calling for him.

Calcifer, come now.

Molten lava had nothing on his voice, the voice of deception and sin. It washed over his entire body, screeching at him to obey and give his submission to the Dark Lord. The possessiveness of the voice demanded and called for his presence, but Calcifer fought against it for the very first time of his entire existence.

He gasped, panted. Gritting his teeth, the muscle at his temple jumped in time to the clicking of his jaws. Fists clenched tightly, nails forming crescent moons on the palm of his hands.

The pitch continued in its annoyingness until it dwindled away from his lack of response.

Calcifer breathed in deeply, attempting to grasp sanity.


"Go away." The hoarseness of his voice stung him greatly.

Instead of hearing her footsteps going off, he heard it coming near. Calcifer snarled, straightening and shoving himself back to see Arabella approaching him with tear-filled eyes. "Go…away," he said gruffly.

"It's no use, Excalibur." Yusuke's voice filled in the room all three were in, walking inside as he patted his goddaughter's shoulder. "As an Excalibur and lover, you cannot run away from her."

"Shut up!"

"She's turning ten in less than twelve hours," Yusuke said, turning away from the dirtied man and his heartbroken goddaughter. "And when those twelve hours are up, she will either die or destroy the world." The view of the window he was currently looking out of breathtakingly beautiful. He lived on the beach, reveling on the salty winds and quiet freedom of the place. "As a four thousand year old dragon, I have nothing to worry about death," he said quietly.

"But the others do," Calcifer retorted. "There are humans and other creatures that barely lived past their twenties!"

"It is in your hand."

Calcifer turned around with an ugly snarl, his duo eyes pinning on the woman. He stalked towards her with intent to kill, but it all faded as soon as he saw the fearful look in her eyes.

An agonizing yell broke from his lips as he punched the wall.

"It's in your hands to kill or to protect her."

Big, big blue eyes glazed with tears.


Big, fat teardrops rolled down her face.


Spinning on his heel, Calcifer walked out of the room. His eyes squeezed tightly, teeth gritting as he fought to ignore the soft whispering of Arabella's voice in his head. He needed to run away, he needed to breathe, but he couldn't. The painful ache in his chest was unbearable; it spoke in volumes, in an intensity that shouldn't be spoken. It couldn't be defined. And what was worse was that he wasn't to possess a heart. He, the Excalibur was to be void of any emotions that would deter his judgment.

What was this madness?

Calcifer huffed, placing the base of his hand upon his forehead and gritted his teeth painfully.

His calloused, scared hands had two options: to shield or to move.

Run, run, run.

The temptation to run was great. His muscles twitched and jerked, body boasting with adrenaline, and chest quivering with every breath. Calcifer nearly wheezed with the desire to dart and cower from the inevitable choice he would have to make.

As much as he would, he couldn't.

The dragon wouldn't be able to protect her for long. And she…? Her death would….

Would what? Surely it couldn't inflict such sorrow to him, could it?

Calcifer blindly sought for a chair, feeling around the room he had not even looked at upon entering. Once he had felt something suspiciously familiar to a chair, he dragged it to his side and sat. "Dear God, what am I supposed to do?"

You were to report, my child.

His body stiffened.

Where are you, Calcifer?

If anything, his lips tightened shut. An invisible thread wound through his lips, preventing him from responding to Almighty Father basking in the lights of heaven. Sweat doused his temple as he once more refused to answer to one of the greatest beings upon this earth. Anger from the sender vibrated within the core of his body, sparking mixed signals of warning and pure venom. It only meant that they were both calling for him.

Come to me, my child.

"No…no…." Calcifer breathed heavily, fighting against the call.

Come here now, you wretched slave!

Hissing snakes, blaring trumpets. The world was going round in an interminable gyrate. Colors flew, sounds past, dizzying iridescent-colored musical notes swerved around his head; much like a group of taunting bullies to a weak, trembling child.

Waves from the beach crashed upon shore with vengence, reaching greedily to the land as it inched more and more to the beach house.

Hunching over, Calcifer roughly hit his forehead upon his high knees. His fingers tangled into his hair, gripping the sides of his head with such brutality that it was astronomical that his fingers weren't breaking through the thickness of his skull.

And through his trauma, he did not recognize that a keeling whine was squeezing from his throat.

That was, until he felt a soft hand upon his shoulder.

And just with that, everything had vanished.

A breath was taken in, and along with that the sound of a stuffy nose was heard. His tear-soaked face, which had been twisted with anger and betrayal, was now soft. His glazed eyes looked up at Arabella's worried face

Are you alright?

