Run into a fire

Light away father

I am a distance

Maybe then I am

Crying out into a void

I wish you could hear me

Then then maybe

I won't be alone!

Are you ready for my tears

endless flaws, endless fears

See the scars all over my heart

Why do you not come home?


Why are running away from me?


I am your dear lost friend

See that fire you went into

Are you ready for an endless lose


Will you learn how to fly?


I want you to Become mine

Sore up into the sky

Never look back by

Me Just open up and fly

Don't ever fall down!

Fairy soaring

Up, up and let my melodies ring

Fairy fly

Far from me, I want you to be free

Fairy love

Graceful and endless like a crystal cove

Fairy tales

will Always become my lies and hide me

Fairy go

Fairy so

Fairies home

Back into my heart so

Fly into to sky

Holding all your light

All your hope