Chapter 8

PJ wasn't beyond feeling the passion build between them. He consciously fought to control himself. He knew she wanted him to have sex with her, but this wasn't the place and he wasn't interested in a quickie tumble in bed. Charley wasn't a one night stand with some frustrated housewives or one of the flirty young women at the bar. He could tell from her initial hesitation to tell him about her dreams and her reaction when he first touched her that this meeting was special for her, she wanted more than sex. His pride and a little self interest wanted to give her everything she desired whether awesome sex or tender hugging. It didn't matter; he felt a sense of responsibility for her memory. He wanted to whisper in her ear, "Hang on barkeep, we'll get there."

Thank goodness, he is getting started. Coach stopped massaging her breast, but continued kissing her neck working his way to her lips. As he kissed her, he held her face with his hand. Slowly his hand dropped from her face and wandered down her neck over the top of her breast and reached for the top button of her blouse. Her breasts were heaving with each breath.

He was painfully slow as he unbuttoned the top button and pushed the blouse open a little bit further. She felt his soft hand on her breasts. He slowly massaged the top of her breasts without letting his hand slip under her bra. His pinkie slid between the bra and her naked breast barely reaching the outer rim of her areola. Then he switched to her other breast and massaged it the same way with his thick thumb barely slipping under her bra. This time, his thumb find her nipple and flick it ever so tenderly causing her body to quiver in response. Her breathing quickened as the anticipation of his totally exposing her breasts forced her to increasingly higher plateaus' of pleasure. She could not help herself as she leaned back and lifted her breast to his hands.

As each button gave way, he pushed the blouse a little further open and reached for her uncovered breast and massaged gently, again letting his little finger or thumb find its way inside her bra to her erect nipples. Her breathing was coming in gasps now as PJ slowly repeated the process with each button until the final button gave way; she let out a moan from the anticipation of what he would do next.

Coach slowly worked his hands around her naked waist, grasped the blouse and slowly inched it out of her skirt and over her head. Gently he pushed her semi naked body back against the booth seat and placed her arms gently by her side. Coach leaned back from her quivering body. The dim lights of the restaurant filtered over the top of the privacy wall and mixed with the light from the candles on the table to cast an mosaic of shadows in the small room. Charley's eyes were closed and her oval face was framed by the filtered light. Her bare shoulders, chest and the top of her breast were bathed in shadows broken only by the flickering flame from the candle. The bottom half of her breast glowed from the candle light.

"Charlotte, you are gorgeous. I'm getting drunk just looking at you."

PJ," Charlotte started.

"Shush, don't say anything."

Charley knew that she was totally exposed; her arms were down by her side. He had dominated her totally and spread her out. She knew he was sitting there admiring her body. Her breath came a little deeper and a little faster an d her nervousness and anxiety and fears drained from her body and soul and mind. She was his to do with as he desired and she loved it!

The air conditioning chilled her exposed skin and her body felt a little chill in reaction. She heard him move and felt his hand on her neck and chest. It felt like a hot iron smoothing her body. Each movement over her breast was a trail of warmth tracing a path over her breasts up to her neck and shoulders and back again.

She was startled when he leaned over and gently kiss her exposed neck. His hot breath blowing across the wet kiss caused a brief chill to crept through her body. He continued kissing his way from her neck to her heaving breast. When his tongue darted out and slowly licked the cleavage between her breasts, she couldn't contain herself. "Ohhhhh, PJ" slipped from her mouth. She raised her breast further to him and simultaneously pulled reached for his face to pull it to her heaving breasts. He sucked and kissed the exposed portion of her breasts and licked the cleavage like he was exploring her vagina.

His slow action frustrated the sex starved young woman. She was ready to have him crawl between her legs and pleasure her. But he didn't! As PK continued kissing and sucking on her breast, she reached behind her back to unfasten her bra, "Let me do it,"

"No," he softly commanded.

He pulled her hand from behind her back and placed it on the bra covering her breasts. He interlaced his hand with hers and guided her fingers to massage her own breast. After a minute of this self massage, she reached her other hand up to her other breast and began massaging it as well. She had massaged her breasts before but never like this with a man directing the action as he and she squeezed and massaged her. They felt her erect nipples under the bra and pinched them until they hurt. But she still had her bra on!

His hands lifted her hands from her breast; he guided them back to her side. He reached down to her wrap around skirt, untied the bow and pulled it apart, exposing her thong covered crotch. With his hand he slowly spread her knees apart. She was totally open for him except for her bra and thong. She desperately want him to enter her and make her explode! But he was in control and she knew it!

When PJ knelt between her thighs, she wanted to wrap her legs around his neck and pull his head to her wet crotch.