Instead of a voice filled with final judgment, it was a voice of tenderness and care.

Arabella opened her mouth as if to speak, but held herself back. The first time she had spoken in her life was a mistake; and it was what had led them to stay hidden.

She moved away from Calcifer to bring a chair next to him but was stopped. Her wrist was grasped with a strength that surprised her, and she was quickly yanked to the side. Arabella yelped as she was pulled harshly against Calcifer's chest. But she did not move as she felt his arm wrap around her, quaking. She felt his head duck into the crook of her neck, taking in deep breaths to calm his rapidly beating heart she felt against her own or scenting the chamomile fragrance she found herself perfumed with, she did not know.

It's okay. It's alright.

She brought up her hand, raking her somewhat long nails through his scalp affectionately. And before she knew it, her broken, scratchy voice hummed for his comfort.

"Don't…don't," he said hoarsely.

Immediately, she stopped.

Calcifer held her body close against his, pressing the palm of his hand to the nape of her neck. His lips pressed against her sweaty shoulder, eyes staring into the nothingness. The fact that the dragon could be here, lurking around the corner didn't cross his mind. Her softness of her chest pressed up against his, her calm heart beat echoing within his head. And soon enough, with the help of that heartbeat, it slowed his and it brought tranquility.

A long, heavy sigh was heard. Calcifer pressed her closer to him.

End the world or end his world.

"Your hair is longer," he murmured against her shoulder, trying to run away from the choice.

Arabella smiled against his chest and nodded. The first time she had met him, her hair was short, cropped to a point where it skimmed above her shoulders. Now, it was just a tad bit beneath her shoulder blades, curling outwards at the ends

She pulled away from him, slowly when he had tightened his hold on her. When her eyes stared into his, which was full of fear, she placed a palm to his cheek.

Let's sleep.

Calcifer's eyes felt heavy.

Yes, yes, let us sleep till the world ends.

Let us sleep as the world ends.

Let us not face the disaster of our love.

And let us hope that we shall not see the morning sun.

For if we do, we will not be alive, we will not see each other.

And the skies will weep for us.

A chill swept through the room, wind traveling through the small room the two had miraculously slept well in. It made bumps grow along their naked bodies, tangled on the bed like lovers. Music played on the background, very faint as if someone was playing the piano from downstairs. The light from the sky warmed their bodies, but the strength of it was dwindling as night grew near.

Arabella sighed, cuddling closer to Calcifer's side. A smile played upon her lips as she felt his hand upon her head, fingers tangling in her hair.

Opening her eyes, she splayed her hand on his chest.

How are you? How do you feel?

His lips formed a smirk, half-lidded eyes gazing out the window. "Hungry."

Arabella pushed herself up, staring down at her beau. You want food?

"I'm hungry for more," he said, his chest rumbling with more than satisfaction as he turned to pin his lovely conquest upon the bed. A bright smile was seen and it was all that made him tremble in its unspoken love. He peppered her neck with kisses, moving his lips to the peaks of her breast to leave slow, luscious open-mouthed kisses.

Arabella fisted her hand at his chest, pushing him away.

We've done too much!

"No, no, not enough." Calcifer lathered a pebbled nipple with the flat of his tongue, relishing in her moans.

No, no! Oh, Calcifer, no, no…yes…oh, yes…more…

A chuckle reverberated through his chest. His little kitten was asking for more and it was all he could do to take care of this feline and prepare a very tasty dish of milk.

"Mine, mine, mine," he repeated softly. There was nothing more pleasing than claiming something, someone as his. It made him into a content man, a man and not a weapon. "Say my name," he said roughly, tugging on her nipple with his teeth. Desperation to hear his name from her lips, from her sweet, sweet lips asked it of him. He needed it, he wanted it. "Say it!"

Arabella's mouth opened as if to speak when Uncle Kay disrupted them.

"We've got company." Yusuke darted into the room, not minding the couple intertwined on the bed. "It seems now that Arabella has spoken, they have gotten her on their radar."

Arabella's face exploded with red, squeaking as she hastily brought the covers to her body. She peeked at Calcifer to see him strode to the window as naked as can be. Her blue eyes blinked, appreciating the Greek-like sculptured body of his.

"Shit," Calcifer cursed, watching as black dots on the sky and waters traveled too quickly to the beach house for comfort. He grabbed his clothes from the floor, throwing Arabella her own as he dressed. "Get dressed, we need to leave."

