-Kaya's theme-

Trying and failing
Falling and I have
In ever minute I have wasted
Sorry, is all I can say now
In every hope of a lost dark town

Is this the fate
Of which it all meant?
Am I always going to be alone?

Am I cold now?
Am I home now?
Searching for an escape
Out of this hell

So that one day
I can see your beautiful face
Once more, in one day
I could change everything
In my long waiting sorrow

Home is far away
And I can't find my way back again

Looking for you
Out into the cold lies
I was told all my life
I think I could change
All I ever thought was gone

This is my way
Down my own road
I have made
Into a everlasting cold

Wouldn't you know?
that's all I saw you say
That I can change
From past and never ending rain
From the black hearted fate

Someday I will change
Into a bird with no wings
To me I am sold out
Of lies I have been told all my life

Can't you remember me?
I am your long lost sister
Some wings are cold
In every minute

I have never lost all our hope
Black cold wings
Black cold lies and
Everything you are to me
You are someone dear
One day I will be able to see
What you've done to me

And then I am free
From everything
That you binded me
Teardrop look down
Now it's a crystal beautiful tear
Hold it for all eternity