But Coach had other ideas, leaning into her crotch and pressing against her abdomen. He reached for her breast but instead of going behind her back to slip the bra eyelets apart and expose her naked breast, his long fingers slowly reached for the strap going over her shoulder. He loosened the tension on the bra adjustment strap until the bra for that breast was fully extended. The next bra strap was loosened as well. When both bra pockets had been loosened, he slowly cupped each breast and slipped them free.. She felt the tight snug bra strap around her chest and the loosened shoulder straps still hanging across her shoulders. Strangely, the bra still on her chest, allowed her a sense of modesty, but, internally the effect was just the opposite. Coach cupped each breast in his hands and slowly urged her forward allowing the breasts to swing free. With a nervous laugh, she shook her chest and allowed her breasts to rock about. The freedom was wonderful. She was doing it for herself not as an enticement to some man to hold her. This was fun for her! She didn't know what it was, but this man was different. He seemed to be intent of building her pleasure at the expense of his own. To him, she wasn't a sex object; she was a person and God that was different, different even than Randle.

Her arms reached out instinctively and pulled the knelling PJ to her chest. In her sexiest voice, she whispered "Now, it's my turn." Cupping his face with both hands, she kissed him gently and then attacked him passionately with her open mouth using her tongue to entice him to return the favor; which he did. She reached both hands under his tee shirt and pushed it up to his neck.

"Take this off. I want to feel you against me."

When his shirt was removed, she pressed her breast to his chest and wrapped her arms around his head. She expected he would take her naked breast in his hands. Certainly, no man could resist taking these beauties in his hands and eventually into his mouth. Randle never could! And yet, this man made no effort to grasp the delightful D cups and treat them as his personal play toy.

"Don't you like my breasts? They are there for the taking." She teased the grinning Coach.

This wasn't the end of Coach's foreplay, only the beginning, he leaned to her ear and whispered, "Tell me what you want me to do, this is your fantasy." He waited for her response, suspecting she had never been in control of her breasts during love making. Selfishly, he knew, if she were in control, she would make sure his pleasure was magnified well beyond the level if she were only a passive participant in this sexual drama. And so he continues to lay across her breast and wait.

"Massage me hard, get them hard and suck me dry" she whispered.

Coach leaned back off her chest and took her breasts in his huge hands. Charley lay back on the booth and put her hands on PJ's muscular arms and then to his head where she gently stroked his hair. He used both hands to knead each breast, He squeezed them; he slapped them, he kissed them into total submission before wrapping his lips around the excited nipple and sucking; pulling the nipples away from the breast, extending them their full length. His teeth clamped hard on the erect nipple sending a quick burst of pain coursing through Charley's body. Her reaction was a sharp twitch and a long low moan.

"That hurts, ohooooo, do it again! and again!"

His tall frame was on his knees and leaning against her wet crotch. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist and began pulling him closer to her. She began to hunch her hips to his body as if she could already feel his manhood invading her fortress of pleasure.

The power she felt was greater than any she had ever experienced. She was in control. She told him what to do. He was so different than other lovers she had known. He was even different from Randle who, although he loved her, always needed to be in control and took her breasts and handled them however he chose; when he was aroused, he didn't care how she felt or what she wanted. But not this man, she was in control. He wanted her to tell him how to pleasure her. God, she was excited, her breathing became harder and her muscles tightened.

She moaned as much from the power surge as from her hunching hips and her breasts being sucked and sucked hard. Without warning, PJ stopped sucking her breasts, he stopped massaging, he stopped kissing. He sat back on his haunches and gasped to catch his breath.

"What are you doing? Don't stop now, Damnit, I'm almost there. That's not fair! Why did you stop?" She reached for him to pull him back.

He mumbled through gasps of air, "You're ahead of me. Don't climax before me. We have a lot more to do." PJ got to his feet and collapsed on the booth seat. "Sweetheart, get dressed, let's take a break now so our hearts can come back to earth."

They both laughed and sat there panting and gasping for air.

"Why don't we slow down a little," Coach's voice dropped to a lower range as he told her to stop for now. She knew he meant it.

"Okay, but I really don't want to," she sighed reluctantly."

"I know but I have my reasons."

Coach slipped on his tee and Charley reluctantly redressed except for her bra which she slipped off. That was a freedom she wasn't going to give up yet.

Their hearts began to slow to their normal rhythm. They sat back, held hands and were silent. Charley leaned her head on PJ's shoulder; his arm was around her. Both were content with the moment. Charley broke the silence, she couldn't let his explanation for stopping just hang in the air. She looked at him and asked, "Why did you make us stop? I really wanted you badly. I would have exploded if you had given me a couple more minutes."

After a long pause, Coach spoke barely loud enough to be heard, "That's why I stopped, Charley. You know nothing about me. I am flattered, of course. Most men would jump at the chance get into your pants. But, I'm not like other men. I'm not a sex toy to perform on command. That's not who I am. I want it to mean something to me and to my partner."