"There's no transportation, we can't flee fast enough." Yusuke stared out the window at the mob of foul creatures. "We have to fight."

"No!" Calcifer snarled. "We can't fight. We flee."

Yusuke turned, ignoring his goddaughter as she swiftly pulled her clothes on. "We cannot flee, Calcifer. Look at that! That's a mob, and I'm more than damn sure that there's enough back up to take down Australlia. We have to fight. Arabella can stay inside."

His brows burrowed and for once, Calcifer felt fear and concern. "But there's too much. We can't fight them all."

"We can try."

We won't make it.

The look on Arabella's face was one that told of realization of truth.

"No, no, Arabella, we can do this-"

An earthquake rumbled unexpectedly.

Pictures fell from the walls, crashing onto the floor with a crack. Glasses and plates from the cabinets shattered upon the instant it touched the ground, singing an innocent song with its fallen pieces. Wooden floors split apart, throwing splinters and wood chips into the air like the bass of titanic stereos piled upon one another. Walls crumbled easily like mud, unsupportive of the now weeping house. The destruction was around them. Spider cracks ran through the area of the ground of the earth, racing against time as the supernatural creatures surrounding the house dodged the anger of the unearthy being residing inside of the now destroyed home.

It was an orchestra, an orchestra of calamity.

Yusuke transformed into a dragon, spiraling through the disaster for exit.

Calcifer huddled Arabella to his chest, dodging fallen debris as he threw himself to the window Yusuke broke for freedom. He jumped away, wings ripping through the constriction of his clothes as he glided away from the disaster. Wings pumped muscularly in the air, staying airborne until the quake had past.

"It's starting!" A vampire cried in horror. "The end of the world is starting!"

A grey-skinned male turned his head upwards, panting heavily as he pointed at the Excalibur and the Prophecy with a clawed hand. "There they are!" he shrieked inhumanely.

Griffins, shape-shifters, and creatures of the sky screeched with the start of war.

"Run!" Yusuke roared in his dragon-form, spiraling towards the creatures with his whipping tale and long, slim body.

His sacrifice said it all.

Calcifer's eyes darted to the creatures around, cursing their existence. Cursing them to the deepest bowels of hell for attempting to ruin the only part of his life that kept him happy despite how short it was. And it was all he could do to hold himself off and not rain down fire from the skies upon them. He turned, holding Arabella close to his chest and flew straight towards the ocean.

Sirens beneath swam quickly, leaping out of the waters like dolphins as they sang sweetly.


Calcifer barely dodged an attack from a griffin, tumbling towards the ocean in uncontrollable speed. He righted himself rapidly, but not quick enough before a siren latched to his leg. Calcifer grunted, swinging his leg to throw the siren to the oncoming griffin.

"Shit, shit," he said. Wisps of Arabella's hair whipped his face as she ducked his head to his collarbone. Ignoring the painful strands of hair, he pumped more power into his newborn wings and headed straight for the city.

If he can lose them, then perhaps he could purchase more time for Arabella.

He would rather have the world perish than Arabella's death.

"Stop!" shrieked a griffin.

Lock let out a piercing cry when she had seen the Excalibur fly away from the rest. Her orange-yellow eyes turned to the sky and she screamed, "Hades, release your minions and kill the woman!"

A black ball of smoke billowed in the sky, becoming dense till it was the black hole itself. An inhumane screech rang through the air and skinless creatures with skeletal wings flew out of the hole. The blind creatures, which had no eyes, scented the air nosily till the pureness and wretchedness of a being caught their attention.

Help from the other gods came, too.

The sky, which had taken the color of blood red, darkened. Clouds gathered together and thunder struck from above.

Calcifer clenched his jaws, dodging the thunder the Norse god threw. He didn't dare throw a look over his shoulder and neither did he curse the gods openly. The Excalibur wanted to preserve as much strength as he could.

The end of the world was only five hours away.

Sleep hadn't granted them enough time of peace.

Typhoons erupted from the sea, reaching towards the sky. Soon enough the sirens decided to use the typhoons as a lift to the air and lunge for the Excalibur despite how suicidal it was.

Hawks, dragons, sirens, griffins, vampires, etc., didn't give an inkling of thought for death. All it matters was that the girl was dead so the future generation could live.

A minion from Hades latched itself to Calcifer's wing, gnawing it like a piranha and tearing it with its sharp claws. A cry of pain escaped from his lips, thrashing his body in midair to try and dislodge the current passenger. But it was impossible. The minion broke his wing, giggling madly as it launched off of his wing, damaging it more in the process.

