As I stood gazing down the endless black hallway, I heard a movement and spun around to see a black shadow slide across to a huge crack in the wall. I took a step back and ran unaware of where I was going. I felt hot breath on my neck looking around I saw nothing there, which make me even more terrified. I was blind I couldn't see the floor, the ceiling, the walls nothing because of the blackness that was all around me. The occasional crack or mouse scurring across the floor but nothing ells, I ran face first in to a wall and fell to the floor dazed, my head slamming the ground as I hit the floor and laid there. Then as I lay there thinking of everything and nothing at the same time, I don't even know what I was thinking about, but I managed to hear footsteps and I hid terrified for my life.

"Where are you little girl?" in a twisted voice said the person who had taken me and changed my life forever, he strolled down the hallway.

I nearly cried. I was so scared, every day, he tried to seduce me. Sex was all he wanted he had never cum in me but he's waited until the last second, Always being more twisted and tortures than the last time.

I looked around and felt something grab my sleeve I looked around to see red eyes and a twisted grin. But I heard another sound. F-footsteps? No, no one ells was here but me but I swore I could hear something or someone running towards me sometimes and hear the voices of other people to. I struggled wildly screaming as I felt a sharp, cold object flash across my skin and touch my neck. I felt a warm wet liquid run down my chest and my eyes bulged I could feel it and I screamed feeling it press more agents my neck and blood pouring out and he grabbed onto my chest and squeezed so hard I screeched in pain and he punched me in the jaw and he grabbed me again by my breast and yanked me up right and gasped at the agony as it shot through me. I started to cry. It hurt so much, why was I abducted, WY ME! I felt him grab my tattered dress and rip it off, then undo my bra and slid off my panties and immediately started to fingering me. I cried and screamed and struggled, but I know it was no use he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me down the hallway that wasn't only one part to the maze that I was in. I didn't know my way around so I normally never went far from my little pile of things I have, I found a tooth brush, some old clothes, a pan and pot, basically things I would use every day. As he dragged me I didn't know what all was going to happen I thrashed and screamed as he kept yanking me forward as I was dragged agenst the floor that was covered in glass and rocks and dust.

"Where going to do something special today" he said in a twisted crazed voice.

I sobbed softly and shook my head. "Please stop it…. I-I…I can't do it right now….!" I was so sore; I could hardly feel my legs. But he just kept yanking me on and soon I saw the room I call "Black Hell" he picked me up by my hair and looked me in the eyes.

"It's ok it'll get better….." only I knew he didn't mean it at all.

He threw me across the room and I hit the wall with a loud thud and I fell to the ground hardly able to breathe. As he picked me up by my hair again I tried to get my breathing regulated again.

"As you know," he said wickedly. "Since I'm always here, and I don't go out much I don't really have a girl friend." He said wile he picked me off the ground.

"That also means, no women to carry my child for me…." I nearly choked. Then he threw me on to something soft and I knew immediately what it was, a bed. I tried to get up and run but I felt him push me back agents the bed and I heard a zipper and saw a flash of a muscular male and a flash of pitch black hair. I saw pants being thrown agents the wall then boxers then he stuck his fingers inside me hard going deep in to me and I wailed softly" …STOP IT….!" I cried helplessly.

I screamed but it sounded like a wail of despair. "I DON'T WANT TO CARY YOUR CHILED!" I screamed barely able to talk as he shoved his fingers in harder and a lot deeper.

He smiles demonishly and moaned as he slowly slid up my battered body. "You make me SO HORNY KAT!" Kat is his nickname for me, my real names Katie. He smiled and I felt the bed start to rock back and forth a little and I knew he was masturbating and it rocked harder and I knew he was getting in to it and he started to suck on my nipples and I grunted in pain and discomfort.

"don't be like that Kat" he said as he slammed his 12 inch long and 4 inch wide cock inside me and I screamed defenselessly as I felt my pussy rip as blood run down it. I panted as he pull it out and slam it back in, he forced me to go agents his thrust so he could penetrate deeper as he sucked on my nipple so hard I felt them start to bleed. He slowly licked up my chest and I gasped softly and he slid his toung in to his mouth and bit my toung and I cried out in pain only to be muffled. A little bit of Blood went down my throught and he kept slamming it in harder and I felt it starts to grow and pulse softly every time it getting harder and faster. It seemed to last forever and he slammed it in so hard his balls went inside me and my lips ripped and he kissed me harder his body forcing me to the bed so hard I couldn't move and then I felt something, something I will never forget; he came, it filled me to I was full the limit he pushed it in deeper and some came out but not much and I felt my uterus start to grow the skin expanding and I sobbed loudly unable to breath his teeth still biting my toung and he smiled and kept kissing me. This went on for 10 minutes then I finally felt it stop.

I screamed, "GET OUT OF ME YOU FREAK!".

Finally he pulled out and wrapped his arms around me and smiled. "I told you, and I love you so much I would do anything. Including forcing you to have my child." He said menacingly.