"Coach, PJ, please, I am not just trying to use you."
"Charley, I really do remember you and I feel a sense of responsibility to that young woman I meet. I want to treat you like the innocent woman-child you were. Why don't we start over and get to know each other a little bit. I can promise you I am a better lover when I know and care for someone. I meant it, sex is special! Let's wait until we get to know each other better. You are remarkable woman; you deserve love in a comfortable private bed, not sex in this restaurant booth private though it is. For you, I want it to be special."

Charley didn't know what to say. She knew he was right; her best love making was with Randle despite his faults because they cared for each other. "Thank you, PJ. That's really sweet of you. But be sure, I'm going to hold you to your promise and no teasing next time. Okay?" Charley laughed.


Recovering, she said the only non sexual thing she could think of. "Do you want something to eat? The swordfish is delicious as are the steaks. And we can talk."

"I would like that."

After Charley called the kitchen, she sat back against the booth and smiled, he is better than my dreams.

Chapter 9

It was easy to talk to Coach Mac, almost as easy as it was seven years ago at that first encounter. Without the pressure of her expectations of sex with Coach, she was able to open up. She shared her thoughts about a variety of subjects including her charity work, her life without her husband and the difficulties of owning a famous Bar and Grill. "This place could be big time it weren't for bankers and lawyers."

"Seems pretty successful now, you want to do more?"

"I want to expand into the space next door and give us more dining room space. We do great pastries, but our baking equipment is limited, that needs to expand. I've got more ideas than I can handle now. We can play off the gangster past of the Bar. "

"Sounds like the makings of a super woman to me. Do you have a life outside the Bar?"

"Pretty dull to tell the truth. You're the most exciting thing to happen in a lot of years. "Let's talk about you! I know about the Knicks, what about family, any kids?" Say no, please say no!

Coach paused a few seconds, This was not a happy subject for him and he didn't feel comfortable talking about it. "No child that I know of, thank goodness. I was married for a couple of years toward the end of my stay in New York. Thankfully, there were no children."

"What happened, if you don't mind me asking?"

Without going into details, PJ responded, " I learned there is more to marriage than sex and lust. They are a part of it, of course, and can be what brings two people together, but, when the sex is over, you've just got to love the person for who they are inside, the real person, and not their outside beauty. It took me two years to learn that lesson."

"Coach, that's the way it was with Randle and me. We met in college and were immediately attracted to each other. But gradually, we learned who the other one was and our love grew deeper. We didn't have to fall in bed every time we saw each other. We actually talked. That was so great about us."

"Tell me about Randle. You miss him a lot, I bet."

"Yes I do. He was the love of my life. I could be me with him, I didn't have to be strong and aggressive. I really just wanted to have babies with him and grow old together. But…," and her voice trailed off to a whisper.

"You haven't dated anyone else since he passed away?"

"Oh, I've dated other men, in fact, I am dating one of the lawyers in the firm that represents the Bar. He's not what I want; he and I both know it; let's just say 'we are friends with benefits'. Before you ask, I don't know what I want. When the right man comes along, I will know it." And with a laugh she blurted out, "Who knows, Coach, it might be you."

Coach laughed," You don't strike me as someone who would settle for a 'dumb jock'."

"Never can tell."

They finished their light meal and sat back to listen to the music Ronnie had brought earlier. Charley snuggled close to Coach and put her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest. Coach had his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. His other hand gently stroked her hair. He bent his head to kiss her forehead and then raised her lips to his. Their lips didn't attack each other, they were a gentle and loving connection of a two satisfied lovers.

They hadn't truly had sex this evening, but neither one cared particularly. In the back of Charley's mind she knew he would spend the night with her. PJ was anticipating the same. There will be time enough later.

On a whim, PJ asked, "Charley, this whole night has been about your fantasy about me, tell me do you have any other sexual fantasies?"

After a few seconds to think, Charlotte leaned back from his chest and replied, "I know it sounds silly, and don't think I'm weird, but I would like to have sex where there is a possibility of getting caught in the act. Maybe during the day on a golf course; or at a water park on a busy day; or in the men's room at the airport; or on a public bus or train; or on campus at a school. You know someplace dangerous."

"Dang woman, you really do have sexy ideas. Anything else?"

"Oh, and I another fantasy is I would like to have a lot of people making love to me at one time or at least watching me and my lover and applauding. How's that?' Charley giggled like a teenager.

"Wow, That's some fantasy. You do a lot of sexy dreaming?" Coach tried to be serious but couldn't help laughing out loud.

"I told you I lead a pretty dull life. But I am around this place every night. You would be surprised what I see and hear. The single women seem to feel comfortable telling me of their adventures, both good and bad. I could write a best seller about them, "Lust in Suburbia", sounds good, huh?"

"You write it and I'll buy it."


"Say, the night is still young, want to see if we can fulfill some of those dreams tonight; maybe have an adventure of your own to add to the book?"