The Prophecy and the Excalibur tumbled to earth like a bowling ball, twisting and screaming with all they could.

Calcifer held Arabella close to his chest, ducking her head underneath his chin as they plummeted to the border of the ground.

A huge crater was created beneath their meteor-like fall. Dirt, chunks of grass and rocks spewed into the air like vomit.

Screams of fear, anger, and hurt echoed everywhere. Motionless bodies were on the ground from the fall of buildings, cries of helplessness were heard from one place to another, waves of water crashed viciously onto shore, coming closer and closer to the city. Never ending timed earthquakes came and went in different variables, different strengths. People ran, ran, and ran. Creatures fought, fought, and fought. Both beings were exposed, struggling for different causes.

One was for safety, one was for death.

The city was burning with desolation.

And because of this, it made Calcifer, the being who was greatly influenced by his surroundings, chuckled darkly in the crater his body had created.

Negative emotions, feelings, thoughts enticed his dark side like a seductive whore. It sighed before him, tantalizing him with wisps of black seams and wet, wet crimson curtains. And because it slammed against him in a titanic tidal wave, it brought out the dark side of Calcifer like a raging inferno.

Calcifer stood from the ground, wobbling until he managed to maintain his balance. His hair rose with the intensity of the evilness within him as his eyes glowed menacingly. His once gray wings, much like the color of a pigeon, were now obsidian that oozed with black tar. It dripped onto the ground, the ooze hissing and bubbling as it splattered on the ground.

Barrel, who had crept up to the two, darted straight for the shocked woman with an extended claw.

The noble shriek that pierced from his mouth was immediately cut off when a hand protruded from his back.

Calicfer smiled, his teeth glistening with saliva dripping as was his wings. He tutted humorlessly, smiling as he ripped his hand out of the griffin's chest.

The griffin gurgled, blood escaping from his mouth and stilled.

The Dark Excalibur turned to the many black dots in the sky, sea, and ground and laughed maniacally. He extended his hands into the air and yelled. Immediately, the creatures were enveloped with man-made fire.

Arabella's eyes widened when she heard the screams. She picked herself up and watched as people were on fire, running about like headless chickens in blind panic. Her big blue eyes reflected the fire, watching in muted horror as bleakness was far and wide. Buildings continued to collapse as the earth rumbled with unpleasantness. But that wasn't what took the breath from her weakened body.

It was the man, who she had slept with - made love with - that made her gasp.

He turned to her and she couldn't help but flinch.

The cruel smile, which was on his lips disappeared, and was quickly replaced with a child-like pout. "Arabella," he said childishly, kneeling to her with a reach of his hand.

Wh..w-what happened…to you?

Calcifer merely shrugged. He whipped his head to the side and saw a hoard of creatures nearing. He hissed threateningly but thought of the later.

Arabella gasped loudly as she was roughly picked up and hefted over Calcifer's shoulder. She cringed away from the whispering tar of his wings as he took flight.

She watched fearful awe as winged humans descended from the skies.

They were wrapped with pristine clothes, feet decorated with gold wired sandals, and wings just as white as their cloaks. Golden blond hair matched with angry blue eyes did not match their angelic appearances.

"Calcifer, you must stop!"

"Never!" The body carrying her through the burning city yelled.

"Listen to His words!"

The cherubic angels were joined with much more sinister creatures, which looked like they were dipped in red paint.

Arabella whimpered, clutching at Calcifer's shirt helplessly.

"Kill her, slave! Kill her!"

Calcifer snarled like a true insane beast. "She's mine! She's mine! She's mine!"

When one of the golden-haired angels dared near Calcifer, he merely hissed and angled his wings so that he'd dip through air and swept down through a crumbling freeway with exploding cars.

"She does not love you, Calcifer! Think of it, you fool! She was born of an angel and devil! Of course, the Prophecy is going to have a pretty face, a face to seduce anybody, to fool anybody to defend her. It is her instinct to be beautiful, to be protected. You're enchanted!" the angel cried.

"She's a whore! She's spread her legs to everyone!" one of the red-skinned, black-lipped devil said, flapping its leather-like wings to keep on Calcifer's other side. "For once, that faggot angel is right! She's a whore! She seduced you! She's slathered in everybody's cum!"

"She's fooling you, Calcifer!"

"She's a fucking slut, slave!"

"The Prophecy manipulated you!"

"The whore doesn't even know the difference between fucking and love!"

As hard as he tried, Calcifer couldn't block the words from the two besides him. And because of that doubt crept into his mind like a sinister blob, webbing through his brain with every intention to paralyze his every other thought and solely concentrate on it.

