From: Harriet Thremon ()

To: Ryan Cressnil ()

Cc: Ryan Cressnil (. )


It appears that Animalia, the villainess and nemesis of Shimmerette, has been found in an underground warehouse. The warehouse was apparently a temporary home to over a hundred animals, the names of which have been recorded in a binder (also found in the warehouse). She was discovered there last Wednesday, October 9th, around 21:00 hours.

This would be considered a major victory for ARDVARK. We would be popping bottles of champagne, eating cake, and possibly enjoying an elongated lunch break. When ASASSIN assigned Shimmerette to Animalia's case, we at ARDVARK were skeptical as to whether Shimmerette would ever be able to defeat Animalia in one single battle, let alone capture her. Fortunately, agents of ARDVARK (Joseph Crowls and Susan Wilkey, you met them at that mixer in 98) were able to capture her without Shimmerette having to do anything more than lift a fingernail. I am not sure that Shimmerette even knows that her adversary has been found.

So, as I say, this would be monumentally wonderful for us. If Animalia hadn't been found dead, that is.

Yes, Cress, she had either committed suicide or had the horse tranquillizers shoved down her throat. There was no sign of struggle anywhere in the warehouse, unless you count the spot where a few toms had scuffled over a female. The tranquillizers had come from the animal shelter at which Animalia worked, using her secret identity so as to be undetected. She had evidently stolen them two days previously, according to her boss. He had not linked the missing tranquillizers to 'his most dedicated worker', instead placing the blame on a drug-addicted teen who was fired a week before the theft for stealing miscellaneous drugs from the vet center.

It's a rather unsatisfying ending, don't you think?

Attached are all the pages from a journal found in the warehouse. Use it to train your supers about how a villain's mind works.

Also, I'd like to her your thoughts on arranging another mixer. Get back to me soon.