Because doubt had rendered him as so, the two at his sides immediately attacked his wings.

A roar of pain came from his lips as his wings were sliced at with claws and a godly sword. He wrenched Arabella from over his shoulder and to his chest, tumbling down once again to the ground. His balled-form was neatly aimed into the opening of a subway, his spine breaking into innumerous pieces as his body slammed against the stairs. And before he knew it, it was impossible to hold Arabella any longer as the velocity and momentum of his fall threw off his crucial need to protect.

The two bodies separated in the dark empty tunnel.

Arabella cried out in pain as her shoulder jarred the cemented ground at her fall. Her small, fragile body rolled for a couple more seconds before forcefully coming to a stop by a beam supporting the underground subway.

She coughed weakly. The dust from the ground rose to the air, infiltrating her lungs with every breath she took. Waving her hand in the air did little to brush off the billow. Arabella squinted her eyes open, blinking rapidly as she fought to see in the dark.

The underground subway groaned with abuse from inside out. More debris trickled from the ceiling to the ground like sand. Electricity cackled at the distance, offering a split second of light before disappearing.

Arabella trembled, her body shaking from fear of the unknown.

A groan echoed through the slowly, but collapsing underground subway.

It sounded familiar, too familiar to ignore. Arabella shuddered as pain sparkled through each ligament of her body. She fought, biting down hard on her lower lip as she pushed herself to stand. Her knees protested as did her ribs, which screamed from the extrusion. But she didn't give up despite how slowly she was moving. That voice of pain called to her, pleaded for her in a way that cannot be described. It made her heart lurched with longing.

When she had managed to stand somewhat steadily on her feet, Arabella leaned against a wall only to have it crumble at the slightest weight of her body. She quickly stood still, breathing softly as she sought for the cries of pain.


Arabella swiped a muddied hand at her forehead, feeling the smallest of pebbles from the debris rub harshly against her skin.

There was a voice, a steady voice speaking with such venom that it made her spine tingle in warning. Though the voice was strong and loud, it was incoherent. As Arabella wobbled to the location of the malevolent voice, she couldn't understand anything it was saying.

A yell of pure torment was heard.

It was so powerful that Arabella paused in her walk, shivering violently as the scream of such sorrow and grief cut off.


The man she loved, who had the ability to hear her thoughts, did not answer.


She tried once again.

"Run, Arabella, run!"

But it was too late for the woman. Screeches of unspeakable horror rang through the dark subway. The arms grabbed Arabella and she was completely subdued by the creatures of the night. She gasped, twisting wildly as she attempted to flee. But all it did was merely made her captor's grip tighten to a point of pain. She kicked out weakly at her captors but they laughed with mischievous glee, running forward quickly as her feet dragged.

"We gots her!" one of them hissed with malicious joy.

Murmurs were heard in the darkness, and it was then that Arabella noticed that she was not alone in the dark as she had originally thought.

A spark danced in the dark for a millisecond. It continued to fly and whistle aimlessly, with no intention of producing its master's wants until fire finally was created.

And when that had happened, a scream squeezed from Arabella's throat.

Calcifer, who had been thrown violently through the air, slammed down the stairs stronger and faster than Arabella. Because of the fallen cement, metal, and plastic in the area, it had gotten in his way of his torpedo fall. His skin was sliced from the glass and plastic, a few even daring to cling on him. Bruises marred his beautiful body, the ugly purple color greedily eating away his beauty. It wasn't all that, including the massive amount of blood oozing from his wounds, which caught her attention. It was the rather large pipe, which was protruding from the ground, which was jutting from his chest. The pipe was large and thick; about ten inches in diameter.

As if he had heard her gasp, his limp, pale, bleeding body twitched. Calcifer's head straightened from its uncomfortable position. He brought his head forward, eyes glazed as he stared in her general direction.

"R…run…" he said softly, more blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

A red-skinned man approached with a hearty laugh. He stroked his goatee as he cocked his head to the right. "And why would you want that, you son of a whore? Do you wish for all of us to perish? D'aww, I thought were we pals, slave."

Calcifer merely breathed heavily.

"Look around you, Cal! For once, angels and demons can actually tolerate each other for the time being just to kill the Prophecy," the devil extended his arm, introducing the blond-haired ones with a smirk. "And not only that, but we will also be punishing you for your disobedience. As a weapon to both heaven and hell, there is not one person who is happy with you. No one will offer you mercy…no one."

One of the blond women shifted restlessly. "Hurry and kill the Prophecy. The clock is ticking."

"Hold your tail feathers."

"Only if you can truly follow your master's order, dog."

"Better than being up in the clouds with a whole bunch of fags!"

"We are not the sexual ones here, demon!"

"Pretty boy!"


The two turned upon each other, baring their teeth and puffing their chest. Though the little spat was taking place, the woman was not ignored.

Arabella looked at Calcifer helplessly, not knowing what to do in this case that could help save the both of them. But she knew it was implausible. She knew what she was. Her Uncle Kay had explained it to her. As a nuke bomb, it was everybody else's responsibility to detonate her for good.

It would be a sad ending one way or another.

But one ending would have a happier four hours than the other.

And she didn't know which one was it.

The devil's parted when an angry snarl resonated in the area. A man with many scars decorating his red-skinned chest approached the Prophecy who was held between one angel and one demon. He sneered at the woman's trembling appearance, his muscles flexing to quickly behead her for the betterment of the world. "Quiet!" he yelled, silencing fray in one word.

Arabella shivered at the man's appearance and looked away when his black eyes bored into her blue ones.

"Is this the Prophecy?" he questioned.

The two holding her glanced at one another before nodding for his confirmation. "Yes, this is the Prophecy."

"And how do you know?"

"Because the Excalibur was protecting her, Beelzebub. Why else would he be protecting her? She's the Prophecy. Just look at her, she has unspeakable beauty." One of the angels grimaced at the man's bulky frame and dirty trousers.

"Like every other individual," Beelzebub scoffed. "Have you heard her speak?"

The group mumbled amongst themselves. It was true what this demon spoke of. The woman needed to speak in order to confirm her as the Prophecy. If she wasn't, they had truly all been fools into wasting their time pinning for a love-sex interest of the Excalibur.

"Make her speak!" they cried.

Beelzebub strode over to the woman.

Arabella gasped, leaning away from the red-skinned male who approached her with the ferocity of a peeved tiger. She turned her head away as his rotted finger nailed hand reached for her, but there wasn't enough movement for her to dodge it. His fingers twined in her hair, pulling harshly that the base of her scalp burned.

"Speak now, you demon-angel child! Speak!" Beelzebub grabbed her cheeks with one hand, making her lips pucker as if forcing her to speak.

She breathed shakily, looking at Calcifer who had the pole sticking from his chest.

His now ragged demeanor brought tears to her eyes.

Her warrior was now demeaned to a beaten peasant. Her savior was void of strength from the loss of blood and strength the higher beings stripped of him. Her lover watched her with weary eyes that only showed of the widely magnetic love he had for her. It was a love that he wasn't supposed to feel, a love that he wasn't supposed to come across.

It was a love, which had become a sacrifice for the sacrificial goat.


Arabella cried out as her head was shaken from side to side viciously.

How had this happened? How in the world did her life come to this point?

Arabella dearly wanted to crawl back into bed with Calcifer and make sweet, sweet love to him. Just an hour ago, they were entwined like a pair of snakes, reaching a pinnacle only people can ever dream of. And it wasn't artificial or synthetic. Their souls were just as intertwined as their bodies.

"Say my name, say it!"

The raw desperation in his voice to hear her speak his name echoed through her mind. Why? Why had he wanted her to speak his name?

Did it matter anymore?

Her pink lips, swollen and bleeding from the fall, trembled with effort. With that miniscule of effort the crowd died down and waited for her small voice with growing anticipation.

Her blue eyes reflected her crucified lover, bleeding, pale as his life slipped away from her.


It was that sweet word that set his goodbye.

And it was that sweet, sweet word that had her meet her end.


After the danger the world faced at the brink of destruction came to a groaning stop, the people stayed still stunned at the miraculous moment. The sea washed back into its rightful place, the earth halted its angry voice, the skies cleared up with a bright blue, and the sun brightened up with a heroic smile. In the next moment they laughed, cried and praised one another loved ones with embraces full of love and joy, promising to never take a chance with life as they had done in their entire existence.

The world cheered at a rainbow glowing in the sky from the light sheen of rain. It was reported to travel around the world before diminishing into the nothingness in less than a second later.

Little did they know, one woman died in order for them to live…

And her loved one followed without hesitation.


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Ch 3: In Māori mythology (New Zealand), the Ponaturi are a group of hostile creatures (goblins) who live in a land beneath the sea by day, returning to shore each evening to sleep. They dread daylight, which is fatal to them. (wiki info)

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